Firedocs Intro July 1998 [archived]

I began an objective inquirer into the subject of remote viewing on October 31, 1995.

My skeptical side was a little leery about it. My faithful side was thrilled about it. The rest of me just gasped when I heard it cost thousands to get training.

And I got lucky. I got introduced to many people who were part of the original government program. Bottled up for years while it was classified, finally they could say something. They wouldn't talk in public, and most were still classified operatives. But privately, talk they did. And I learned an awful lot.

Probably more than I wanted to know, in some areas.

I've spent far more than full time hours on this subject since that time, in one way or another. I've done massive email communications with the public. Taken methods training from a couple people and informal training from others. Read what I could of the science and tried to merge it all.

I've worked hard to document what I learned, as much as I was allowed to. To begin projects that would help my friends and the general public learn more about RV. That would help other RV students like me work on this. Anything I could do.

If they gave out degrees for RV studies, I'd have one.

Like anybody who seriously inquires into something for long enough, with enough contacts and resources, I eventually developed some real opinions. Which if you read enough here you'll find I on occasion inflict on people whether they want to hear them or not.

It's my web site. So there. (Skip this section if I annoy you.)

I happen to believe I am still objective in a first sense; if I have developed emotion and strong opinions in some areas--and I have--I feel it is a logical result anybody in the same learning situation would have come around to.

Which is to say, I might think that xyz is so, and that might make me biased against abc being so instead, but maybe xyz really IS so, and anybody with a brain who's seen what I have would say so. Before you think something I say is odd or unfair, send me email and ask how I got there. My personal opinion, based on a inquiry I worked hard for, may be worth hearing.

As for RV, there's more coming soon to the Firedocs site in the way of how-to, why-so, how-come, etc. A big target library with all the stuff I've learned about that subject taken into account. My own correspondence archives. Etc.

As of July 4, 1998, I am "retiring from online RV." After 60+ hours per week on this topic for 2.5 years, it's time to take some time to practice, finally. About the only section of my web site that will get regular updates for quite some time is the Exit section, the tidbits, commentaries and PJRV's.

Life is short -- have fun with this stuff!


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