RV Oasis Group

This is the current discussion group I run. It is very focused and geared toward intermediate to advanced psi and personal development. This page has links for info about it and how to become part of it. -- PJ

RV Oasis public archives -- a searchable, sortable archives of our discussion can be found here: RV Oasis [pjrv] Archives Online. Of course, this may lag a few days behind the current postings based on my available time...

RV Oasis became a "private" group as of 8/4/02. This simply means that to join, you will have to provide an email of introduction to me, with your name and your interests and/or experience in psi. You can send that intro email to or you can subscribe through Yahoo, which will send you an automated notice about the requested introduction.

List Rules, Goals and Advisories Please read this before joining the group.

What We've Got Going On The practice the group offers, etc.

RV Oasis - PJRV on Yahoo Groups The group website at yahoo. You can apply to join from here.

If you're looking for hands-on discussion, you can also read the introductory-level archives of the VWR group and the PSI group I used to run years ago.

-- PJ

The Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection is now a static archive (Feb 2008). Click here to see what's still online for reference.

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