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September 25, 1997

Personal Updates

I went down to Los Angeles for about 10 days, and while there sat in on Lyn Buchanan's intermediate training class.  Though I already knew the structure I hadn't actually walked through it with other people, which was educational and fun.  Met some nice folks while there too.  Had an intriguing talk about the dark side of RV with one fellow, we shared some similar experiences that freaked us both out (for at least 10 minutes).  Let's just say I'm not standing in front of mirrors for any length of time any more.  My god.  Am I getting superstitious?  Maybe so.  Anyway, I stayed with many different friends (I'm from Ventura County, which is near L.A.) and had a simply marvellous time.  They babied me with essential oils and sprays and massages and soft pillows and luscious food... I did NOT want to come home, haha!

Before I left I had the chance to go visit this "psychic surgeon," a Philippino guy.  I'd heard about shamans -- and some martial artists -- who supposedly can reach through solid objects, materialize energy or dematerialize solids, etc.  Not sure I really believed it though.  From a physics perspective it ought to be possible, but you know, this is usually stories... I've never seen such evidence. I figured I'd watch my friend's session with the guy in the morning, real close, and see if he was legit, or if he was just doing "energy work" (mind you, that's worthy, but I wouldn't call it impressive).  The room was tiny, a makeshift office of some sort.  He was a small guy, with short sleeves and hair, seemed nice enough.

He flexes his fingers over her bare torso for about 10 seconds, and then plunges his fingers INTO her stomach.  No joke.  I nearly fainted.  I went into physical shock and couldn't even move, I was so surprised.  After a moment, dark thick blood pouring out around where his fingers were. After a few seconds of feeling around in there (keep in mind I was standing on the other side of the thin medical table she was lying on, I had an excellent view), seeming to move around a bit and 'send energy in' (by the way he was flexing his fingers, I assumed that) he takes out his fingers, turns around and dips his hands in this bowl of water to rinse them off, picks up a few little white towels and brings them over and wipes the blood off.  I stared in disbelief — not a mark on her.  I felt kinda sick.  I mean I know I'm supposed to be open minded and all that, but it was like hearing my belief systems crash.  My mind was having an incredibly hard time fitting what was obvious into the reality I'd known 2 minutes earlier.

I went back to see him later in the afternoon.  Told him I didn't have any physical problem, but I knew my chakraic system was seriously depleted, so if he wanted to do whatever energy work he was into I was okay with that.  Partly I wanted the experience, felt like I wouldn't REALLY know for sure until then. When I walked into the room I said, "Now that I'm scared of you....!"  And we laughed, and it was okay after that.  We had a 30 minute session (quite long compared to the average) and talked through the whole thing.  About his family and history and so on.  He's really a nice guy.  I can't tell you how strange it is to have somebody's fingers INSIDE your skin.  It didn't hurt at all though, that was the interesting thing... it kind of ticked actually, but not that either, it was just a sensation without good or bad attached.  I don't know, are most of the nerve endings only on the skin?  (Which isn't affected by this, bizarrely enough.)  All I know is, I could see it, smell it, and feel it, and hear it (actually the sort of slopping noise is pretty gross!) and I cannot begin to explain how blood can come out around his fingers and yet, when he pulls out, there is no break of the skin.  I was really watching because I was thinking maybe there was some trick going on (who knows, tiny tubes of blood leading to his fingers?), but nope —  no way.  I'm a believer.  Amazing, is all I can say.

I had this sudden insight while this was happening.  I really felt, "this is the way it's supposed to be."  Surgery, I mean.  If a person gets to the point of manifesting something physically that endangers them, why on earth would I want to send them to somebody clueless, who sees the body as some kind of biological accident and disease as mostly unrelated to the mind or the soul, who will cut them open and get some of it, or radiate them?  When someone could instead go to one of these guys (his father is said to be the best in the world at this) and have them take out the problem, the energy related to it, pour positive energy in, and leave you without a mark on you.  He does basic pranic work after that, all over the body.  Wowza, this guy can be nice to me any time... I felt GREAT after the session!  Totally energetic and positive.  I feel better than I have in three years.  My friend, who has some physical problems (pre-cancerous), said she felt physically lighter inside her body afterward, that it was very strange and yet good feeling.

It goes without saying that the AMA wants to hunt these guys down and eradicate them.  A few good shamans like this and a trillion dollars in disease industry would be wiped out.  He does say that he can't "take anything out" when he's working in the USA. Anyway, so I won't name him, or the place we were, though I wish I could.  I'm trying to talk him into a web site that would let people find him in the Philippines -- he's also in Japan and Australia, often -- so they could go to him there if they needed him.  We'll see.

I also had the rather esoteric sense that if I was just close enough to him for long enough, I could do that too.  As if the belief or skill or whatever is somehow contagious.  Strange, eh.

Talk about bending your view of reality.

Well, that's all for now.  More in a week or two.


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