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What is remote viewing?

What are the different "types" of remote viewing?

What is 'ARV' or 'Associative RV'?

What determines how good a person is at remote viewing?

How do I make a target pool? How do I find targets? Where can I find a group to practice/talk with that are helpful, not a cult, and won't charge money?

I want to be a remote viewer. What kind of training do I need?

Can you learn to "remote view" without training?

What does psi-methods for-RV training cover and entail?

What happens AFTER training?

Where I can learn the remote viewing protocols?

I heard one guy say remote viewing can't be trained. But there's all these other guys selling training for it. What gives?

Starting Out After Training/Finding Jobs/Do's & Don'ts

What makes a good target for remote viewing?

I have out of body experiences sometimes. Is that remote viewing?

I've been remote viewing all my life. How can people say you have to know something special for it?

Could you find my best friend who disappeared last year?

A little about the U.S. government's STAR GATE project

The STAR GATE scientific research of RV

The STAR GATE military intelligence application of RV

How is remote viewing different from regular "psychic" stuff?

My friend says he has an almost 100% accuracy rate. Other people say that's impossible or he's lying. But he seems sincere.

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A little about the U.S. government's STAR GATE project

In the early 1970's, the CIA decided to fund a small research inquiry into the existence of human "psychic" abilities. Psychic Ingo Swann participated in the first (and other) trials for these studies. Psychic Pat Price joined the trials and eventually serious funding was provided for research.

A search was made for military individuals who might have RV talent, and by 1978 an initial small team of Viewers was formally created to test and do operational viewing, while the science would continue researching how best to support/aid that viewing.

Each year over a 20 year span, funding was renewed based on merit and often demonstration to a confidential congressional subcommittee. Many government, military, industrial and private groups provided funding over that period of time for various reasons.

The program had two primary locations, a small intell unit in Fort Meade MD and a science lab in Palo Alto CA. There were many different names used by agencies and military for the psychic program, some of which are still unknown to the public, many of which are deliberately confused in time, and all of which are now as a conglomerate for the public referred to as STAR GATE.

By 1982, the existing remote viewers had either died or left the unit except one, and in 1984 the sole remaining viewer (who had done the unit’s intell work alone for two years) retired and began working in the science lab for research and any intell targets brought him there. A new crop of viewers, these from Swann’s ‘training’ route instead of the original recruiting methods, were brought into the intell unit mostly from 1985 onward, to continue the work.

Around 1995 the program was handed to the CIA for ‘ownership’. This was for a variety of reasons, one apparently being the diminishing lack of success over time from the intell unit, which had management problems -- as well as other significant issues, many apparently RV-related.

The CIA, having been repeatedly embarrassed by public scandals over the years, had no wish to be ‘caught’ with the ‘psychic’ program. They’d had their budget curtailed that same year. So, they arranged a (mock) scientific trial based on very little data (the researchers (a) didn’t have intell/military clearance for much and (b) were actually told not to look at what little they got--), and the CIA closed the program four months after getting it, taking the funding for the program (which had already been approved) for their own personnel.

The CIA made the existence of the program public and issued a national press release stating that while the subject had been looked into for 20 years, it had never actually demonstrated merit.

Conveniently, nearly all the data evidencing the value of the project in Operations and why it was re-funded 20 years in a row is ‘classified’ from the public. Documents declassified gradually are harmless to this image.

If you count from the inception of the first government remote viewers (not just funded tests, but an formal ongoing ‘project’) to its end, you would probably count from October 1978 to September 1995 (17 years).

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