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Some people see strange things...

The Truth About Mars?

In 1955, Ernest Norman 'psychically viewed' what he felt were Martians living beneath the surface of Mars. According to him, their planet had been devastated on the surface, but they had survived.
     He described -- and even sketched in some cases -- technologies such as liquid insulation, ultrasonic toothbrushes, ball-antenna satellite dishes, and sketched in detail a fetal growth chamber that looks like something from a 1980's "alien abduction" account. Regardless of the veracity of his comments about Mars, the other details he provides about technology before his time are astounding.
     He believed the Martians were an older civilization than us, and had been the ancient precursors of our Chinese race, with superior technologies and moral culture.
     He published (and republished a number of times from the 1950's to 1960's) a small book called "The Truth About Mars ," detailing his experiences. (You can find it online at Firedocs, here

Another Truth About Mars?

In 1984, government remote viewer Joseph McMoneagle was blind-tasked by a NASA official on some very interesting targets.
     He described a pyramid form(s), sitting in a depressed area... the aftereffect of a major geological trauma... and many other anomalies. He did not describe any current people in those areas, but described what perhaps used to be people, unusually tall and thin, that were not there anymore...
     He later found the coordinates were for Mars, and after in some cases years of searching, located aerial photographs of the places he had been targeted upon.
     Joe describes these and other targets (with photos) in his book " Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time and Space Through Remote Viewing. here.

In the early 1990's, other people calling themselves remote viewers also began telling stories about Mars with many similarities to both Norman's and McMoneagle's accounts. (And some creative new info too.)

Are they seeing what has been seen?
Or repeating what has been said?
Will we ever know?

Stay tuned.

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