Firedocs Intro [archived]

Lost in Space-Time, and other common complaints.

Let's be honest. No matter how big a fan of remote viewing you might be, anybody paying attention notices that quite a few very public people in this field are a bit... left of center.
     Or in some cases, completely off their rockers!
     Messianic, paranoic, pathological, obsessive, egomaniacal traits sometimes follow where psychic work leads.
     As these traits are often accompanied by high intelligence and speaking skills, symptoms often go undiagnosed.

Remote Viewing done RIGHT is free of that, except perhaps the ego issues, and anything the individual walks in with.
     Why? Because the formal RV protocol requires targets that have feedback. Requires a logical, double-or-more blind, rational approach to psi work.
     The intangible lack of closure it usually provides, combined with the ruthless means of judging accuracy, can bring anybody down to earth with a hard thud. Constantly.

Anybody who feels omniscient and 'pretty much always right' is deluding themselves. And others. Usually for money.
     Real remote viewers will give you an explanation free of secrecy or mysticism, and will always put the scientific protocol -- not 'the protocols' as in methods, but 'The Protocol' as in the science requirements -- first.

Remote Viewing done RIGHT will change you. Make no mistake! If it doesn't change you, you aren't doing it.
     But don't let some of the people in the media fool you. It won't make you crazy. (Of course, if you already are...)

Your progress may be hindered by, or may benefit from, your spiritual beliefs and prior experiences.
     And even by the individuals you choose to open up to as gurus/teachers.
     Be aware.

Where are you now?
     What do you think about "reality?"
     Wherever it is, it is not the place you will be two years after you seriously begin practicing remote viewing.
     I wish you well.

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