Firedocs Intro [archived]

Remote Viewing

Once upon a time, long before we found a scientific name for it and made a set of rules about it, psychics were priestesses or shamans or "oracles."
     Then science got into the act, and then psychic work in a certain science protocol was referred to as 'remote viewing.'
     Then money got into the act, with 'magic methods' available for sale, and now it's a media marketing empire, with every prophet for his profit.
     Tip: Study awhile before you believe anybody about anything.
     This is my personal collection of materials and information about remote viewing science, remote viewing theory, remote viewing history, remote viewing personnel, and more. I've got tons of remote viewing email group archives with experts for hands-on advice, and lots of appropriate remote viewing practice targets with feedback, remote viewing FAQ's and more.
     I can only show it to you.
     I can't make you omniscient.
     (But keep those cards and letters coming anyway.)

The Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection is now a static archive (Feb 2008). Click here to see what's still online for reference.

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