Firedocs Intro April 1997 [archived]

April 1997

Firedocs Introduction
by PJ Gaenir

I am standing in the center of a plaza filled with people, blood and history
They're watching me, they're wondering if I can see what they cannot
It seems these tired eyes I've got are sensitive and they have caught
A vision of ten thousand roads

I am floating in a galaxy so wide and overpopulated with prophets saints and sinners
That I don't know where the truth begins or where all this illusion ends
If light is with me to the end I know I'll see
The rainbow of ten thousand roads

The road that I am on is lined with roses, faith and promises
But the end is moving with me and the signs are hard to read
And I keep hoping, I keep praying that this is the right direction
That I've chosen correctly from ten thousand roads

I don't know which of these will take me home
I fear I may be walkin' mine alone
But I'll walk alone

I walk alone.

Ten thousand roads

                   -- Ten Thousand Roads, a 1985 Firesong

Remote Viewing is one of those roads.

It was late 1995 when I first heard about it. I'd been talking to a friend of mine about psi abilities. "Really," I said, "If you could bend a fork tine, you could stop a man's heart. This has serious ethical and military implications." To which he replied, "Oh, you mean like remote viewing?"

As it turns out, Remote Viewing wasn't quite what I thought it was, yet it was more than I thought as well. The idea that somebody had "nailed down how to make anybody psychic" was exciting, though that turned out to be... well, not really correct. (Most of my early concepts were errors, due to creative, hyped presentations of the subject... alas!) But it's been such an interesting learning process, and I haven't been disappointed. I get more intrigued all the time. Most learning ends up being about yourself, of course.


The term "remote viewing" was coined in a scientific lab in the early 1970's. Its literal meaning is that it is ESP done "within certain situational controls" (protocol). That protocol (set of controls) has been developed over the last 20 years, along with a lot of other knowledge and insight, and the result is replicable experiments, ability to do detail data analysis, etc. Without the protocol, doing "psychic stuff" can't technically be called RV -- instead, it's just psychic ability -- ESP -- clairvoyance -- whatever you want to call it.

The protocol is designed to force it into having to be psychic ability -- because it couldn't be anything else. The protocol is not a matter of "how to get" psychic ability or data; rather, it is how to ensure you're not getting other known things mixed into the process by either design or accident... and it's a way of doing things so that they can be intelligently measured.

The RV protocol in itself has little to do with 'methods,' which is what is sold today as 'remote viewing training.' The methods are a way of going about getting the psi data (for better or worse). Some methods also address ways to minimize "other" influences on the data, such as imagination and analytic assumption. RV Methods may or may not include, cover, or work within the protocol (situational requirements). No methodology teachers at this point teach much about the science. And the scientists, at least the main ones who've been active in RV research the last decade, don't put much stock in methods 'training.' They feel your psi talent is inherent and whatever you've got, is what you've got, and there isn't any "bestowing more" upon you for any amount of money. There are some very different emphasis areas and belief systems, even within the ranks of the people who are 'experts' in the subject.


I am a student and a researcher of remote viewing. I've tried to combine a combination of journalistic inquiry, personal interest, some hands-on practice, and skeptical consideration, into my effort to understand what remote viewing is -- what it is not -- what it can do -- what it cannot -- and what I can do, with or without RV, and how this relates to anything or everything.

Over the past couple of years I have done, read, practiced, discussed, etc. everything I could get my hands on relating to the subject. I have been fortunate to have been introduced to many of the (few) people involved in this field, and their conversations with me have provided volumes of insight and understanding I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. I even sought out method teachers and learned some from them (beginning in Spring 1996). In short, I've done everything I could to get a handle on this.

I'm interested. I'm fascinated. I think it's important. I think a "logical" approach to psi is what 90% of our planet needs. I think developing an 'awareness' of psi and self in a large enough part of the population could not only change the individuals, but could possibly change civilization and humanity as we know it. This may, at the rate our civilization is going, be a matter of species survival. So, there is a "larger than life" picture involved too.


Along the way, I've tried to encourage the few people legitimately part of remote viewing to share their knowledge with the public. Many have participated in my email group, on my various BBS's over time, in my private RV forum (for scientists, soldiers and students of CRV), they've provided Q&A information, they've worked with me to establish their own web sites to present information, they've corresponded at great length with myself and other public persons via email, etc. Today, there is vastly more information about RV available online than there was when I began in this field two years ago.

This web site is a small part of my "RV collection." Much of the information I've gathered over time is either private correspondence (can't be shared) or public documents (copyrighted), or not something in print. But whatever I can put online for the public, I am gathering here. I'm hoping that this web site will be a down to earth resource for people interested in remote viewing information, and references to other sources. No mysticism here. No hype. This is just what I've learned. It may be right, it may be wrong, but it's a learning process that I worked hard for, and that other people will not have to duplicate and re-invent. That's even more important when you consider that most of the public doesn't have the opportunity to communicate with the people in this field that I have. So I feel a bit honored -- and obligated to share.


Other than communication about it, I don't know what my goals are with remote viewing. It's been the closest 'zen' thing I've ever done -- the only subject that I haven't had firm goals in mind that I worked toward, but instead, was so interested in the process that I considered 'the path' the point, rather than some end goal. I'm learning as I go, and I'm still learning, and probably always will be.

I hope my communication has value to at least one other person, who may save years of personal time and frustration by reading my site and learning through my eyes. You may as well benefit. I already walked this road alone... maybe you can join me from here.

Palyne "PJ" Gaenir (aka Fire)

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