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Dames Trashes Remote Viewers
Public slanders of ... nearly everybody, by Ed Dames, and some rebuttals etc.

Below these links is an introduction with references, which you may prefer to read first.

Introduction to the compiled documents here; references for contact
"Introduction and references." by PJ Gaenir
Response to publicly posted accusations by Psi-Tech, April 1997
"Reponse to posted comments." by Lyn Buchanan. by Joe McMoneagle. Compiled by PJ Gaenir.
Private (later made public) detailed (long!) rebuttal to Psi-Tech's 10/14/96 Public Release
"Point by point rebuttal: Dames Trashes Remote Viewers" by PJ Gaenir
Private (later made public) rebuttal to Psi-Tech's 10/14/96 Public Release
"Point by point rebuttal: A few things PJ missed" by Lyn Buchanan
Psi-Tech Public Release: October 14 1996
"Will the Real Lyn Buchanan Please Sit Down" by Ed Dames
Psi-Tech Public Release: October 1996
(no title; referred to by me as) "Only WE are professionals." by Ed Dames
Brief Public Statement: (month unknown) 1996
"The following comments are in direct response to the 'Press Releases' by Ed Dames" by Joe McMoneagle
Email Statement (allowed for distribution), April 1997
"Regarding Murgia's quotes from Ed Dames's online military records" by Paul H. Smith
Introduction to the above group of articles

One can wish Mr. Dames well with his projects without supporting the continuously creative and malicious behavior sponsored through his company c/o himself and his VP. I urge individuals to write Ed (his VP Jonina Dourif will retrieve it, most likely) at or and encourage him to bring his business behavior up to the professional standards that both remote viewing and adulthood deserve. PJ Gaenir

Regarding this page and these documents:

Eventually, it becomes necessary to say something in response. The amount of sheer disinformation on the subject of remote viewing would make the CIA proud. The chief source of this appears to be, oddly enough, a "remote viewing company" called Psi-Tech. Founded by Edward Dames and David Morehouse in 1989 (name inspired by David's former company "House-Tech"), the firm initially had the backing of just about everybody involved in the intelligence side of remote viewing. By 1994 nearly everybody had deserted association with the firm. Dames kept the name alive hoping to someday make a go of it. In 1996 when he acquired a wealthy student who became a romantic partner and then a business partner, and had an opportunity to appear on the nationally syndicated radio show "Coast to Coast with Art Bell," that dream came true. More publicity, money and recognition came rolling in than he could ever have hoped for. It didn't matter that he now lacked support in the remote viewing field. It didn't matter that he'd gone so far into the fringe that he had moved far beyond representing RV in a way any other person involved would agree with. The public knows only what they are presented. A charismatic speaker, Dames clung to his old military rank in his public life, and made quite an impression on an American audience eager to hear more about the subject.

During 1989 when Psi-Tech was founded, Dames was involved with / assigned to a black-ops "strategic deception" unit, having transferred there officially January 1 1989 from the Army unit that utilized remote viewing (though OER records show he joined the unit physically in June of 1988). He had been in the Army unit since January of 1996. He had worked not a remote viewer, but primarily operations. One of many operations officers, and equalled and outranked during his entire brief tenure in the unit, it was quite a surprise when in 1996 Mr. Dames (now a civilian) began making extraordinary claims about the unit's, and his own, history. Such as to having helped found the unit, which existed 8 years before his entry. Such as having been the commander of the unit, which he was certainly not. Such as persons having 'worked for him' who never did in any way, and in fact, who were not even in the unit at the time of his presence. Such as having done initial training for remote viewers who had in fact been Viewers and even instructors themselves before he even arrived in the unit. Such as having "innovated the advanced training" of remote viewers, despite that he hadn't even qualified to be one. And so on. The list of historical revisions at this point is nearly endless.

The remote viewers themselves who are now public and involved with the subject publicly are Joseph McMoneagle, Paul H. Smith, Leonard Buchanan, and David Morehouse. Edward Dames was a monitor, not a remote viewer, but he is the fifth publicly-involved person from the Army unit. Since 1996 when Mr. Dames's girlfriend, now Psi-Tech's Vice President, Jonina Dourif joined the firm, what had been merely occasional exaggerations about Ed's own career become instead malevolent attempts to completely obliterate the public names and careers of every other remote viewer who dared go public. Why? Who knows. Perhaps because it is difficult for Mr. Dames to be considered the "only expert" when he has competition, particularly when all his competition, both military and science, are dramatically more experienced and qualified than himself. All four of the persons mentioned above - the only four public at this moment - have been publicly insulted, to one degree or another, by Psi-Tech, signed by Edward Dames or Jonina Dourif, and this promoted at length in company media, literature, training, communication, advertising, press releases, et al.

As an ironic counterpoint, every attack which has begun with Psi-Tech has been presented "as defense." This despite that the individuals above go to great lengths to avoid saying much of anything about Psi-Tech or Ed Dames, mostly because the vindictive wrath presented to the world in the form of return insult, for even the smallest comment about one's own documented history, makes them not even want to get involved. The majority of the accusations Ed Dames and his VP make about others are, in fact, specific problems and traits which have been noteworthy with Psi-Tech or Ed Dames personally for many years. To such a degree it has been humorously well known in the RV field, so to see it thrown at others is quite amazing. In the "disinformation" business this is called "mirror imaging." In the tabloid business, which Psi-Tech media has become, it is simply called corporate publicity.

In response to some of the more deliberately harmful fabricated history, I have presented a few documents here for the public's review. These documents are not meant in any way to be attacks on Mr. Dames or Psi-Tech; they are in each case merely rebuttals or responses to specific posts that Psi-Tech has put into the public eye. In some cases, the Psi-Tech articles have been made so intensely public, so many times, in so many places, and at such length, that it would be immoral and unethical of me NOT to make this information available to others in the public who might have no reason to question them otherwise. Due to the nature of the extraordinary lengths of creativity put into the slanderous documents Psi-Tech has promoted, many of these response documents are long. Literally, even single sentences often contain 4 or 5 inaccuracies that have to be addressed before the point of the sentence can even be dealt with.


I'm not the end-all expert on this subject, but I can send you to people who are, if you have questions.

Tthe director of the military unit during Mr. Dames's period there is still a classified individual, and so cannot be contacted. (I could ask him questions on your behalf, but then, the answer would be coming through me, which might make it less 'proof' that the response was his.) There are however five remote viewers from the unit now public, as well as one monitor and one remote viewer who operate publicly via pseudonym. You may be able to contact them by asking any of the remote viewers who are public for reference. I cannot technically give those addresses out—but you can find them if you try.

The scientist in charge of the research part of the government program during Mr. Dames's tenure in the remote viewing unit (which was 1986 to 1989) was physicist Edwin C. May. Dr. May was responsible for 85% of all the research data provided over the life of the government sponsored remote viewing studies, and worked to varying degrees with the intelligence portion of the project as well. He is currently Director of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research, Director of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, and President of the Parapsychological Association. CS Labs has a web page which you can find at Dr. May's email address is

One of Dr. May's research associates is legendary remote viewer Joseph McMoneagle. Mr. McMoneagle won the Legion of Merit for his work in the RV program — the highest award available to intelligence officers during peacetime. He holds the distinction of being the only individual to participate in the government's RV program (both science and military) from its inception in October 1978 to its termination in November 1995. He is also one of only about four individuals (the others still private) to have worked both the intelligence and the science parts of the program, and is considered one of the most credentialed and experienced, and scientifically proven, individuals the remote viewing field has. You can find some information on Mr. McMoneagle here. You can reach him via email by sending to Dr. May above, who will surely forward it.

Early scientific participants in the government's remote viewing program (prior to Mr. Dames's time in the unit) were Dr. Harold Puthoff, whom you can reach at and Ingo Swann, who has a web site here. His email is Mr. Dames and Psi-Tech have claimed that both these individuals support them fully and used this as their validation, and they have posted years-old documents as "proof" of this. I urge you to forward such documents to these gentlemen and ask them to comment on their current feelings.

I strongly encourage members of the public interested in legitimate information about remote viewing, as a subject, as a history, and as a practice, to contact one or all of the above individuals, who are the most credentialed and experienced individuals in this field, and ask them about anything you find confusing. Tell them I sent you. Maybe if they get enough email they'll be so annoyed that they'll give in and make some public statements, and end all this creative chaos. — PJ

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