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Content for hours of reading

Encyclopedia of Conspiracies

Miriam Joan Hill and Robert Anton Wilson's page. This has got links to more than you could possibly have even heard of. If even 1% of these are valid, it's a scary world!

The History House

This is fabulous. I love history, and this web site presents lots of different aspects of it. Fun for teachers and students as well as people just looking for a good read.


This site has so much stuff, so many links, you'd need a year to read it -- by which time there'd be so much new stuff, you'd need another year. Daily newspapers of Ireland online as well. For anybody crazy about Ireland or homesick for the homeland, this is the place to go.

Mind's Eye Fiction

Fiction, short stories, online for reading. Very cool! This is one of the best uses of the Web in my opinion -- promoting creative literature (especially science and psi-ence fiction, my faves!).

The hip, the fun, the offbeat


A site with neat links, fun new things all the time, a casual chat web board, and more.

Morbid Fact Du Jour

One thing the web makes possible is some of the weirdest stuff you've ever seen. This very black, black site is so offbeat that I find it hilarious. Then again that's just me....


Their site says: "...the most comprehensive collection of optical and sensory illusions on the world-wide web. This award-winning collection consists of innumerable interactive demonstrations, up-to-date and reliable scientific explanations, school projects, illusion artwork, interactive puzzles, 3D graphics, suggested reading lists, bibliographies, perception links, and much more. There is literally hours and hours of fun and cool material here!" They're right.


Scott Adams's hilarious comic strip. A month of funnies online, and other fun stuff.

References: If you're looking for the "real thing"....

The John Dee Publication Project

A historical and magickal site all in one, Clay Holden's scholarly collection of Enochian Magick materials is glorious for anybody interested in the work of Dee and Kelly, especially since many documents (or proper versions of them) are not available anywhere else, even in print.

Local Sidereal Time

This guy wrote software to make it possible to make yourself an entire web or printable calendar based on a given local sidereal time (this based on James Spottiswoode's recent meta-analytic research findings about the +/- 1hr 13.47 (13:30) LST showing a 400% higher effect size with lab psychics around the world for the past couple of decades). James is the new hero of psychics everywhere, and this programmer who saved me from tedious personal calendar making is second in line.

Ordo Templi Orientis Grand Lodge Home Page

If you've got a yen for learning more about magick or any part of the occult, particularly Crowley's work, this organization has the legit scoop on what's what in a very confusing (and often bizarre) field.

Sacred Sites

This photographer slash historian has some of the most beautiful stuff online about some of the most beautiful places in the world. Great photos, explanations, etc.

Convenient Computer Stuff

My Deja News  

Once I got addicted to the Web and all the software changed, I couldn't figure out how to read the old USENET newsgroups that I'd pored over in terminal mode years ago. (Doesn't anybody else remember KERMIT software?) None of my (three) dial-up ISP's carries newsgroups. This link lets you search for groups, subscribe and unsubscribe, read and post, and more, all from the web, free.


The Webmaster of this site is awesome. There are an amazing number of programmed options available. You can join one of a zillion chat rooms -- or make your own on-the-fly chat room to talk with a friend (disappears when you're done) -- or make a regular chat room there. There is massive amounts of reading material. I'm not much into the alien channeled stuff, but if that's your thing, there's your new home. And there's a search for alien- type and parapsychology newsgroups for keywords you enter, that will send you daily a notice of posts with those keys. Cool!

Link Exchange

If you've got a web site, link exchange can function as free advertising. Also functions as a site counter.

This has links to most major shareware download sites. Tons of utilities, games, everything you can imagine, and links to more. Shareware is like a microwave. Most people thought they had no need for one. Then you get it and shortly think you can't live without it. (Then your trial period runs out and you learn how...) These sites always have some nagware and freeware stuff though. Some of the neatest products for the web are nagware products, including Paint Shop Pro for graphics, Cute FTP for ftp'ing, and TextPad for basic text and code editing.

Paradigm References

Sites we designed and currently master

Miracles of Mind (Remote Viewing & Spiritual Healing)

The Parapsychological Association (under construction)

Skyvision, Inc. (Satellite TV et al.)

Dr. Charles T. Tart Home Page (Transpersonal Psychology et al.)

Transformations (Ireland tours, hypnotherapy, Essential Oils)

The Inner Vision Institute (Remote Viewing)

The Madonna Ministry Newsletter (Spiritual Healing)

RVIS, Inc. (Remote Viewing)

Sites we initially designed, but don't host or master

James Spottiswoode and Associates (graphics and design)

Testament (graphics and design)

Sites with elements we have designed or formatted (but we have no other involvement)

Science Documents:
Dr. Jessica Utts Home Page

Replication and Meta-Analysis in Parapsychology (multiple papers)

As Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning
(Report for A.I.R., hired by the C.I.A. to review Remote Viewing)
Response to Dr. Hyman's report for the above Review

The Paranormal: The Evidence and its Implications for Consciousness
Co-authored paper, Dr.Jessica Utts and Dr. Brian Josephson

Sites we host only, we have no input into the site (no design, no mastering)

Conspiracy Cafe (Author Jim Marrs)

Eyecatchers 2000

Laboratories for Fundamental Research (& Cognitive Sciences Laboratory)

Rhine Research Institute (Institute for Parapsychology, Journal of Parapsychology)

There are other (business) sites that probably don't want to be associated with a web site on 'remote viewing' so I won't list them here, and many email boxes, email lists, chat rooms, bbs's, etc. that we do without being involved in the web sites of the individuals (if they have them).

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