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Section: Psi-Tech Says The Past Didn't Happen

Taken from NM MUFON News , September 1993 issue. Editor : Carolyn Duce-Ashe PO Box 2786, Corrales, NM 87048 Producer: Debby Stark Their current newsletter subscription information, as well as back-issue purchase of this and other original articles, is below this article. Posted with permission. I got this in one huge paragraph, so the paragraph breaks are my own. The comments and opinions are part of the original article, not mine.

NM MUFON NEWS September 1993

WAITING FOR THE MARTIANS What I did during the last ten days of August

by Debby Stark

Sunday, August 22: Almost 7 a.m. and on Good Morning America/Sunday, Richard Hoagland is castigating a blase representative of NASA for its decision to encrypt Mars Observer pictures and not release them for six months. The NASA man doesn't seem to think anything is wrong with this. Readers will recall that Hoagland is the main advocate of exploring the Face on Mars. Later that day we discover that the argument is academic: the Mars Observer isn't calling home.

Monday, Aug 23: Your Newsletter's editor calls to say that Ed Dames has informed her that The Beginning Event will happen this weekend (Aug 28-29).

Wednesday, Aug 25: A hastily called meeting of MUFON members and six show up. What should our local MUFON reaction be to what Dames proclaims? Half those in attendance have prior commitments they can't break. Two want to go out "somewhere" and watch, trying to be in the right place. I decide to stay home near the phone.

Friday, Aug 27: Your State Chief Investigator's 27th birthday and he investigates night life, discovering that bars celebrate birthdays like he hadn't imagined. Poor Peter: he has to work the next day. Saturday and Sunday: I stay home. This is good for my budget because I wind up spending only 50 cents (for a newspaper). I watch the skies every chance I get despite the rain and the fact that Dames has made it clear this isn't necessarily a landing event. I imagine that unrelated UFOers might drop in to watch, buzzing Albuquerque in the process. I also listen to the TV, radio and the ham bands but hear nothing suspicious. Three of the four calls I receive are asking if U have heard any news. The fourth one is a friend who tells me that Spanish KLUZ TV's Sabado Gigante is featuring Mexico City UFO pictures. I catch the last minute of it. Fascinating: a UFO playing hide and seek in and out of a cloud bank. I discover later that three local members decided to go out to Chaco Canyon on Saturday night. They saw some interesting birds, jack rabbits and enough rain to scare Noah. One tells me they were lucky to get back alive. They saw no UFO's. I go to work on Monday and tell my friends who ask that I have yet to hear if anything happened. I note that Richard Hoagland is on late-night radio speculating on what, if anything, happened to the Mars Observer. And finally, Thursday evening, Sept. 2, your editor calls to tell me that Ed Dames has called her. The rest, as they say, may become history.


Though I wasn't around when the first atom bomb was tested, it seems to me that people didn't hear about it on the evening news later that day. If the Martians are here, that story is at least as big as the Bomb story and we should expect some delay in hearing Dan Rather tell us about it.


Part 1: Surely everyone is wondering just who will be announcing to the world the advent of the Martians. Send us your guesses and your reasoning behind it in a letter, and if you're right, we'll give you a free 12-issue subscription to the NM MUFON News (if you already subscribe we'll increase your subscription or gift a subscription in your name.) Dames says there are three important people, but you need name only one if you want. If nothing comes of all this but what you write is wise or funny or both, we'll declare a winner by default and the same prize applies.

Part 2: A second chance to win! Tell us who's talk show (late night or daytime, radio or TV) the first Martian will appear to argue his/her/its case. The same rules and prize apply as in part 1. Restrictions: No employee of PSI-TECH, or any Transcendental, Martian and other UFOer, and immediate staff of NM MUFON News may enter to win, though we will print their best guesses.

Special thanks to Desiree for retyping all this stuff and Joe Murgia for digging it up.

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