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Reviewing the Reviewers

Editorial Reviews About Remote Viewing Media

Probably the hardest--and harshest--reality about Remote Viewing is that there is no source for official information. There are schools, clubs, organizations, associations, projects, and individuals who run websites (like this one). Their accuracy, coverage and perspective varies, often directly correlated with the financial investment they (or in the case of groups, their leaders) have in the commercial aspect of selling psi tools, training, services, or the general soft-value of personal authority.

Since parapsychology is blacklisted in academia, there is no college course that might cover the details of Remote Viewing. There is no textbook that even a layman could use for self-education and "know it was accurate". Even the best sources of legitimate information (for example, McMoneagle's Remote Viewing Secrets, a protocol primer handbook, or the RV-related info on a science lab website such as CSL) address only certain aspects of the subject.

History, current and past field issues, affiliations of participants, and especially the more subtle, nebulous issues of the social politic (complex even in far more available fields), are a confused jumble for the public. This info is found in mismatched and often contradictory puzzle pieces in a variety of places. As most of the sources of information on the internet are commercial, directly or indirectly, and because many of the sources are in competition, the result is a very "fragmented" picture.

And so, by default, the popular media ends up operating as a primary source of 'education' about Remote Viewing for the public. Not just because of its scope and audience (that applies to every subject it addresses), but because there is not a lot of consistency in the alternatives one finds for RV info, whether in print or on the internet. As media is, at best, limited in how much information it can present, and at worst, ranges from confused to biased to deluded, this is a problem for the Remote Viewing field. This is not always an insult to the popular media, understand; it is not by its nature meant to be a textbook. One cannot blame it for being what it is: bite-size chunks of info sandwiched between enthusiasm and packaged for attention.

Normally, media by nature is a review of something or someone else. But since media in the case of RV ends up functioning as education for the public--for better or worse (and usually for worse)--I've decided, after eight years of getting seriously fed up with it, to review the reviewers. So to speak. I believe I can (a) add notes to limited samplings; (b) add explanation to overviews or partial examples; (c) correct errors, omissions, or accidental confusions that may arise (often from the nature of editorial revision or limited print space); and once in awhile in those unfortunate cases, (d) take just as critical a review of the journalistic efforts as they have taken of the Remote Viewing-related efforts. It would be nice to have a web link to provide that could offer "corrective balance" to things in the media.

I can't tell you how many times people have said to me, "How could I have KNOWN that the {newspaper/ website/ person/ book/ magazine/ etc.} I took seriously was completely {misinformed/ biased/ brain-dead/ incomplete/ deceptive/ wrong}?" It isn't just a matter of looking for other perspectives; media in this field doesn't usually get a detailed review, aside from someone in the field saying, "It's ok" or "It's a hatchet job". That is not very ... educational. What people with an interest in Remote Viewing need to see isn't just a complaint, but an explanation; something that will contribute to their understanding.

So here's the deal: as I have time (I have a real job, and it ain't this!), any media article that someone gets me a copy of, I will review here on Firedocs. I cannot legally put the original media articles here, but I will refer to their source so those researching can find them. If you want to see something, send me the article. And remember, I pay (a little) for transcripts of audio/video media, if you've got 'em, or want to make a few bucks typing.

Most people who've seen my site know I am honest but sometimes brutal, occasionally diplomatic but usually politically incorrect, as likely to annoy others in the RV field as any media source I might review, and I have a tendency to drop into a "narrative rant" with pretty much no provocation at all. But, I'll be as educational as I can be. It may be more personalized than academic, and it may be long, but it'll be here.

-- PJ

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