A file of correspondence related to the copyright infringement claims made by Psi-Tech, Inc. against Palyne "PJ" Gaenir and the Firedocs web site. Internet email headers included. Items are in date order.

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Subject: PSI TECH CRV Copyrighted Manual
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Dear Ms. Ganier:

You obviously have taken a PSI TECH copyrighted property and reproduced it without the PSI TECH stamp. This does not change the fact the written material is a PSI TECH Copyrighted document -- and has been so, since 1989.

Regardless, of your opinion of the chronology of events; you cannot break laws due to misinterpretation, especially after being warned.

Take the document down unless you are prepared to fight PSI TECH in court.

Jonina Dourif

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Subject: Fwd: PSI TECH CRV Copyrighted Manual
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Dear Ms. Ganier,

A couple more items that you should be aware of:

1. I do not make false threats
2. The longer you leave our manual up the more fines you will have to pay.
3. You will have to pay our attorney's fee's as well

From: Self <PJ>
Subject: Re: PSI TECH CRV Copyrighted Manual
Copies to: [PJ's HTML note: Paul Smith, Joe McMoneagle, Ingo Swann, and the cc Joni provided]
Send reply to:
Date sent: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 15:35:15

Dear Ms. Dourif,

Please provide me in writing the legal evidence of your claim to owning this copyright and its superceding the 1986 copyright which is a part of the original document. I have seen that copyright page and it does not mention Psi-Tech anywhere. This is not surprising since Psi-Tech did not exist when the document was created.

Of the six copies of the document I have, the one with a Psi-Tech cover and a copyright page bears the same copyright page as the original version--which does not give Psi-Tech any more right to use it than I, I should add, and in fact brings into question Psi-Tech's own right to utilize the manual in return for financial gain when they do not appear to own it.

The manual was written by Mr. Paul H. Smith (and to a lesser degree apparently, Mr. Joseph McMoneagle), paid for by the Dept. of Defense, copyrighted to Mr. Ingo Swann (who gave permission, albeit verbal only) and credited to SRI-International -- all this in 1986.

If you can provide documents evidencing the copyright transfer to Psi-Tech of this document from the legal owner, which I assume from the original creation document's copyright page would be the Dept. of Defense or Mr. Ingo Swann, I would be more than happy to take it off my web site.

I take legal matters very seriously and have no wish to violate any law, nor do I wish to trod on the ownership of anything which is rightfully yours. I simply do not see that you have a legal right to claim it as your own. Having talked with others present for, or participant in, the creation of the document, they do not really see this either. So I think I will wait until you provide such evidence to respond.

You can send these documents to me via overnight mail at:

PO Box 1539
Boyd TX 76023

And as soon as I receive them I will retract all publicly posted items from my public web site.

PJ Gaenir

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