Angela Thompson
Inner Vision Las Vegas
1836 Pinchot Street
Las Vegas, NV 89115

Angela Thompson received her M.S. in Psychology from Manchester University in England and her early training and experience were in the fields of nursing and social work. She has done research on laterality and brain development with the Faculty of Medicine at Manchester University in England; Cognitive Development at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in NJ; and on anomalous human-machine interaction and information processing at Princeton University. Her studies have appeared in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Cortex, and the Journal of Humanistic Psychology. Angela relocated from Princeton University in 1992 to act as Research Coordinator for the Bigelow Foundation and is currently working towards her Ph,D. in Psychology with Saybrook Institute.

Growing up in the Celtic southwest of England, Angela's early years were influenced by family visits to sacred sites where her family explored ancient ruins such as Glastonbury Tor, and played among standing stone circles such as those at Stonehenge and Avebury. This early immersion in the Celtic history of England was coupled with a social upbringing, which imbued strong social values, such as stewardship of the earth and a bond with all things in nature. This early grounding gave her the freedom and curiosity to explore other cultures such as; the witch lore of Colombia in South America (and the efforts of Christian missionaries to counter its effects); the Runic symbology of the Celtic, Viking and Germanic Northwest; the Buddhist presence in the modern western world; and the influence of Judeo-Christianism as it impacted on the early pagan cultures of the British Isles.

Currently, Angela's interests and research are concentrated in the field of human consciousness and the possibility that we, as a species, are undergoing a rapid change in development. Her main interests are in exploring mind-matter interaction (pk) and remote perception (remote viewing) as trainable human abilities. For the past 10 years Angela Thompson has participated in Remote Viewing research with institutions across the country and has been training individuals and groups in RV for the past two years . Those individuals, who go through human potential training, usually emerge as changed people: they report a renewed sense of "self', of belonging in the world, and an ability to see the "bigger picture."

Angela is the Executive Director of Inner Vision Las Vegas, which offers courses in remote viewing from a variety of perspectives and methodologies, including Coordinate Remote Viewing, Associative Remote Viewing, etc. You can visit the Inner Vision web site at:

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