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Who's Watching Who?
Is it disinformation? Or just silliness? Or...? Farsight gets their share of both.

"The Watcher" comes to the Farsight BBS.

This is a post from the Farsight Institute public BBS, forwarded to me via email by half a dozen people all at once. The intelligence folks I sent it to thought it was simply hilarious, and comments like "If this person only knew how many glaring "indicators" they made which scream "FAKE!" they would be embarrassed." and "A good effort, but still clearly an effort, not reality." and so forth abounded. The best statement came from one former intelligence officer who said,

"I think "Watcher" is right—there is disinformation involved here—but my suspicions point to Courtney Brown doing the disinforming. Were I an area analyst at DIA working the Soviet problem a decade ago, I would have smelled a big, fat rat, and suspected that rat was the one who would benefit the most from the deception strategy—in this case, Courtney Brown. This story is engineered to a) give Brown an out for being taken in by the Hale-Bopp nonsense; b) make Brown look like he's being persecuted by some "agency"—which we're supposed to presume is federal (interesting holes in the terminology—the only "agency" that could be authorized to perform such an operation would be the FBI, and people in the FBI call it the "Bureau"; even supposing the CIA would do something internal against "US persons" like this—which it wouldn't, and by executive order can't legally do—ITS people call it "THE Agency," or "the Company"); c) Brown's sagacity, intelligence, and extrapolative skills are hyped at the same time as the capabilities of his institute and "professional" remote viewers are extolled. This strikes me as a self-created vindication and simultaneous ad-campaign for Courtney Brown and Farsight. So who stands to benefit the most? Am I belaboring the obvious? I suppose I am..."

Eventually Farsight people tell me they suspect it, itself, is 'disinformation' provided just to throw people off or make them look bad. Sigh. Who can keep track of who's who and what's what??!

From The Farsight Institute public BBS

Posted by The Watcher on March 30, 1997 at 18:19:00:

I am going to post some observations and facts that I am aware of. I am going to do this anonymously, but anyone interested in following up on these claims is perfectly able to do so. I will try to post only those thoughts and facts that are verifyable in some way. Except for one thing - my name and who I work for. The webmaster for this site is welcome to check my IP, but in doing so, she should be fairly amused. I am keeping my name silent only because some of the things I say below will be considered libelous by some. However, these statements are the truth, as anyone is welcome to find out.

I work for an agency as a group profiler. I should say that I "worked" because I resigned this past week, because somthing has happened to change my mind about one of the groups I have been tasked with - The Farsight Institute.

Six months ago, I was given files on four people, one being Dr. Courtney Brown, another being Ms. Prudence Calabrese, and the last two Dale Stephens and Dr. Richard Moore, MD. I was told to find any information that I could from their backgrounds that would discredit their organization, especially focusing on Dr. Brown and Ms. Calabrese, as they are the central persons in the organization. I did a complete search, and found some interesting things, but nothing that could discredit Farsight in any way. Dr. Courtney Brown was exactly what he claims to be - a gifted social scientist of some note, having an interest in Transcendental Meditation (his wife is very much involved with TM), a fairly stable marriage, and a great interest in remote viewing and extraterrestrials. Ms Calabrese has a rather interesting background, having been married twice, dropped out of grad school, and by all accounts is quite brilliant but difficult to work with. She has not led a usual life, but has only a couple of small skeletons in the closet - nothing that would bring down an institute. Mr. Stephens, a teacher of TM, and Dr. Moore, a physician in Atlanta, were interesting, but boring (in terms of sensational background) people. I made my report that the principal figures in The Farsight Institute did not offer any reason for a discrediting campaign. The only person associated with the Institute who had any strange background was the secretary, who held the allusion that she would marry Peter Gabriel, a rock musician, someday in the near future. This secretary eventually resigned for reasons unknown.

My next order was what I expected. Complete a profile on the two principals. Find out what kind of disinformation they would accept. Ms. Calabrese then became webmaster for Whitley Strieber, and the job was made a little easier. Mr. Strieber is a known paranoid personality. He also has been both the object and a participant in many disinformation campaigns. I have profiled him several times in the past. He is someone who does not have many close friends. He has alienated (forgive the pun) many people as a result of his paranoia. His paranoia stems from the fact that he is not always entirely honest, and he is concerned over the validity of his own experiences. That is all I will say about Mr. Strieber, except to tell some of the actual event behavior he exibited.

Our original plan of disinformation changed the day that Dr. Brown reported the findings of his remote viewers when viewing the comet Hale-Bopp. We quickly made the contacts we needed, and the next week contacted Ms. Calabrese with the information that we held some photos of the alleged companion object. Ms. Calabrese, as expected, relayed this information excitedly to Dr. Brown and Mr Strieber. (Both Ms Calabrese and Dr Brown score extremely high on the gullibility scale.) We were able to follow all the phone conversations, one of which I will outline below. It was a simple matter to send film to Ms Calabrese, and to wait. We knew that any photo she released would be called a fraud. Then, the plan had a glitch. Ms. Calabrese, on the day of the Thanksgiving Art Bell broadcast called Dr Brown and told him that they needed to meet right away. They met at 2 pm in the Farsight office. I do not know the conversation that ensued, but it resulted in a call to Mr Strieber, which was conducted with Ms Calabrese and Dr Brown conversing via speaker phone with Mr Strieber. Here is a transcript of the important part of the conversation:

CB: Whitley, we are, uh, having second thoughts about this Art Bell thing. It doesn't feel right, I mean my intuitions and Prudence's are saying that there is, uh, something, uh, PC: Yes. WS: Oh, no, don't back out now. I know that Prudence is nervous, but PC: It, it, it, it feels like disinformation to me. What if the photos aren't real? CB: I think they are real, but I have the same bad feeling about, uh, about tonight. I think we should call Art and tell him we just don't want to go WS: (interupting) Oh, I knew this would happen. It doesn't matter if they are real. You just have to tell everyone about them, and if the astronomer comes out, then great. If he doesn't, it really doesn't matter. I have been getting, uh, all kinds of information about this, and there are a, uh, a lot, a lot of others who just need to hear this, and then they, uh, then more scientists will come forward.

I have several copies of this tape, which goes on to have Dr Brown saying he feels "really good" about deciding to go on the Art Bell, and Ms Calabrese saying that it "feels weird, but I'll do it." To our benefit, Ms Calabrese was caught between two paying employers. It was our intention to have them release the photos when the astronomer did not come forward, then release the astronomer's name, resulting in a slander law suit. It was perfectly set up, but something backfired. Ms Calabrese and Dr Brown decided to be completely faithful to the source, and refused to release the photos. Ms Calabrese usually gives in under such pressure, and we thought that with or without Dr Brown, she would break under the pressure applied by Mr Strieber, who we knew would demand that the information be released. In desparation, Dr Brown called the astronomer (who works for the government, and also for the agency in question) to let him know this was happening. By this time, Dr Brown had figured out what was going on, based on information he was receiving. I will not say at this time where this information was coming from, let us say at this point that his information has been exceedingly accurate and a real pain in the ass to us.

The rest of the Hale-Bopp story you all know very well. What you may not know is that it did NOT kill Farsight. It only strengthened their resolve, and they decided to embark on a period of media silence where they would work on strengthening the structure of their organization, and the advancement of their techniques. Dr. Brown also took the original negatives of the comet/companion photos and made multiple copies on slides, which he and Ms Calabrese then split up and hid in several places.

It was back to the drawing board, and a more sinister scheme was hatched. I will not explain what this scheme is, but from the unnamed information source listed above, Dr Brown found out about it and used the scenario as a target send out to his professionals. The idea was shelved, and I quit.

Let me now tell you why we have gone through all this trouble to discredit a remote viewer and his loyal sidekick who are not taken seriously by anyone in the media, or in the world, for that matter, especially since the Hale-Bopp episode.

Remote Viewing works. It is a simple mental procedure that enables anyone to extract information from the past, present and future. It has been proven to work in the many studies that the government paid for throughout these past 20 years. It was never intended for this technology to reach the civilian sector, and when it did, the government "declassified" it and stated that it existed, but that it really didn't work well. The ex-military who started teaching remote viewing were not considered a major threat by the government. Lyn Buchanan, a good remote viewer, and a very good trainer, could only teach a limited number of students, and Lyn used the technology for gathering basic information. He focused on helping law enforcement, a noble cause. Ed Dames, on the other hand, was a loaded gun ready to fire. He used remote viewing to target strange things such as crop circles, Mars, aliens of all kinds. Major Dames was never a good remote viewer, but he is a fair trainer, but not good enough to train anyone to truly gather heavily useful information on their own. Most of his remote viewing sessions were inaccurate, the conscious mind filling in descriptions and information where he could not understand things about the target. What Dames does not know, but I am telling him now by writing this, is that several of the people who view for him are feeding him false information purposely. His predictions are nothing but fairy tales.

And then there is Dr Brown, ever the scientist, who not only learned the process from Major Dames, but decided that it was not strict enough. He evolved the protocols to a more structured level, and began teaching others. Not a major threat in the beginning - just someone to watch, until Ms Calabrese started working for him and his mission became more and more clear. Teaching remote viewing became almost a sideline - their mission became to end all secrets. To let everyone know that this remote viewing was real, and that they could do it, and that life as we know it could be explored and explained in new and wonderful ways. They went for all the strange and bizarre targets, and believe me when I say that the government is holding their predictions as real possibilities. To the new students at Farsight, the avenues that remote viewing takes you seem incredible and limitless. Half of their students stay on to become "professional" viewers. They have a hunger to learn more about the Cosmos than any other group I have ever profiled. It is not enough for them to find evidence of extraterrestrial life, it is essential that they experience it themselves, and that they learn all they can about it. They no longer care about showing people that this works, they care only about how far you can take it, how accurate it can become, what limits it holds. When I, and a co-worker of mine, discovered what they envision for humanity, they ceased to become a nuisance UFO nutcase group needing to be disbanded. They became visionaries in our minds, and we spent days and nights talking about the possibilities that we heard them exploring. This complete exuberance and will to continue forward are what scares my agency, and why I had to profile them. The powers that be do not like anything that loosens control over the masses. The powers that be do not like for civilians to know more than they do about the variety of life outside of earth.

I walked out last week, and took with me all the evidence I need to show what my agency has been engaged in. I have it in several safe places with the instruction that if anything ever happens to me, or if I ever disappear, the information is to be released to a list of specific people and organizations. I have no fear about letting this information out. I am now ready to help protect this Farsight project, perhaps even to learn the procedures myself. My agency is now considering working with Farsight, especially in light of the fact that they are now in the pocession of new technology transfer protocols. The old goverment axiom - if you are useful to us, we grant you protection.

If you are wondering why I have taken the time to post this, it is because it is a large and amazing universe out there, and most people are content to sit in the safety of their own minds, and explore only what comes in through their immediate five senses. God Bless those who are willing to travel beyond and find a better place for all those who follow behind.

The Watcher.

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