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39 Ways to Recognize a Cult When You See One
Articles about the alleged comet companion inspiring 39 suicides

Everybody's got their story about who's to blame and so on.

And, no matter how you look at it, no matter who did it, no matter who said it, and no matter how flat-out STUPID it is, the reputation of remote viewing suffers. As usual...

Following the first three articles are a couple of humor posts that went around the Net related to all this. I know, it's rather black to treat it like it's amusing... well, but hell, in one way, it sort of is.

March 1997, Internet-Distributed Article
"The Higher Source - a Dead End." by James Randi
April 1997, Internet-Distributed Article
"From Russian sub-Internet: Who is to blame..." by Sergei Burkov
March 1997, Internet-Distributed Article
"The Prophets Will Pay — With Remote Viewing's Credibility" by PJ Gaenir
1 April 1997, Internet-Distributed Article
Humor: "Jobs Available immediately."
1 April 1997, Internet-Distributed Article
Humor: "...confirmed the suicide note located in the Windows Recycle Bin..."

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