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Section: Psi-Tech Says The Past Didn't Happen

Taken from Volume 1, #5, NM MUFON News , May 1993 Editor : Carolyn Duce-Ashe PO Box 2786, Corrales, NM 87048 Producer: Debby Stark Their current newsletter subscription information, as well as back-issue purchase of this and other original articles, is below this article. There are two other articles, and also a response concerning the accuracy of these articles, available on this site as well. Posted with permission. I got this in one huge paragraph, so the paragraph breaks are my own. By the way, a later edition of their new journal La Mirada covered the whole remote viewing and "Ed Dames denial" situations as well.

Volume 1, #5, New Mexico MUFON News , May 1993


What is remote viewing? The term remote viewing (RV) describes a psychic process very much like clairvoyance--seeing at a distance.

Although clairvoyance has been around a long time and seems to be a natural gift, RV must be perfected through training. The Stanford Research Institute (SRI) did intensive studies and documented many successful experiments with RV during the 1980s (see The Mind Race, by Targ and Putoff). SRI experiments used two people, one to send the information and one to receive it.

While these experiments were going on at SRI, researchers in the USSR were also doing experiments (see Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder). There are other institutes which have looked into remote viewing as well, including Stephan A. Schwartz' Mobius group, which has investigated many archaeological sites

Ingo Swann, known as the West's greatest psychic, worked at SRI. He developed an advanced method of RV using only one viewer. This method is copyrighted by Ingo Swann and is the method used by Ed Dames and PSI-TECH, Inc. When Dames gets a contract, he assigns it a number. The six viewers who work for PSI-TECH get only that number to work with. The viewers sit alone in a room with a pen and a stack of white paper in front of them. They make notes and especially drawings of what is viewed. The viewer doesn't analyze what he or she sees but only records it. PSI-TECH has professional analysts (scientists and technicians) who then interpret the data and develop a report which is given to the client.

According to Dames, RV can be learned by almost anyone, but meditation or practicing other forms of mental discipline (like martial arts) may make it more easy to learn to remote view. It is not a trance state, as in some forms of meditation: rather, it is a form of heightened concentration and readiness. Two important aspects of PSI-TECH's RV training are emotional detachment and suppressing the imagination. In other words, the remote viewer is trained to gather pure data.

Two things that are reported to be never exact in RV are dates and numbers. Why is this? Perhaps it has to do with the nature of time and the interaction of time and free will. Also, a remote viewer can go to a location anywhere in time or space and view it in minute detail, but may not be able to say just where that location is.

What are some of the claims made by PSI-TECH about RV? Ed Dames offers a 100-percent money-back guarantee on the information which is reported to the client. This report is based on data seen by most or all of the viewers and determined to be exact. Other less-exact data may be given to the client but with a lower percentage of guaranteed accuracy. PSI-TECH's remote viewers must be consistently very accurate--or they are fired.

Want to learn how to remote view? Read Ingo Swann's Natural ESP and start practicing. Or, in 1995, you may be able to enroll in a RV school in Albuquerque, possibly run by Ed Dames! Dames says he only teaches children now--they learn faster and are better at it. It's also interesting to note that he says each generation or remote viewers is much better than its teachers... seems like RV may be a part of our future whether we like it or not. Start learning about it: maybe we'll soon be doing it.

--Carolyn Duce-Ashe

Special thanks to Desiree for retyping all this stuff and Joe Murgia for digging it up.

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