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December 1, 1997

RV Field Updates:

— I had the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory web site address slightly incorrect on my last what's new. They've decided to use the root as their site.

— The Parapsychological Association finally got their own domain at but at this rate it'll be awhile before they actually get a web site put there.

Lyn Buchanan has found a place to settle in Alamagordo NM (by White Sands) and he should resume CRV training sometime early next year.

Ed Dames showed up on the Art Bell show yet again (at this point, it'll be Art's karma to pay for this BS!) and announced that in addition to the other things that are going to kill us all, now we are also going to be obliterated by a massive solar flare. Since another guy has been wandering the media airwaves with this prediction for some time, Dames is (as usual) not novel, but he is (as usual) terrifyingly earnest about our cosmic impending doom. I got one of the reviews of this from a former commander of the gov't intelligence RV unit who quipped, "The good news is, no solar flare will be able to penetrate the cloud cover over Seattle." That's for sure...

Personal Updates:

I keep joking -- but I'm half-serious -- I want to write a novel featuring a bunch of intriguing, secret psychic mind-control intelligence characters that are incredibly similar to the RV guys I've come to call friends (replete with caveat about the characters "bearing no resemblance to any real person, living or dead, except by coincidence," ha!), with me as the sweet-faced big-bosomed young lass inducted into their dark shadowy world... oooooh, I can see it now. Lots of good sex (I hope!), mind control and maybe a splinter personality or two just to make it really far out. Plenty of government conspiracy of course. I would publish it as fiction and the more I insisted it was made-up the more everybody would probably believe it. I still think it's a great idea... I'm just embarrassed to write sexy scenes and have one of my friends wonder if I'm talking about them...

Speaking of writing, I was initially aghast but later flattered to find I'd been nominated a "Blue Brothress" on the beautiful but infamous Blue Brother web site. He assures me that not ALL the people on his site are lunatics, some he actually admires and wants to introduce to people on the net. (You can find the page he did on me at Anyway, this is by way of the online case-study letter-book Bewilderness that I wrote for my friend Lynn, who still hasn't got around to reading it, though plenty of other people have, the hits have gone through the roof.

Have been getting to know more people from the old RV program. You know, many of these guys in the early days of the project ('92 and earlier... few are public from that era) have soldier-spy histories that make James Bond sound dull. Tough, tough guys. Apparently this is another of the many reasons the gov't was interested in studying psi; they wondered, 'Why do some soldiers survive against all odds, time and again? Some kind of intuition?' Of all the things that I have gained from studying this subject for the last couple of years, I count the people as the most unique and wonderful opportunity. I know a lot of dolts out there think that anybody who is from intelligence must be the underbelly of depraved morality or something. Maybe as a general rule that's true, I don't know. But some of these guys, their RV work in particular brought them strongly into spirituality, and most of them are genius-level intelligence, highly creative, multi-lingual and very experienced, and like I said, damn tough guys to boot. Fascinating individuals. A few are such complex, interesting people, if I had to get stuck on a desert island with somebody they'd be in my top choices. (Ah, yes. Now back to that sexy novel....)

My daughter Rykah is 15 months old now. She's so darling it melts my heart. She doesn't talk yet of course... she learned how to shake her head yes the other day, and is delighted she has a way to communicate. She wanted to say yes this morning, couldn't remember how to shake her head, and so grabbed her head with both hands and shook it. I nearly died laughing. She has been digging stuff out of boxes in my study (the house is a total disaster of course! -- welcome to having a toddler...), and she was standing in my doorway pointing down the hall. I finally figured out (not exactly psychic, am I) she wanted me to come look at something. It turns out she'd dug out the christmas tree lights, noticed there was a plug on the end, and she actually figured out how to get the plug into the wall in the hallway, and they all came on and just delighted her. She was so proud. She's going into the tantrum throwing stage, but at the same time she gets more obnoxious, she also gets more darling. (Survival of the species, clearly.) She reaches around my neck and hugs me, pats my back like I do hers. She talks accidentally sometimes; she can't even say mama regularly but she'll unthinkingly say, "What's that?" and so on. She looked at me the other day and said, "I wuv you." and put her arms around me. I thought my heart was just going to melt and run out between my toes. I can't believe the wallop of emotion children can bring on. I begged my dad to buy me another camera for christmas so I could get more pics of her.

Well, that's all for now. I'll try to be a little more regular on the VWR archives, god forbid they should get as behind as they were. Hope y'all are doing well out there. As always, feel welcome to say hi or ask me questions via email if you wish.


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