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Psi-Tech Says The Past Didn't Happen
Online seeker feels it's because Ed prophecied aliens in '93 and it never happened.

Here are some articles and excerpts from articles in the 1993 NM MUFON News, and 1993 UFO Magazine, and 1993 FATE (magazine).

In response to the quoting online of three articles from the 1993 NM MUFON News and UFO Magazine, it was the contention of Psi-Tech that the articles were... inaccurate. Joe Murgia asked me to post all this information. He says when he provided these articles and their response on the Psi-Tech BBS, his posts were (repeatedly) deleted -- and then reposted as 'gossip/trash' (like to humiliate him), and the journalists were explained as ... well, incorrect, to put it mildly. Since (a) media articles are a form of RV history, and (b) public attacks on individuals (in this case, the credibility of the journalists) without apparent factual basis seems unfair to me, I've agreed to make this available publicly on my own site. Thanks to the journalists for allowing the reprint of their articles. I should mention that I talked with one of the authors on the phone and she seemed pretty flabbergasted that something that Ed made such big deal of, to so many people, he'd now have 'forgotten.' I have an issue of La Mirada that responds to the RV subject (and Dames)... if I can remember to ask her permission I'll put it online. — PJ

May 1993 New Mexico MUFON News (newsletter), article:
"Remote Viewing and Psi-Tech, Inc." by Carolyn Duce-Ashe
(April?) 1993 New Mexico MUFON News (newsletter),
this was also in UFO Magazine (Vol. 8 No. 3), article:
"TREAT Speaker Turns Heads" by Carolyn Duce-Ashe
September 1993 New Mexico MUFON News (newsletter),
"What is Happening? Ed Dames' "Big Event" and the Mars Observer" by Carolyn Duce-Ashe
September 1993 New Mexico MUFON News (newsletter),
"WAITING FOR THE MARTIANS: What I did during the last ten days of August" by Debby Stark
April 1997, public online postings (BBS, Email, etc.); quotes from a 1993 FATE magazine issue (one article on Dames, per the above; another of Ingo Swann on ETs)
Carolyn Duce-Ashe and Debby Stark defend the accuracy of their 1993 articles on Ed Dames;
Joe Murgia narrates the colorful tale with reference to Dames, Swann, and others

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