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August 23, 1997

RV field updates:

— Paul Smith finally got moved to Austin Texas and will be teaching there from now on... probably. His current web site is here. He's making a new, larger web site, featuring some of his art (he's quite an artist!) that should be up in a couple of months I suppose, depending on his schedule. I'll post something here when it happens.

— Lyn Buchanan is feeling like a road dog, as touring musicians call it, from a year of travel teaching RV on the road. He thinks maybe he'll rethink that bright idea and next year spend more time at home. On the other hand, a lot of students got basic training, who hopefully will follow on with real practice so this field can grow.

— Joe McMoneagle finished his follow-on book to Mind Trek which he's shopping to publishers. It's all about future predictions, and some have already happened while he's waiting to decide on a publisher. I wish they'd hurry up before he has to rewrite the darn thing! I'm so impatient...

— David Morehouse is still occasionally touring last I heard. He and a friend have been offering RV training for police departments.

— Ed Dames finally got the infamous videos out the door to people waiting (and some who weren't). The trail of doom was getting cold so Ed showed up on the Art Bell show again recently with a whole new set of Amazing Stories (the answer to the previous stories mercifully left unquestioned).

Many people now have the Psi-Tech videos in their hot little hands, and are doing their best to grok it and do it on their own. More power to you. Everybody probably knows by this time, the VWR email group and firesite bbs are always open to public questions, and a number of advanced students and {former intelligence} RV experts can be found lurking and will often answer questions.

— Courtney Brown and his group have been working hard on their "demonstration" of SRV. They've been wading through "new" problems already solved 20 years ago in the lab. I don't know why. Brown just wants to learn everything the hard way I guess. It's been more than a little disenheartening to watch. They're pretty much working against a stacked deck in a large number of ways... even if they succeed, they don't even have the respect of the scientists in the field -- let alone the skeptics, who can't even deal with the real science. You have to credit Brown with an admirable amount of obtuse persistence. The guy has been through a lot of stress, and has put up with a lot of criticism from people (that's me! waving my hand wildly), and is still standing... most people wouldn't be. I do admire his courage and tenacity even if I don't agree with his science. Farsight Viewers (and Calabrese who's working her ass off on a dozen different things) have put tons of effort into the demonstration, and a few really good sessions as well. They haven't (and won't, until the scientific protocol is correct) "proven" anything about SRV overall (though I'm not sure what needs to be proved - maybe their methods, but not RV in general, that's been done!), but they have demonstrated that their Viewers can get good data (whether or not their process chooses the right answer at the end being another story). I think this alone almost makes the trials worth it -- since it is an example that psi is in operation, regardless of the picky details of one RV structure or another. It's not like psychic functioning got invented in the last 25 years after all...

Personal Updates:

I went out to Vegas at the end of August and sat in on one of Paul Smith's CRV courses. There were some differences between he and Lyn Buchanan's course. Sort of interesting though, most of it is the same thing, just with a different interpretation... I mean, the paper looks pretty much the same when you're done, but some of how you go about it changes. Judging from the other students though, I don't think the results are much different either way. Paul's a friendly guy. His family (I stayed with some of them while there) is a big crew of rowdy, fun guys.

While I was there I met Angela Thompson from Inner Vision Las Vegas. She's a former researcher who teaches remote perception of varying kinds herself. She's just like she looks in her picture (on her web site bio) and really nice. She has that cultured British accent that makes anything she says seem just fascinating. You can find her web site here. Jim Francis from Australian Lateral Thinking was there as well. He's a dynamic, entrepreneurial kind of guy with a million ideas a minute. You can find his web site here. A couple other fellows (I won't name 'em since they're not in the public eye) were in the class, they were really interesting, I wish I had more time there to get to know everybody. One of the students is local, so there's one more person for our newly-formed CRV Seattle group.

Which is pretty much a group that our local Fearless Leader CRVr decided to get together so we could do some practice and partying. Lotsa fun. We have a big potluck planned in mid-September (on my birthday!). It's about time we got around to this...

My baby Rykah turned 1 year old the 13th of August, and gets more darling by the day. I can't believe there was a time I thought I didn't like kids. She's glorious! Every morning I wake up and she's breathing quietly... I just look at her and think I can't believe how she has changed me. Most of the goals I had for myself sort of vanished and seem... empty and two dimensional, since she came into my life. I look back on my working constantly, that executive madness, for the last decade and it seems... like paper, no substance. It's funny how your perspective changes when you have children. It's like a whole 'nuther dimension or something.

Meanwhile Paradigm (the web business) is going very well. Nearly all our clients are straight word-of-mouth clients, so we haven't had to do much in the way of sales or marketing at all, which is great. Not that I have any money still, but we've been catching up on the debt we acquired while Lu didn't work because he was new to the country and I didn't work because I'd just had a baby. I have a number of new web projects coming up. I'm always too busy, but it's always interesting, always new.

That reminds me, Dr. Charles T. Tart has a new book coming out soon, sounds like a great one. His web site has been updated too, and the 'what's new' has book details, you can find his site here.

I was supposed to go to San Francisco for another of Lyn Buchanan's classes early September, but it doesn't look like that's going to work out. Too bad, there were people there I wanted to meet, plus I'd like to see him again. He's such a laid back ol' Texas gentleman, he just brings out the mellowness in me (what little there is... I figure it must be lurking somewhere).

As for Lu and I, both our domains are finally 100% up and running. One thing you don't often hear about, most servers that are really good -- meaning fully configurable -- come with little support, and software that invariably doesn't work. If Lu wasn't a programmer we'd have been buried for sure. (The Czech government sponsored him in an accelerated university program, way back when, because they needed gov't programmers. He finished it and just a few months later escaped. What gratitude eh!)

While I was out in Vegas, Paul and I were digging through boxes of old books. He found this mint condition of Ingo Swann's "To Kiss Earth Goodbye," which is somewhere between difficult and impossible to find. I was really jealous! (I read it when he wasn't looking, in the evenings after class.) It's fairly interesting... written like most of Swann's stuff. You can kinda see why his current book is in about a zillion bytes on his web site instead of regular book form... He would have had to have published an encyclopedia to hold it all, and it's only half done!

I found a number of old first edition hardback Jane Roberts / Seth books. Lost a few, didn't get them in time before the books were given away, but got a few as well -- some I've never read. Of course the minute I start reading Seth reality starts getting a little fuzzy at the edges and strange... Got a few Lobsang Rampa books too. My grandma (would you believe it) introduced me to his stuff... he was the first guy who talked about being a 'walk in' so I have some affection for him I guess.

I also found this little pamphlet-book written in 1956 that has descriptions and sketches of technology I'm pretty sure did not exist back then (modern satellite dishes and modern-style advanced antennas, microwave ovens, ultrasonic toothbrushes...). It's called "The Truth About Mars," and it's got detailed descriptions of -- get this -- Martians living underground on their planet (which was wiped out by a meteor-type event), with dark hair, large dark slanted eyes and pale skin, they're rather short -- said to the be the racial forerunner of what we know as the Chinese; sketch and description of fetuses being bred in tube/aquarium things, and mind you I think this was prior to the Betty & Barney Hill story that put abduction (vs. 'space brothers') on the map; in short, it is totally cool, and I'm going to add the entire book to this site as soon as I get time, I'll scan the sketches as well. (The publisher, some no-name co. at a PO Box in CA, no longer exists apparently.) The author said he psychically traveled there, that's how he knows. (!) He said there is in fact water there, a little at the poles, and somebody just told me the recent Mars expedition actually found this -- but I've been tuned out of the news, so I don't know the details.

Well, that's all for this time. Sorry it's so long between web site updates. Wish I had more time to do my RV stuff -- practice, let alone my web site! I've created a web site "email update" list that you can join, so when I update the site you can get a notice of it, rather than checking back wondering, since it's so seldom. You can fill out that form here. I appreciate the email I get as a result of this site, I'm always glad to hear from people with the same interests, always glad to answer what questions I can... and if I can't, I can ask somebody who'd know for you. Hope y'all are doing well.


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