Firedocs Intro April 1998 [archived]

April 1998

Firedocs Introduction
by PJ Gaenir

There is the studying something.
And then there is the doing it.

Doing it without studying, without science protocol,
Leads to self-delusion.
There's a lot of that in this field.

Messianic, paranoic, fiction/reality interweaves.
Bad psychic work brings schizo symptoms.
Everybody knows that, we've known it for centuries.
Intelligent, creative people go totally around the bend.

People think 'cause they can talk intelligently
Then surely they must be sane.
Later I am counseling them on the phone
From damage some cult-lunatic leader
Inflicted on their psychology.
Good Viewers trashed in the process.

Don't walk into this without knowing where you're going
And who you really want to go there with.

If you don't want to be obsessive
Living in terror or living in romantic illusion
Then for goddsake don't choose some media guru
Who obviously is.

I think I've said my piece on that now.

Now we call psychic development something else
A new hip title with scientific backing
As if that changes its nature, history
The dangers or the wonders.

Studying it without doing it leads to complacency.
Not many people truly study it so there isn't too much of that.
But being the obsessive scorpio-virgo I am,
I had some of that for awhile.

(Shut up Palyne, we don't want another lecture.
Just show us your sketch and prove it works.)

Then there is the studying and the doing it both.
Understanding history, knowing science, interested in details.
Diving in and seeing what tickles your inner senses
And begs you to make it real.

In a dream I was told, "It images itself for you."
As if the target helped choose my contact level, not just me.
Not just an observer, but a friend. I don't just sense, I share.
What you touch, touches you back.

A mutual joining of energy --
-- Energy which is consciousness
-- Consciousness which carries intent
-- Intent which is manifestation
...I am in love with that green bridge
And it loves me, too.
But saying that, I just sound like a fool.

But you'll be told that all that is irrelevent
to modern "remote viewing."

This is no new-age shamanic journey.
This is no mystical method for the chosen.
We are the logical generation.

Describe the target. Here's your feedback.
No religion. No magic.

(Wouldn't you know
Science would even find a way
To take the soul out of Soul work.)

But I like science and I enjoy logic
That's what drew me to this in the first place.
Spare me the robes and candles and incense
I know it's an innate human quality.
Get to the point.

Recognition comes: we've been here before.
Call it what you will, we've been psychics all along
Since we were part of the goddess
Since we bled on the alters
Since we burned at the stake
And even now.

If you are interested in getting to know yourself
Realizing a larger reality
Incorporating it into your life
A rushing river of ever-astonished awareness

If you are willing to pay attention to who you really are
To accept yourself, even the scary parts
To put years - yes, years - into the study of how you tick

If you are willing to watch your ideas about reality shatter
To deconstruct a worldview and instead build a window
If you can handle uncertainty and constant change
If you want this life, this awake-to-the-world-ness

Remote viewing is for you.

The demands and results are reserved for people
Who cannot live with themselves without it.

Who cannot stop working until they become one with it.
Who cannot totally separate themselves from the process.

You can take methods training from somebody.
Some paint-by-number version designed to make you think.

(Often taught as if you must follow it like a doctrine
And don't you dare think during the process.)

You'll find some of your own psi that way.
Sure thing. You've got some. You'll see it!
...Maybe never leave the wonder-bread level of RV.

It isn't the methods. It's YOU.

I can refer you to methods teachers
Who are experienced, ethical and informative
If that's your interest.

You can do whatever works for you
Psychic scrying dowsing clair-something
Reinventing some wheels while you're at it.
That works too, but isn't the best use of time.

You can take methods training yet be aware
It is an external structure to make you aware
Of your internal processing. That's the point.
That is how I have chosen to go about it.

I am still a student.
I will always be a student.

Please, learn the RV Protocol (science rules) either way.
Don't be confused. Some call methods "protocols."
That is something different. Protocol is the science rules.
Then, RV learning is up to you from there onward.

When you understand why the rules are important
You will understand more about psychic ability
Than most people ever will.

You can dive into the exploring of yourself
And how you think, process, interpret, and more
You can document your thoughts and more constantly
Your dreams, your ideas--the things which make up "you."

Eventually you will come to realize
That you never really knew who you were.
Then you finally begin to know the real you.
How surprising. How amazing. How wonderful.

It doesn't happen overnight.
Certainly not in a week of methods training.
It doesn't happen without work.

It doesn't happen without your serious, persevering intent.
Without your being willing to forego the lust for result
Be patient, dedicated, disciplined and in it for the long haul
And instead focus on the day-to-day process of it.

Eventually on this one path of ten thousand
You'll find others on the same journey
Their own road, but we all overlap on some level.

Then you can send me email and say,
PJ, I finally know what you were talking about.

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