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Taken from NM MUFON News , September 1993 issue. Editor : Carolyn Duce-Ashe PO Box 2786, Corrales, NM 87048 Producer: Debby Stark Their current newsletter subscription information, as well as back-issue purchase of this and other original articles, is below this article. Posted with permission. I got this in one huge paragraph, so the paragraph breaks are my own. The comments and opinions are part of the original article, not mine.


September 1993

What is Happening? Ed Dames' "Big Event" and the Mars Observer, by Carolyn Duce-Ashe

The final week of August proved inhospitable to New Mexicans and "aliens" alike as thunderstorms and flash floods drenched most of the state. Despite weather, several MUFON field investigators and myself sat in a truck near Chaco Canyon watching the cloudy skies for most of the night. Saturday, August 28. (Of Course, Chaco was just a guess as to the location of Site Two; northern New Mexico is a huge area!) We saw some interesting ground lights between downpours, but saw nothing "alien" as far as we could tell.

The beautiful pink-red sunset had promised better. Ed Dames had told me that the predicted "Event" would happen the last weekend in August when I talked to him by phone on August 23. He also said at the time that the malfunction of the Mars Observer was "directly linked to the Event." More on the Mars connection later in this article.

I survived the wet weekend and by the middle of the following week was beginning to wonder if I would indeed hear from Dames, who had said he would keep me informed. There had been no worldwide announcement of any "event" other than the usual wars, disasters and depressingly familiar goings-on of life on this planet. (Here in Albuquerque, a section of the Alameda Bridge dropped a foot--reminiscent of John Keel/Mothman, but probably a coincidence.) A paradigm shift sure would be great about now, I thought. But hoping for a change hadn't made it happen. And researchers were calling me from all over the country asking for the latest news.

Then, at 9:30 p.m. on September 2, Ed Dames called to explain the situation. According to him the "Event" had happened despite the weather, but the "announcement" would be delayed for 5 or 6 weeks. He said that there is much more going on than anyone can imagine and it's incredibly beautiful! The timing of the "announcement" is crucial; it will be made by a very high authority, one of three in the world--an important world figure, trusted and recognizable to all and "higher up than President Clinton." He said he is working with some contacts within MUFON "who will be told." As for Debby and I, he added, "You're my neighbors," and "We're all in this together in New Mexico." He thanked the NM MUFON News staff for the accurate job of reporting we've done to date and assured me, your editor, that he was telling me as much as he could, since it was "not his job to announce anything," that the announcement must come from higher sources, someone who the world would trust and believe to announce "strange things."

When I asked him to elaborate on the nature of these "strange things," he said that "the average person would be scared to death" to see what's happening. Regular people want contact, but when the real thing happens, it can be more frightening than they can imagine and unpleasant personal physiologic reactions can occur. He added that the situation was very scary and very serious and "the alien hybrids desperately need to be taken care of." I said, "So it's happening now--?" "And will be going on for quite some time," Ed confirmed. "This is just the beginning of a series of events... You have my word that things are happening."

Regarding the recently defunct Mars Observer, Ed said that the malfunction was "directly related to the 'event' since Mars is key in the Martian/alien/New Mexico scenario that has been going on for millions of years." Last year Ed Dames predicted that the Mars Observer would be lost or interfered with when it arrived at Mars, and he told officials at NASA at that time. A researcher I know says that he heard Ed Dames make that claim last year. According to Dames, he is now working on the problem with people at JPL in Pasadena and the U.S. Air Force. NASA, he says, "is arrogant and won't tell the truth...but the Air Force knows what is going on." Several years ago the Russian Phobos II spacecraft mysteriously failed to respond to orders, as, more recently, did the NOAA-13 polar-orbiting weather satellite. And now the Mars Observer is defunct and it's due to alien intervention, according to Dames. Will we ever really know what is going on with the Space program? I hope so. Presumably, this will be part of the information included in the "announcement" when it is made (around the middle of October?)

Editorial Opinion [from the original article]: Why is Ed Dames going out on a limb with this alien/Mars stuff? Concerning this, Ed said that he would rather not be doing this but the "Transcendentals" are in charge and "calling the shots"! He admitted he's had his "nose to the grindstone" and he's "bloody in the face" from being too close to it all. And he confided that right now he'd "love to get out of this" because there's been a lot of risk..." but it's a labor of love... I wasn't prepared for the purity and innocence of the races we are dealing with--it's just so wonderful and beautiful," he said. Well, so now it seems we must continue to wait to see what happens. Personally, I'm willing to be patient, but many people I know are fed up with waiting for the "Big Event." There have been so many disappointments throughout the years--and hoaxes and disinformation abound in the UFO field (skies). What we need is PROOF; but, for now, we only have Ed Dames' word to go on... So, anyway, stay tuned! We'll report more in next month's newsletter.

Special thanks to Desiree for retyping all this stuff and Joe Murgia for digging it up.

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