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Online Censorship : Recreating the Past?
Don't say what you mean, say what I mean!

Here are some public statements by Joe McMoneagle, Ingo Swann, and Paul H. Smith.

For the first time, soldiers from the Army intelligence RV unit (McMoneagle, Smith and Buchanan) talked about that part of the past in public, on the Art Bell radio show in late March. Psi-Tech's VP Jonina Dourif then "re-explained" what they "really meant" on the Psi-Tech public BBS. The men in question promptly provided public statements to correct those misconceptions.

The fellow who got nominated to post their clarifying statements on the BBS (Joe Murgia) was banned from the site, the posts from the men were deleted, and an unsurprisingly nasty response was posted by Mrs. Dourif in its place, insulting all the gentlemen who had been on the show; it was also explained that NO further questioning of Mr. Dames (or RV history, as that has been the real question) would be allowed on the BBS; and, the original post from Psi-Tech (replete with the attributions of 'what they said/meant' which the men had tried to correct) was reposted again for good measure (with one tiny and unmentioned correction).

As a second, mostly unrelated but simultaneous issue, Psi-Tech's VP had been telling people that Ingo Swann (whom Ed Dames says he was the protege of) was going to be appearing in the Psi-Tech chat room with Ed for an online conference. Other "rumors" said that this was going to be proof once and for all of Ed's being right, and the other intelligence fellows (who contradicted Ed on a few things on the Art Bell show) wrong; that Ingo was going to support Ed and we'd see who the expert really was. Many people sent me notes about this, and eventually of course it ended up with somebody asking Ingo about it. Never fond of the media, and reclusive as well, Ingo issued a very small public statement he asked to be posted.

Mrs. Dourif of Psi-Tech moved Swann's statement to the "gossip/trash" section of their web site (designed to humiliate those posting politically incorrectly) and provided the response linked below.

Public statement from Joseph W. McMoneagle
To clarify a few things posted by J. Dourif on the Psi-Tech public BBS
Public statement from Paul H. Smith
To clarify a few things posted by J. Dourif on the Psi-Tech public BBS
Public statement from Ingo Swann
To clarify rumors etc.
Public statement from Psi-Tech Vice President Jonina Dourif
Response to Ingo Swann's above public statement.

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