I was born December 8, 1944 in Dundrum, County Down, Northern Ireland, a small harbor town on the Irish Sea midway between embattled Belfast and the border of the Irish Republic. Came to the U.S. as a child to join my U.S. soldier father and have returned to my birth home at least once every two years. Raised in Southern California until my 20th birthday at which time I went back home to Ireland "once and for all." The U.S. military had other ideas, and a year later I was a young soldier entering Army Intelligence training, eventually heading for the rigors of U.S. Army Special Forces ("Green Berets"). A little over twenty years of active service—three years of which was spent in Vietnam and ten years in Europe. 1985 showed retirement as a military officer, with a short hiatus in private industry before being recalled back to the intelligence business as a U.S. Civil Servant, where I now serve as a manager of operations being conducted throughout the world.

Significant assignments while in the military included "secret" missions into Laos, Cambodia and forays into the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Vietnam. At the end of the "wars" I was selected to become a participant in a U.S. Government-funded project to test the feasibility and capabilities of the phenomena known as Remote Viewing. As a member of a small group of people that never numbered more than a dozen at a time, we worked with the scientific community, the non-scientific fringe community and with our own intelligence organizations to refine, test and eventually target this capability at our adversaries.

Eventually I was transferred to the divided city of Berlin in just enough time to see the fall of the Berlin Wall. With this event, the entire business of intelligence changed dramatically. My experiences in the realm of unconventional warfare have now come full circle as this nation now faces new non-traditional threats from organizations, third world nations and our own home-grown version of radicalism.

Bachelor of Arts Degree - Behavioral Science
Master of Education - Counseling and Human Services
Hobbies include collecting obscure crystal ornaments, writing letters, reading and spending time with my wife and sons.

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