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Taken from a UFO magazine article of 1993. This is sort of a follow-on to an earlier article in the NM MUFON news. The current newsletter subscription information for Carolyn Duce-Ashe and Debbie Stark's latest publication, as well as back-issue purchase of original articles, is below this article. There are two other articles, and also a response concerning the accuracy of these articles, available on this site as well. Posted with permission. I got this in one huge paragraph, so the paragraph breaks are my own. — PJ

Alleging ET Colonies


Okay, So PSI-TECH remote viewers claim to have turned up an ET colony OR two in northern New Mexico. That's what all the excitement's about. Dames himself hedges his bets, saying "talk's cheap." But talk he did, at this years exclusive TREAT Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Hosted by Dr. Rima Laibow's Center for Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma, this year's TREAT event could be considered psychotronically stellar. The topic was "Researching the Anomalous." Besides Ed Dames, noted speaker addressing this topic included Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine, Program Chairman Dr. John Alexander, Dr. Stephan Schwartz, Founder of the Moebius Society (a PSI-TECH-like firm in Los Angeles), Jack Houck, aerospace engineer known for his PK (or spoonbending) parties, experienced remote viewer Dr. Craig Jensen, and a generous handful of experts in related areas that include healing, psychoanalysis, near-death experienced and spirituality. But if was Dames who have the truly mind-bending presentation, UFO-wise. At least that's the view of Carolyn Duce-Ashe, who submitted the following report to UFO.

SANTA FE, Mar.21--- As the final speaker at the recent four-day TREAT V Conference at the Inn at Loretto, Ed Dames of PSI-TECH, Inc. discussed his method of remote viewing and outlined the history of his company's work. It was in the Q&A session following his presentation that he had us open-mouthed and enthralled. I posed the first question---- We've heard rumors of a big UFO event predicted to happen in New Mexico in August. "No," said Dames, "not in August. Between now and August. Something may happen very soon at a site in northern New Mexico." "How soon?" someone asked. "It could happen in the next few months," he said. Then Dames began to tell us a bizarre tale involving a colony of hibernating aliens. Apparently PSI-TECH had a contract to remotely view an orbiting platform belonging to the U.S. in which something was seen "coming in over our shoulders."

Dames and his team were amazed to see these objects "land in location in northern New Mexico." Subsequently, a second site was located, also in New Mexico. Some interaction may have occurred with aliens, which led to the participation of important scientists. All this was picked up by PSI-TECH's remote viewing specialists. Dames said that these hibernating aliens were originally a dying species on a wasted planet where there was much hunger and violence. After most of them had died, suddenly "the skies filled with UFOs" Entities controlling these UFOs took females and hybrid children and put them in a "goop," as he called it, and kept them in a location" not that far from earth." Was it the moon or Mars? No one thought to ask. The ideal was to move them here (earth), but it couldn't be done before now because humans "would have responded with pitchforks," remonstrated Dames.

He further stated that these aliens have been conditioning earth to accept their presence. He denied that the conditioning process is a government program. "Is it kinda like the 'Alien Nation' scenario?" a friend of mind queried tentatively. Very similar, Dames responded. "If you want to understand something about what's going on here in New Mexico, go watch 'Alien Nation,'" he advised. "Why are they coming now?" someone asked. "Because our medical technology--- genetics---have advanced to a point where we could actually treat these refugees---autopsies could be performed---we could study their body systems," Dames replied. "And understand and help these aliens who are so desperately ill." These "refugees", according to Dames are very much like us genetically. They're humanoid but not human---interbreeding with them would not be possible due to a "difference in gravity," as he put it. (The hybrid children were not explained; it was not clear whether he was saying that they were hybrid alien/human or alien/alien. He just descried them as hybrid and didn't elaborate.) The rescuing species of aliens are "150 million years ahead of us," the usually reserved and business like Dames exclaimed, becoming very animated. "It's absolutely incredible. I can hardly believe it myself! This is going to be the biggest thing imaginable! "We're sure it's going to happen," he stated emphatically, "we've alerted the media, and teams of doctors, technicians and documentary filmmakers are on call and place to respond at a moment's notice."

"President Clinton will announce it and everyone in the world will know." Dames reflected thoughtfully and vowed that it will spark incredible interest worldwide, but then he confided shaking his head, that he thought that "after a few weeks, it will be ' business as usual', and we'll still have our economic problems to deal with."

A good question comes to mind: Is this real, or just another UFO scam perpetrated by a shady government source? Dames says he moved PSI-TECH to Albuquerque "because of the UFO activity in New Mexico!" He is very sure it will happen, giving the time frame between now and August. He describes the event as "Imminent." He told me, "We[a team of experts and their equipment] are going there within the month, as soon as the snow melts!" Several of my co- attendees at TREAT V and I were compelled to have a bull session immediately after Dames' revelations, just to make sure we weren't dreaming and to check with each other on Dames' remotely-viewed "facts." We'd apparently all heard the same story. At any rate, I'll be checking out the sky more closely from now 'til August.

Carolyn Duce-Ashe is an artist living in Corrales, New Mexico. She is also assistant state director of NM MUFON and editor of NM MUFON News.

From UFO magazine 28 Vol 8, No. 3 1993

(Here is a note that was added when it was printed in NM MUFON News:)

Further news: During the Ozark Conference, Linda Moulton Howe told us that Ed Dames had invited her to investigate the site during April, but she was unsure if she could do so due to her heavy work schedule and her effort to relocate to the area.

Special thanks to Desiree for retyping all this stuff and Joe Murgia for digging it up.

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