Russell Targ
1010 Harriet Street
Palo Alto, California 94301


Senior Staff Scientist, Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space. Senior engineering position in electro optics, with project management and over-all technical responsibility for marketing, advanced research, development, and flight test of airborne CO2 and solid-state 2-Ám coherent lidar systems for windshear detection, and launch-site test of a similar 1.06-Ám system for the shuttle at Kennedy Space Center. Most recently, proposal payload manager for WINDSAT, a global wind-sensing laser-radar satellite.



Partner, Delphi Associates: Research and applications in remote viewing for commercial clients. (1982-1985) Senior Research Physicist, Stanford Research Institute: Co-founder and program management, research and applications in remote viewing for U.S. Government clients. (1972-1982) Engineering Specialist, GTE Sylvania: Development of commercially successful, compact kilowatt CO2 lasers, investigation of new gas lasers, research on optical heterodyne detection and microwave E-O technology. (1962-1972) Physicist, Technical Research Group: Pioneering laser research with Gordon Gould, in new gaseous laser media, spectroscopy, optics, and optical heterodyne detection. (1959-1962) Engineer, Sperry Gyroscope Company, Electron Tube Division: Experimental work on traveling wave tubes, generation of microwaves from plasmas, early research on ultra-high vacuum technology and design of ion pumps. (1956-1959)


Author or co-author of more than fifty articles on lasers, plasmas and electro-optics research; and, the first papers on psychoenergetic phenomena to appear in The Proceedings of the IEEE, the AAAS, and in Nature. Publications include papers on: The Kilowatt CO2 Gas Transport Laser, The FM Laser (with S.E. Harris) and many papers on mode-locking, noise-reduction and frequency stabilization. Publications in psychoenergetics include three co-authored books: Mind Reach: Scientists Look At Psychic Ability, (Delacorte, New York, 1977), Mind At Large: IEEE Symposia On The Nature Of Extrasensory Perception, (Preager, New York, 1979) and The Mind Race: Understanding And Using Psychic Abilities, (Villard, New York, 1984). Patents on high-power tunable microwave sources, and the FM laser.


B. S. in Physics, Queens College, New York (1954), graduate work in physics, Columbia University (1954-1956).


Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and member AAAS. IEEE, Franklin V. Taylor Award for the 1977 paper, "A Scientific Look At ESP." Two National Aeronautics and Space Administration awards for inventions and contributions in lasers and laser communications. Invitations were accepted in 1983 and 1984 to address the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences on recent developments in remote viewing research.

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