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08 July 1998

RV Field Updates

Lyn Buchanan

  • Has moved his web page to Almost finished with a complete revision of it, a major disk crash took it to heaven. So, it could still use some updating, that's coming.
  • Lyn finally gave in and handed the Assigned Witness Program (AWP) to a graduate student for project management, to give him more time for personal instruction.
  • Every time I talk to him he marvels at how much faster students seem to be learning nowadays from what they did, say, before the project was declassified (when he only taught FBI/CIA/NSA folks "in the know" about it already). He really believes this "100th Monkey" theory about consciousness being sort of cumulative, and the more people who know something, the easier it gets. Used to be he would only allow students who had graduated his course (which, unlike most modern RV courses which take 7-10 days, his takes a few visits adding to months) to work AWP cases. Now he says he gets intermediate section students who are surprisingly good -- enough for the component tasking the Project Manager uses.
  • Lyn had to drop out of the VWR list some time ago due to lack of time. He runs a private CRV email list for his students only. Doesn't look like that's going to change, although he says he's considering a public CRV list.
  • Lyn also continues the free follow up Viewer Profiling and consulting to any student who's trained with him (which as you can imagine has added exponentially to his time investment since as his student base has grown). If you're a CRV student, there's a Session Profile sheet here on Firedocs if you ever run out and need to print one. (For everyone else, there's also instructions.)
  • He's got a new version of his Ideogram Drill program coming out soon. Groovy. He's also working on getting a blank Profile database, replete with reports and graphs and such, available to all students for their own use (probably in MS Access). He promises he'll let me sell them to the public here from the Firedocs site so other RV students can have them too. These are pretty invaluable.

Paul Smith

  • Paul continues to train in Austin, Texas, while working through his PhD program. His web site was slightly revised and should have some more new documents soon, at
  • He's decided to go ahead and include papers related to his own understanding of the relationship between spirituality and psi, in this case, his religion (Mormonism) and RV. I think that's pretty cool. I mean in the end, that's what RV is going to be about -- internalizing it, finding its place in your own life.
  • He wasn't crazy about my putting the old CRV manual (which he wrote way back then) online, but was pretty decent about it anyway. He wrote an introduction for it at my request, which you can find with the manual here on the Firedocs site.

David Morehouse

  • Geez, I don't know what's going on with David lately. I've been hearing from people that he's training them in CRV. I was kinda surprised, since he generally did ERV in the intell unit, but he knows CRV as well I'm sure.
  • I heard a rumor he was teaching it as a college course in New Jersey or something like that, but you know how rumors are.
  • His email address died and he hasn't contacted me or Lyn--and Lyn's about the only intell guy I know in contact with him--so I'm afraid I have no update on his goings-on. (If you see Dave, tell him to let me know how he's doing, so I can let the world know. Lyn has my new phone#.)


  • Currently living in the Netherlands, "Liam" (as we called him in the Viewer email group) got back into RV training after many years out of the loop. Now has a big group of friends via email and in person, besides being pretty busy in his offline life.
  • He is Catholic and Celtic, and his wife is Native American, and they've got a cool mix of philosophy and spirituality wrapped up with this -- the kind that is not overbearing or religious, but rather, a rich textured, wider doorway. I really enjoy those sort of alternate perspectives on things.
  • He is planning to come back to the states in a couple of years. He might take up some training here--probably for little or no money, he does it free--at that time.

Gene "Kincaid"

  • Gene moved into a new business position that now keeps him traveling a good deal of the time. But he's got a laptop and AOL so can't be stopped...
  • Since his ventures into the former Viewer list he's found a few students, usually one at a time, that he works with on ERV via email and telephone.
  • He's still on the PSI email list and promises to be less gruff in the future. :-)

Joe McMoneagle

  • Joe always has so many projects in the air at once I don't know what to say, and I'm never sure which of them might be confidential...
  • LIFE magazine, June 1998 issue, page 93 had a picture of Joe--I think the editor has a sense of humor, surely that page number is not coincidence!--dressed in black with candles and a black cat, our favorite no-nonsense intelligence Viewer suddenly looks like a warlock waiting to happen. (The kinky side of me thought it was pretty intriguing, but don't tell Joe that. ;-))
  • Joe does lectures for RV down at Rhine Research Center in the summers (physicist Ed May runs a class down there in summer). Joe usually does a live RV challenge (in protocol, of course) while there. Nailed the target 1st match for this session too, as usual. I think he's getting used to being so damn good at this.
  • The Summer 1998 "Psychic World" magazine has an interview with Joe. I'm trying to get subscription info for it to include on the Firedocs web site. (Special thanks to Gary for the heads-up or I wouldn't have known about that.) If you have subscription info for PW mag, send it to me so I can advertise for them.
  • Ah yes. The title for his upcoming book has been nailed down to "A Journey Through Time." It's a book with 150 specific predictions for the world for the next 50 years, in most every category. The second half of the book is about life in the year 3000. Now, since this is the only remote viewer in the country who has actually demonstrated (in intelligence, in the science lab, in congress, and in public) not only excellent RV and dowsing, but predictive-RV and time-dowsing, I think this is pretty darn interesting. The book is set to be released in October of 1998.

Meanwhile back at the ranch....

The Hawaiian Remote Viewing Guild (hrvg) has a web site now at They're a dedicated group of folks whose member intelligence, altruism and community are a step toward making up for how so many others lacking in those areas have demolished the public image of this field (usually while making a financial killing off a gullible public). The HRVG isn't doing CRV, but whatever they're doing apparently works for them, so, more power to 'em.

Prudence Calabrese, former VP of The Farsight Institute, has sure come a long way. Maybe sometimes you've really gotta go through the worst possible scenarios to be fully woke up by the results. Pru has, in my opinion, integrated more understanding of real RV and protocol than just about anybody in this field. She's teaching "intuitive" methods through her own business, The Larger Universe, at Her methods are a combination of many different RV methods and traditional psi work and new stuff they come up with to experiment with or whatever. Sounds like fun to me.

Following the closure of my Viewer (VWR) email group, two new RV-related email groups began, owned by Steve Crietzman and Angela Thompson. For Steve's, send a blank email (no subject ttle, no msg) to: For Angela's, send a request for joining to I'm not getting messages from either group for some reason, so I can't tell you much about either list.

There's probably more to say, but I'm out of time, and trying to finish this whole 'exit' section so I can put it online. Hope y'all are doing well out there in RVland. This Firedocs Exit Section is probably the only public online place I'll be 'seen' for the next year. Hope many of you will stay in touch.


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