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November 11, 1997

RV Field Updates:

Dr. Dean Radin has published an outstanding book called The Conscious Universe that has gotten rave reviews. One of the best documentations of the scientific evidence for psychic phenomena ever... anybody serious about the subject should be serious about getting a copy. You can order it direct online from here or you can go read more about it at Dr. Radin's web site here. Both informative and a pleasure to read, I hope this book does well for Dean.

— Consciousness Research Laboratory changed its web site address to

— Cognitive Sciences Laboratory changed its web site address to

— Rhine Research Center changed its web site address to

— The Parapsychology Association is getting a web site up. I'll make a link when it's done.

— Paul Smith's web site moved to, his email address changed to He's teaching CRV in Austin now, where he's in his PhD Philosophy program.

— Lyn Buchanan is out roaming the West somewhere. Determined to "get away from it all" he and his wife just up and drove off into the sunset. He'll be available for teaching again within a few months at the most. He really needed a vacation, and he's planning to relocate while he's at it, likely to the Southwest. His son Lael is said to be making an updated web site and so on.... I'll let you know when I know more.

— Joe McMoneagle is still writing (books, screenplays etc.) and has one book ready to be published and another near that state. He's one of the busiest humans I know (with interviews, demos, RV projects, science, writing, and more) but does manage to participate in the VWR email list — as do five other intelligence RV guys — for which I am soooooo grateful.

— I've had no time to even look at what the "other RV schools" are doing. However, I've had half a dozen people in Hawaii talk to me about their their "Guild," and it sounds pretty interesting. Not CRV, but sounds like an alternative approach that might have real potential. They have a web site going up in a few weeks. I'll add the link when it's up.

Personal Updates:

I've been too busy working to have much of interest going on, alas. I keep swearing I'll update this site more often and it still averages once every six weeks. Ghastly! I have a number of personal projects, some related to RV, all confidential, which gives me almost nothing to talk about. Winter is here in Seattle and we're in for another six months of endless dark grey... I just can't believe people live here on purpose. I'm hoping very much to relocate within the next six months, probably to the TX or NM areas. Depends on a lot of personal things coming through for me, so wish me luck...

A bewildering number of people have found my Bewilderness online letter-book, about my years of bizarre psi and 'anomalous' experiences, and have written me about it. Really, it is SO long and dull I was sure the only person who'd really read it was the woman I wrote it for (one of my best friends, a therapist); even then, I figured that was only because she really liked me. :-) But as it turns out, people fall out of the woodwork talking about similar experiences, philosophies, I've even had half a dozen people say their various email groups were using it as discussion material, which is a statement on how even dramatically different philosophies can all find something they resonate with in one person's experience. The part that amazes me most is that people actually stick with it to talk about events I discuss near the end... talk about die hards....

I'm reading this book called "Evolution's End" by Joseph Chilton Pearce. It talks about all the findings in neurological and behavioral studies, and how humans are affected by, and utilize for growth, experiences from the birth process up to adulthood. What it mostly does is make it shockingly clear how we as a species have literally trapped ourselves into processes, with our culture(s), that in fact do serious neurological damage (often simply in the form of inhibiting proper development) that have massive effects on how educable children are, and how adults (and our civilization as a result) behave. There are so many comments and observations in the book that ring true with me I kept crying... my childbirth experience was a ringing example of what it was describing, and I was very upset about it then "intuitively" but didn't know why. Other parts of it are enough to make any compassionate human cry anyway. It's not a sad book; it's just true; and the truth is sad, if that makes sense. Start with Part II if you get it, that's the more readable part, Part I is the science that backs up the narrative of Part II. For anybody who will ever participate in the raising of a child — or who simply wants to understand more about human development — I highly recommend the book. There's also some comments in there about children manifesting psi, it's really very interesting. Thanks to Tom and Bill Carey for getting me the book (and lots of great conversation). Expanding my horizons by the minute here...


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