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Section: Dames Trashes Remote Viewers

After seeing Dames's press release basically slandering the hell out of Lyn Buchanan and Joe McMoneagle, I pondered whether or not I should respond. It was so coincidental, you see. Dames/Joni had been quiet for awhile. Just the night before I had sent out a message to my email group (which they see a copy of) that Lyn, and Joe, and the AWP, were going to be featured on an upcoming segment of 'Strange Universe.' Kinda nice, I thought, the AWP specializes in using Viewers, for free, to help find missing kids, so I was glad to see it covered. Less than 24 hours after my email -- and somewhat out of the blue -- a massive hate-campaign was launched by Psi-Tech (Ed Dames and Jonina Dourif) against -- coincidentally -- Joe, Lyn and the AWP. I had a hard time seeing it as coincidence. Sounded like attempted negative PR to me -- PR being the one thing Jonina claimed to be experienced with, in Hollywood. And the attack was so vehement -- not just a commentary, but hate! -- that it was hard to respond without striking back.

But then I realized that after a year (at that point) of my wading through the remote viewing field, I had been through so many politics, questions, inquiries, talking to numerous intelligence viewers, journalists, etc., that I actually knew the answer and response to darn near everything accused. And it was so malicious, I knew Lyn and Joe wouldn't respond, they would just sigh and say, as always, that 'it only encourages people like that if you get upset, and encourages them to more.' So, I responded, to point out what I have learned from investigating this field. I do this for the sake of the public who have not had the chance to correspond with all the people I have; and for the people (and group) attacked. These people are the ones who deserve actual respect and admiration for their work. To see them insulted in such vile and humiliating fashion was horrible.

This document was only sent privately upon request for a long time. Despite Psi-Tech's posting their insults all over the internet, despite Ed Dames even insulting people further on live (10+ million) media, I didn't want to make it "an internet war" by posting MY comments all over as well. Now (July 1997) I've decided to go ahead and post this on my personal web site. It deserves to be heard.

Please be aware that since the posting of this document, there has been some response to it by Psi-Tech and Ed Dames, namely, they have corrected some of the errors or omissions (for instance on their web site) mentioned herein. When I get some time, I'll review this for details. In the meantime, suffice to say, it was true when I wrote it.

— PJ (aka Fire)

Point by Point response to
Ed Dames's (c/o Psi-Tech) 14 October 1996 attack on Remote Viewers
by PJ Gaenir

Due to the degree of slander involved in recent events, I feel it necessary to make this rebuttal publicly available.

It takes hours to combat a simple paragraph, there are so many falsehoods, half-truths and misleading phrases within it. As a result, the defense ends up sounding like they're ranting. For this I apologize. However, like most stories, there is definitely more than one side, and a good deal of context as well. I will provide background as well as direct response to the document, point by point (especially in the beginning). Hopefully as a result this will be more than mere argument and instead contextual education as well.

Items in orange capitals are quotes from a letter posted to the public on the Psi-Tech web site on October 14, 1996, signed by Edward Dames, President of Psi-Tech Corporation. This letter has now been posted by the Psi-Tech Vice President on every major www communications site that I know of, as well as on both their oft-utilized and advertised Transition 3000 web site and the newer (1997) Psi-Tech web site, where I found it in five different places as of May of 1997. (To say they have done this to death would be understating it a bit!)  This is a major case of slander on their part, far more frenzied and publicized than most legal cases. It can't be taken to court (yet) because there's really no way to 'prove' a dollar value lost as a result of it.

But, for all the potential dollars that those attacked may have lost, that can't compare with the credibility and opportunity the remote viewing field continues to lose, as a result of these juvenile, overly-competitive actions.

Claims from Psi-Tech's public announcement:


Three people are mentioned in Mr. Dames's document: Leonard "Lyn" Buchanan, Joseph McMoneagle, and David Morehouse. They have little formal connection to each other except having been in the government remote viewing program and the Army/DIA unit at some point.

Please note:

1. They were all Remote Viewers in the unit mentioned.
2. Ed Dames was not a Remote Viewer in the unit.

That alone should sum up the important point. This can be verified by contacting any of the public personnel from the remote viewing unit or any of the scientists involved in the research part of the program.

However, some background on documented experience with the program and personal history since then might be helpful to the public.

Joseph McMoneagle was a founding Viewer in the program in the 1970's; he retired from the military in 1984, but remained involved as a civilian with the program [and continued RV for intelligence sources] until the program's termination in 1995 -- spanning 17 years. (I am unaware of what Joe's job title(s) were in the unit. Nobody had a title that said 'remote viewer,' they all had normal titles relating to their other duties, sometimes more than one, and then did remote viewing as well. I know that he was the ONLY Viewer in the program for awhile, so he did everything at that point.) Joe has a number of singular credentials. After his Army retirement (while still in the program) he founded a small personal business called Intuitive Intelligence Applications, and offered his remote viewing skills for hire. Joe published a book about remote viewing in 1993 entitled MIND TREK. He was not able to mention his military experience in his book, as the program was classified until November 1995. (In Spring of 1997 his book was revised and reissued, now including two new chapters and comment about the government program.) After the program was declassified Joe was seen in the public more often, and has done a great deal of media mostly in Europe and England. He is one of, if not the, best-documented remote viewer in America, and is considered by both intelligence and scientific RV experts as one of the (if not the) best remote viewers in the world.

Leonard "Lyn" Buchanan was a Viewer, RV instructor and profiler (database manager) as well as other misc. duties (such as property book manager -- a small unit, they all had numerous jobs) in the intelligence unit that utilized RV, for just under nine (9) years, serving from 1983 to 1992. After his Army retirement, he founded a small personal business called Problems > Solutions > Innovations, doing mostly consulting work for his intelligence-related computer programming in Washington DC. He occasionally did remote viewing training as part of P>S>I, but due to the classified nature of the program, could only do it for those "already in the know." He also founded a small non-profit organization called The Assigned Witness Program (or "AWP"), which utilized numerous remote viewers from the intelligence unit including himself (and occasionally, demonstrated psychics willing to work under the required controls and communication), to free of charge work with investigators (police, etc.) to provide data to help locate missing children and other needs.

David Morehouse was a Viewer in the Army intelligence unit, serving from 1988 to 1990. In 1996 he published a book entitled PSYCHIC WARRIOR. His current time and business (from what I understand) is mostly involved with the sponsorship of the semi-pro hockey team of one of his sons, and touring the media promoting his books. (In 1997 he published a second book about non-lethal weaponry.)


Ed Dames was in the Army intelligence unit for two and a half years. He was not a Remote Viewer, he worked mostly as a monitor and analyst. Considering the above individuals have nearly 30 years of combined gov't program experience — all as remote viewers — and he doesn't... well, you begin to see why these comments from Ed Dames are truly bewildering. Such an accusation is completely fabricated in the present. It disregards every bit of documentation and every individual from the program I have ever talked with. I don't know how Mr. Dames would have the nerve to make such a claim. Especially considering his own situation which was uncomfortably close to what he is accusing others of.


Regarding the unit and Mr. Dames's history:

First, a minor recap if you will. This is a bit long but is necessary to present history for context.

Please note that history really should not be an issue, but I am forced by Mr. Dames's presentation to cover it. Since it is his claims to his own history and his claims about others' history that are used as the groundwork for slander and insult (both in the document addressed and his communications at large), it is necessary to cover a historical background before going forward. These are the facts which public records demonstrate and which numerous individuals from the RV program independently recount or confirm.

Mr. Dames's Term in the RV Intelligence Unit

Ed Dames was an operations/training officer in a small black-ops intelligence unit which utilized remote viewing. It was roughly half military and half civilian intelligence agents. It was under the DOD as Army, and then transferred to the DIA in January of 1996. Mr. Dames was one of a number of persons who held operations or ops/training title(s). Titles themselves were a basic of 'other' unit duties; nobody had titles describing them (for instance) as remote viewers. Some ops officers such as Mr. Dames did dominantly analysis and monitoring; some others (the only one public in this category is Paul H. Smith) were dominantly remote viewers and RV instructors, despite other ops-type duties. Mr. Dames was a Captain in the Army at that time; he was both equalled and outranked during his brief tenure in the unit. He served in the unit from January 1986 to June 1988 (though his official final paperwork transfer is listed as January 1989); less than three years. He was released from the unit on the first normal rotation.

(The first note of public disagreement comes in at this point. Fellow soldiers claim he was angry about being released, that he had gone to great lengths to get in the unit and definitely didn't want to leave. Some agree that his leaving might not have been the case had the situation been different concerning his abilities or behavior [e.g., he is notorious for -- and he has volunteered this himself, in public interviews -- dropping the military or official targeting choices and choosing things like aliens, etc.]. It is known that he did not receive even the standard write-up (an expected practice and important to officer advancement) from his commander when he departed. However, Dames now explains that he left because nobody else in the unit besides himself was qualified. This judgement has been used to repeatedly insult any individual who was in the unit after his departure, as well as the program altogether.)

Mr. Dames's "Public" Military Records

Psi-Tech has announced that they have the (public) military documents which demonstrate Mr. Dames's history. Very well. It should be noted though that, as is often the case, this history is not presented, in Psi-Tech media and conversation, in a straightforward manner. It has been made very clear that his records are presented to establish two things: (1) his expertise regarding remote viewing, and (2) his right to demean others from the government program and claim [in his own words, "sole"] leadership and expertise. As a result, since this document is a rebuttal to his public statements about others' worth, it is relevant to address those records presented.

First, some of the documents listed as "military records related to" Mr. Dames's "remote viewing unit work" specifically do not apply to his time in that unit. They are valid records, and in the case of one low-level award of recognition are assumed to be deserved for a job well done. However, it is disingenious to present them in the manner they are, as they have zero bearing on Mr. Dames's experience in the RV unit, and fall outside the time of his service there.

Another document has two seriously incorrect (and contradictory to other records) dates on it. It is a regular (and very confusing for the public) practice of Mr. Dames to misrepresent his time spent in the unit and to avoid defining it clearly (he has claimed publicly, for instance, to have been in the unit "for most of its history" -- in truth, less than 3 years out of nearly 20). The former two notes are important because they add to this confusion on the part of the public. As Mr. Dames might have a more difficult time convincing the media and public of his superior expertise over persons who have three to nine times his experience in the program, this becomes a fairly critical point, and again, is at best disingenious on his part.

The other records as listed are reflective of the records that other individuals from the unit during that period also have. (Excepting Joe McMoneagle, who won the Legion of Merit for his work in the program, something nobody else I know of received.) Which is to say, one can be proud of them, but they do not make one superior to others in the unit. Accomplishments made in the unit during that period are credited on all (or many of) their records, not just Ed's, so records from other unit members have many similar recognitions. Other phrases in his records are mostly rank-related boilerplate and standard terminology, something Army officers are aware of but the public is not.

The most impressive record in the collection, the cornerstone of his claim to superiority during his time, is a very interesting document. Mr. Dames was not given the standard write-up from his commanding officer when he left the unit; not only not a great one, but nothing at all, which can seriously impede the progress of an officer's career (and may itself be a deliberate statement). Two years after Mr. Dames had left the RV unit, during his time in a different unit, his best friend of the time (David Morehouse, then a Captain, and at that point, part of Mr. Dames's company) wrote him a rather glorious document, went around the chain of command and filed it directly with the clerk. It is signed by the boss of the records clerk. The records themselves demonstrate this. Not surprisingly this is not made clear to the public.

Next, the military documents claimed to be "available to the public" are in fact not. One has to "apply for access to see them" (as of July 1997), and few people have been given that access. (I am told email addresses are researched first, to determine the identity of those requesting, but I've no idea if that is correct. It is however correct that not nearly the number of people who apply to see them are granted response to do so. So, in short, the records are not publicly available, and it is misleading to refer to them as being so. What is most curious is why, if they are public records and "proof" of the past, they are not simply posted publicly.)

One individual who did have access to the records provided excerpts to me, the most complimentary parts, that I forwarded to Paul H. Smith. Smith was also an operations/training officer in the RV unit; he was also a Captain in the unit; he was also trained by Ingo Swann in RV methodology prior to joining the unit. This puts him in an extremely similar position to Mr. Dames in background. Smith was a remote viewer and instructor in the unit for seven years; Mr. Dames, a monitor/analyst for under three years. Both Smith and Dames retired as Majors.  Smith provided some insightful and specific commentary on Mr. Dames's records for those who are not familiar with the project and/or these kinds of military documents.

(At the time of the October 14 Psi-Tech document being addressed here, Smith was still a private intelligence officer, so he was not competition. He retired in 1997, and offered to train civilians in remote viewing. At which point he too became a target of some Psi-Tech disparagement. Psi-Tech is, at least, consistent.)

Mr. Dames's public statements about his experience

Mr. Dames, in media and public appearances over the last six years, has deliberately led the public to believe he was a remote viewer in the unit, very carefully stepping around not actually saying so, in a manner that few of the public would think to question for the implied assumption. He has made public claims that he was in the unit for "most of its history," (less than three years out of 17), that he "was one of the founders" of the unit (it began in October 1978; he joined the unit in January 1986); that he was "in charge of the unit" (once perhaps may have been temporarily a deputy commander, as was Smith — was never in regular charge of the unit in any way otherwise, nor was he in charge of the remote viewing instruction, and was certainly not the Director of the unit, who was the person "in charge" in the active sense). Mr. Dames has used the fact that his title includes the word "training" — which many operations titles do — to repeatedly claim he was personally responsible for the "R&D" and "advanced training" of all the Remote Viewers in the unit.

The next point of contention shows up here. Mr. Dames's claims to this training of others are made about individuals and situations occurring before he even joined the unit, which puts some of his comments in the embarrassing light of being simply impossible. In the case of the document addressed here, nearly all of the very insulting commentary made by Mr. Dames about Mr. Buchanan hinges on the concept of his having "tried to train" Buchanan, and the fellow having been so pathetic he just couldn't do it. Buchanan joined the unit three years prior to Mr. Dames, and himself explains (he is supported in this by other public members of the unit) that he was trained by others, and prior to Mr. Dames's own arrival in the unit. This issue becomes more than just a matter of personal disagreement about a detail of history. If the entire assumption which Mr. Dames's public presentation of Mr. Buchanan rests on is demonstrated to be invalid, and confirmed by others involved in the program, this leads to some very serious questions about the reasoning behind Mr. Dames's attempts to so badly injure Mr. Buchanan's personal and professional reputation.

The next point of contention concerns Mr. Dames's own history. It has been claimed by other public members of the unit that Mr. Dames was not a remote viewer; it has been claimed at other times that this was because he did not qualify for the role, and that apparently comments made by his instructor (Ingo Swann) determined the decision, prior to Mr. Dames's entry into the unit, that he would merely function in a monitor/analyst/support role for the regular remote viewers. There is only personal commentary from unit members to attest to all this. As for Mr. Dames, he has never outright claimed to have been a remote viewer in the unit. (Although Psi-Tech's Vice President, Jonina Dourif, did once say that "a lie" regarding Mr. Dames, made by all others from the unit who are public, is that "he was not a remote viewer in the unit." Perhaps she is unaware of this detail, despite making commentary on it to the public.) In his role as one of the operations officers, Dames functioned as a first-stage analyst of the data collected, as a monitor (an adjunct team position) of remote viewers, occasionally as a 'team leader' (teams had one monitor/analyst and about three remote viewers for a specific project), and in a support role, providing practice targets, viewer and room scheduling, introductory training lectures, and other functions for the unit's members and new members.

In addition to Mr. Dames not being the only operations officer (and having others in nearly identical roles that he worked alongside), he was not the senior operations officer either. Even if the title did infer the glory Mr. Dames claims it does, the glory would belong to someone else, not him. As a matter of fact, some of the things Mr. Dames has taken credit for are said by the unit's soldiers to have been done by an officer known as "Fred." (Fred, and other officers from the unit, cannot dispute Mr. Dames, defend or include themselves or their deceased buddies, as they are still under identity-privacy due to being intelligence operatives. A restriction on their public response which Mr. Dames is surely aware of.)

Breaking Oaths of Honor

Not until late 1995, when the remote viewing subject (as concerns the DIA unit) was declassified, did Mr. Dames have any argument from others who were there about history — nobody else could speak on the subject prior to that, as it was classified. Mr. Dames had been speaking about the program, even sending out information about it as sales literature, and in some cases, even publicy naming private intelligence operatives, since the early 1990's. He did this mostly in the context of using the names to "drop" about his association with them, as an example for the public of his own expertise. Numerous persons reported his violations of oath and honor, only to have this ignored; the unit being a "psychic" unit makes it embarrassing to the military, and the FBI/Army is unwilling to deal with bringing the unit into the spotlight for any reason. (Bad enough, apparently, that it was declassified at all.)

Psi-Tech not only does not deny that Dames violated the most profound oaths of his rank and uniform, and betrayed and endangered fellow American soldiers, but even suggests that (a) because one of the initial supporters of the firm was a General it is acceptable; and (b) in the publicly posted words of the Psi-Tech VP, "Ed was the only one allowed to take the information public." Allowed without prosecution does seem to be the case. Given permission to reveal classified information and publicly name American spies? This is doubtful.

Since the time of the unit's existence being declassified in 11/95, as remote viewers from the unit have become public (retired from the service and offered remote viewing instruction to the public, or written books, etc.), Psi-Tech (Mr. Dames and Mrs. Dourif, a former teacher/student team which have become a joint romantic/business team) has one by one publicly insulted every remote viewer from the unit who has publicly made any claim to being involved with remote viewing. Psi-Tech claims that every single other soldier from that unit, regardless of their years of experience or role there, are en masse all lying. In the words of the Psi-Tech VP, the soldiers "have all turned against their leader." The soldiers themselves simply claim that he was never their leader, and that the claims made by Mr. Dames are a combination of very insulting and somewhat hilarious. There is clearly disagreement about history, when one begins to research this field. However, the main disagreement seems to be that everybody I have spoken with (including numerous still-private intelligence agents) remembers one version of history, and Mr. Dames remembers, and advertises, another.

This may or may not be relevant to the issue at hand. But perhaps it is worth noting that the unit Mr. Dames transferred to from the RV unit was another "black ops" unit (in 1988-9); Mr. Morehouse joined him there. The unit was dedicated to "strategic deception," which for those who don't know, is a few steps up from mere disinformation. Nothing more about the unit is known (it is still classified). Mr. Dames founded Psi-Tech in 1989-90 (by his accounts), while in that unit. He was promoted to Major while in that unit. He remained in the 'strategic deception' unit until his military retirement in 1992, when he retired to go more publicly forward in promoting his RV-based firm Psi-Tech.

Claims of Rank and Credibility

Regarding Leonard Buchanan:

A good deal of Mr. Dames's insult of Mr. Buchanan rests solely on rank. As such, there are a few minor points that are worth covering in this area.

First, while an officer title does infer honor, Dames's violation of the most sacred vows of his uniform -- the confidentiality about both the unit and its personnel -- ought to make this inference questionable in his case. The implied assumption that any disagreement between the individuals should be granted to Dames as "the one telling the truth" based solely on rank and therefore honor is extremely debatable anyway; but given Dames's repeated and very public betrayal of the honor his title demanded, I think it is fair to dispense with any "assumption about superior honor" in this case.

Second, while rank is surely important, it does not in and of itself demonstrate the duties which any soldier or officer performed in the small black-ops unit. There are no individuals from the Army's RV unit who carried any title related to "remote viewer." Everybody had a "normal" title, even though they in many cases predominantly did remote viewing or other related tasks on a daily basis. Their titles reflected the job-slots that were designed for the overall unit, the misc. duties which were required for the unit to function, and related areas of expertise the individual might have had which made him additionally useful to the remote viewing process and the unit itself. In short, there is no public record that is going to explain who was a remote viewer or who was not, or who was more expert at it than some other individual. This aspect of history relies on the personal accounts of the soldiers and civilians who were part of the program.

In my research, I have found that of approximately nine members of the RV program I have spoken with (some with equal or greater rank/recognition than Mr. Dames), the only account which seriously conflicts with the others is the version of history provided by Mr. Dames. As a result, and taking into consideration his very brief tenure in the unit, I am disinclined to accept his version of events. The personal history Mr. Buchanan attributes to himself regarding working as a remote viewer or instructor has not been contradicted by any of the unit's members I have spoken with. As a result, I am forced to believe him, and again forced to wonder about the underlying motivations which cause Mr. Dames to so clearly attempt to discredit, and even destroy, Mr. Buchanan, based on something that one has good reason to believe is a recent fabrication on Mr. Dames's part. The two other public individuals from the RV unit who are selling either training or RV services, Paul H. Smith and Joseph W. McMoneagle, who had seven and seventeen years experience in the program respectively, have both publicly supported Mr. Buchanan's version of this debate.

In any case, as regards military rank, it should be considered that Buchanan was not necessarily a career military man anyway, at least not entirely. Twelve years out of the middle of his career time were spent as a civilian. He was transferred into the all-officers-billet unit despite his enlisted status, which is quite a compliment.

The unit described to me by all participants (of any rank) I have spoken with is a very small unit, plainclothes, casual, with no "rank" as an issue at all. About half their members were civilian intelligence, and due to the small size of the unit, they all had many roles and responsibilities. The current attempt by Mr. Dames to "pull rank" is a somewhat after-the-fact behavior. Dames having been a Captain in the unit, and equalled and outranked himself while there (and there were only about three enlisted people included in the unit's history anyway), such behavior would have been fairly illogical at the time. This behavior did not become an issue until Mr. Dames apparently decided that Mr. Buchanan was a competitor for RV credentials, public recognition and personal income. The rank issues began after the point where they had both retired, and military titles (excepting maybe General) become pointless anyway.

Despite the pronounced judgements about Mr. Buchanan that Mr. Dames has provided, in objective research into both documented facts and personal accounts of others in the program, the issues concerning service, reputation and experience show Mr. Buchanan as a respectable member of the team, and if anything, cast some question on Mr. Dames's own history, an ironic twist. Perhaps "personal projection," or strategic "mirror imaging," is at work here.

Regarding Joseph McMoneagle:

Joseph McMoneagle has the distinction of being one of the best remote viewers in the country. This is not merely opinion; he has got, documented, one of the highest accuracy rates of anybody in the field. He was one of the founding members of the military unit, and for some time was the only remote viewer in the unit. He is the only individual who was personally involved with the program from its inception until its termination. He is one of only four individuals to specialize in both intelligence collection and scientific research participation. In his 17 years in the program, McMoneagle personally went before subcommittees in Congress half a dozen times to do blind RV on the spot for their targets. The yearly general review of the funding for the program, documented by the program leaders for consideration, often hinged on sketches and examples from McMoneagle's own sessions. Many of the military targets that intelligence Viewers brag about the unit having accomplished are in fact targets that McMoneagle did. He has been mentioned by name or Viewer number in every scientific and legitimate public book written about remote viewing. His experience and skill have made him the only non-PhD to be granted membership in the Parapsychological Association. He won the Legion of Merit award for his work specifically as a remote viewer, the highest award possible for an intelligence officer to have acquired.

That Dames, who himself did not qualify as a remote viewer for unit, and who had only a brief exposure to all this (mostly in a support role) anyway, would have the chutzpah to say anything negative about McMoneagle or his RV ability— renowned both in science and the military as legendary—is nothing short of bewildering. When Mr. Dames is not insulting Mr. McMoneagle, he has on occasion pretended to forget his name and not be sure of who he was, as if the fellow was so unimportant... it really is quite humorous. See the public transcripts of Mr. Dames's appearances for examples of both.

Regarding David Morehouse:

I know far less of Mr. Morehouse. The debate over his personal character and military retirement, which has become public due to his book Psychic Warrior, obscures many facts in controversy. However, as Dames was not a Viewer and David was, and as Dames in fact later co-founded his company with David and bragged about David's skills in public, I suppose that would infer that David was probably competent during his time in the unit. (Remember, it was David, two years after Ed had left the unit, who finally wrote Ed a commendation for his time in RV unit, so Ed would have one.) It is only since they parted ways that Dames has revoked his opinion of David's formerly admired and bragged about RV skills, relegated him to worthless as a Viewer, rewritten history to fit all this, and has distributed numerous hostile and lurid accusations about David on the Internet and the Psi-Tech web sites. Mr. Dames did not seem to have any problem with Mr. Morehouse's personal character or history until they were no longer business partners.

To summarize on this point:

It appears at this point that Ed Dames has taken his own history as not having been what he wanted to be (a remote viewer), and tried to put someone else in that role, athough Buchanan (being of lesser rank) is his favorite target. He does manage to cover, in various correspondence including the document this write up concerns, everyone else who does or who might, someday, disagree with him. Which is eventually everybody. He has done unto others before they had a chance to do unto him, and claimed it was self defense.

Finally, moving onward.


These words are from the fellow who is responsible for the many dramatically erroneous claims mentioned above, about both his own history, documented time and experience in the program, as well as his version of other people's history. It is also worth noting that at the point of this letter (October 14 1996), only three individuals from that unit had become public. All three of them are claimed to be not only wrong, but singularly incompetent. One with 17 years experience, one with nine years experience—compared to Ed's less than three years experience—and the other with two years experience... however, as cofounder of Dames's company, one he was very proud to be associated with in the past. In short, it does seem rather improbable that everybody else, with greater experience, and whom Mr. Dames has validated publicly in the past, would all be in such error and he alone would be correct.

I would like to take a little time to explain here the only public statements made by others prior to this (10/14/96) document regarding Mr. Dames and the history of the remote viewing unit. This was once said to be the "instigator" for the document being rebutted here, so it is necessary, and fair (even to Mr. Dames) that it be explained.

Since the point of November 1995 when the government's psi research and application was declassified and announced to the public, Mr. Dames was featured in a number of prominant media programs about the subject. During the course of these appearances, many of his statements regarding his own history, and that of others, and the unit and program as well, were considered by many (if not all) others experienced in the remote viewing field and government program to be at best disingenious and at worst clear fabrications. (Any objective researcher inquiring into these (often television; some "press releases") appearances and comparing Mr. Dames's words and presentations with documented facts and statements from others in the unit will become aware of why.) Within the remote viewing field itself, and among many of the personnel who were still classified individuals, there was a good deal of concerned personal prompting toward the two public members of the unit, Joseph McMoneagle and Leonard Buchanan, to make some public statement regarding the facts of the matter. McMoneagle and Buchanan, being public individuals since Army retirement, were the only hope of an alternate explanation for the public. (It should be mentioned that Mr. Dames's public accounts of military history actually began many years prior, while the program was still officially classified. However, nobody at that point, retired or not (and including Mr. Dames), was legally allowed to discuss the program. So, it was not until after November 1995, when it was declassified, that the few others personally public were finally able to say something to the public in response.)

Both McMoneagle and Buchanan balked at getting involved. Buchanan included materials apparently generated by Mr. Dames on his own web site, as he had defined it as a home for "the field" at large, including all related intelligence individuals and all public events. Some of these materials he presented were materials that people in the RV field felt should be disputed, and some felt that since Buchanan was presenting Ed's words to the public on his own web site, he owed it to the public and his own fellows from the program to dispute Ed's claims. But neither Buchanan nor McMoneagle would budge, initially, or say anything publicly. Quiet individuals and long term private intelligence, neither were personally inclined to "make waves" publicly, and for some time they simply hoped that either Mr. Dames's stories would get a little more reasonable, or that the 15 minutes of fame allotted by the media to the remote viewing subject would pass, and the point would become essentially moot.

This never happened. Beginning in late May 1996, when Ed Dames sent an introductory fax to radio talk show host Art Bell and found himself on the air to 10+ million people live and more via internet (on one of the most popular late-night radio shows in the USA), the remote viewing subject got if anything more attention and exposure to the public. On a personal note, I had been researching the remote viewing subject and field since November 1995 when I first heard about it; I had met a number of people from the original program, and although I still had a lot of work to do, I felt I had a basic grasp of both the general history of the unit, and the concepts and application of remote viewing itself. After Mr. Dames's first appearance on the Art Bell show, I was so amazed by his commentary that I transcribed the radio show and forwarded this to the individuals I knew from the program, and they in turn forwarded it to other individuals. Mr. Dames was also on the radio show in June, and I transcribed that show for the record as well. The end result of this was a new and more fervent insistence on the part of still-classified individuals who were part of the program that either McMoneagle or Buchanan make some public statement to clarify both history and remote viewing for the public; in short, to contradict Mr. Dames. (Shortly before this a small attempt had been made; carry on.)

To backtrack a bit: In early 1996 (I believe it was), a "press release" supposedly by Ed Dames which had been posted on Buchanan's web site since its issue 12/95 was finally addressed by other unit members. Dames was being somewhat reviled privately in the RV field for his claims, and one still-classified individual (now public; Paul Smith) took it upon himself to defend Dames on this particular issue. He wrote Buchanan and assured him that Ed would not say such false things, that Ed claimed when telephoned to have not known anything about it, and that he had promised to issue a public retraction for the clearly erroneous comments. Since this was related to Ed's document, was a defense of Ed, and was written by a legitimate RV intelligence person, Buchanan posted the brief letter defending Ed (with the author's permission) on his web site along with everything else he had gathered in the field.

Later, Buchanan posted his own response about the matter as well, which like Smith's initial letter, indicated that the statements in the press release were not correct. He went one step further, and addressed an issue important to all the military personnel, which was Mr. Dames's revelations of classified information about the program, including naming private operatives. (Personally, I think he took the opportunity to finally say a couple things that people had been pressuring him to for a long time.) Mr. Dames never did issue a retraction for the public statement, and in later Psi-Tech communications on their web site, it was indicated that in fact, Buchanan and "whoever had written the other letter" (the identity was hidden at the time) were false and unfair and that the statement would stand as is. Lyn continued to provide a link to the public toward Mr. Dames's web site, and he continued to offer all RV intelligence people, including Mr. Dames, the opportunity to contribute whatever they wished to his web page, as a growing project toward "documenting RV's history, whatever it may be." Mr. Dames neither explained nor retracted the statements, and continued public commentary in the same vein. At this point, Joe McMoneagle finally gave in and wrote a very brief, very succinct list of "facts" related to specific comments Mr. Dames had made in public. Lyn posted it on his web site

In early June 1996 Buchanan received a letter from a California lawyer apparently on Dames's behalf. The letter indicated that Dames was preparing to sue him for making damaging statements which were untrue about Mr. Dames on his web site, and demanded that everything pertaining to Mr. Dames be removed. Since the only statements made to date were (a) the comments about the press release being inaccurate -- something Dames had himself agreed with (privately) and that records also verified; (b) comments about the revelations of classified information by Dames -- something that had already become public record in commercially sold transcripts and Psi-Tech promotional materials for instance; and (c) Joe's comments about dates in the program etc., all of which were verifiable with public documents (including Mr. Dames's own records), Buchanan was a little baffled as to which part of what statements made by himself, McMoneagle and Smith were not true. The letter from the lawyer inferred that it was all questionable and slanderous, and that it had to be immediately removed or Buchanan would be sued.

After talking with a lawyer and giving it some thought, Buchanan decided the following. First, anything stating facts which could be verified through official and/or public means could not be considered libel; in a court he would be found innocent of that charge; those could only be considered facts. Second, anything stating personal opinion, and which was clearly such, was a matter for freedom of speech.  Mr. Dames had presented plenty of opinion himself to date, and others with equal (or in almost all cases, far greater) experience in the program had just as much right to an opinion as he had, even if that opinion was about him. Third, some documents were simply publicly released documents, such as by Dames himself, which became public domain after mass distribution, and so were fair to continue to include in the historical collection. And it was known to everybody including Ed that he was welcome to provide corrections, clarifications or response, and Lyn would include them on his page as well. After reviewing everything on his site which involved Dames, Buchanan concluded that the only thing which did not actually fit into the above legally safe categories was the link to Ed's own web site, which he removed.

I talked with Buchanan about this issue at the time it happened, and according to him, there were two baffling issues. First was the fact that the lawyer's letter very carefully stepped around who his client was; considering that Dames had recently acquired a girlfriend from a wealthy family (a student who had become his lover and then his his business partner), one had to wonder if Dames had in fact not even initiated the lawsuit, but perhaps somebody else had "on his behalf." Second was the fact that Ed and Lyn had known each other a long time, and if Ed had a beef with him, he could have just called him on the telephone and told him about it.

You can find all of the documents mentioned above, including correspondence with the attorney, on the CRV Home Page.

It is worth repeating that any facts Buchanan and McMoneagle have provided have been only in a very delayed response to wildly untrue but self-glamorizing statements that Ed Dames has put forward in the media—most of which make him a hero and completely disregard—if not insult—all the people who really were. Including soldiers who are dead and cannot defend either their honor or their right to recognition. Any response from Buchanan and McMoneagle has been so delayed, so brief, and for the most part, so neutral and/or easily provable as correct, that inferring that they are somehow vilely "attacking" Mr. Dames, when the situation has been quite the opposite for quite some time, is ... nothing short of chutzpah.


Mr. Dames's eternal clinging to military titles outside of the military is an interesting psychological insight.

In addition to this statement being debatable concerning accuracy, it does seem quite unfair. Bear in mind that while Mr. Dames was remote viewing aliens and telling the media all about it, revealing the project and telling the media all about it, naming secret American operatives in public and so forth—solely to get himself glory and recognition by association—soft-spoken Buchanan was quietly founding The AWP to for FREE help police look for missing children.

Buchanan makes no money off it, and has spent a great deal of time doing work for it. It should be logical that Lyn would have no reason to found this group were he not willing to take cases for it. Lyn has, in fact, brought together many of the former military viewers, as well as his students, in this altruistic venture. He does not even do the majority of the Viewing; he is working as the tasker and coordinator, and so couldn't be a Viewer, he would not be blind to the targets.

The AWP works with legal authorities. The CRV Home Page page explains why. Buchanan still has various TS clearances (due to his computer programs still in use by intelligence organizations, in and out of the military) that prohibit him gathering data about Americans or civilians without official tasking. If the police or FBI ask, it's official. Otherwise he has to refuse the case. (Ed no longer has those clearances, so it wouldn't be an issue for him.) Buchanan usually tries to find other Viewers who will work with the family when there is no other option for the family. Few Viewers will agree. If someone who started with Lyn ended up with Ed, I'm willing to bet that (as he has in the past) Lyn, for lack of any other option and wanting to help the fellow somehow, referred the person to Ed himself, hoping someone Ed knew, even former students etc., might volunteer to work directly with the family to help the guy.

Which makes Ed using this poor traumatized parent as fodder to further publicly bash Lyn, who would only have been obeying the law in his own case, and trying to help the fellow by sending him toward Ed's people in the second, even more distressing.

[Later note: Ed's March 1997 appearance on the Art Bell radio show used the same M.O. Kathy Kramer, whose brother had disappeared and was being searched for by Paul Smith & Lyn Buchanan as an AWP team, and Psi-Tech as another team, was on the show. Kathy hadn't had time to talk with Lyn prior to the show to find out when the AWP's status report was due (let alone what those results were). Ed knew this. Deliberately he brought up the subject of 'other "supposed" remote viewers' and their reports on the air. Kathy said she didn't actually know the final results yet. Ed broke in to carefully insist, to at least ten million people live and more via the Internet, that she'll never get results from Lyn, because he tried to train Lyn but Lyn just couldn't make the grade. He then went on to explain his own expertise, "...and so when I say your brother is DEAD, and his body is..." — no proof at all for this, but nicely using Kathy's grief, confusion, and known lack of information as fodder for slander of Lyn, and the AWP, in international media. Mr. Dames would happily harm any number of other people, involved or not, and even a purely altruistic group, to make himself look good (and to make others look bad, solely because apparently he feels this makes him look good by comparison).

[As a secondary note, Dames told Bell he could locate Kramer within a week. After a month hadn't seen results, Dames said in conference that the Kramers told him they "didn't want to know the answer" anymore (after years of suspense) or pursue the case. Untrue; apparently there is NO data Psi-Tech provided which has demonstrated to have helped at all. Kathy Kramer, after the Art Bell show, felt she had been set up and abused by Dames, her brother insulted to the world at large with no evidence (it inferred he was involved in shady crime), and apparently told Ed Dames (in effect) to get lost. This is, not surprisingly, not the version of events one hears from Psi-Tech. Dames had told Art Bell that after he finished finding Kramer, Psi-Tech would RV "who set up [infamous remote viewer] Courtney Brown with the hoaxed photo of the alleged "Hale-Bopp Comet Companion." (Which, I might add, Dames is strongly suspected of being personally involved with.) This never did come about for some reason, and he did not mention it. He said at the point of disclaiming the Kramer case that to replace that project, he would predict the next major volcanic eruption (something he had often said is so easy his students can do it during their week of training). After two more months, and more months, nothing more has been heard about this, either.]

Even if Buchanan did not, could not, or would not remote view an AWP case, he has numerous good Viewers (including former intelligence Viewers) working for the AWP who would. There is simply no reason for him to refuse a case except that (a) the group might not have time, or (b) it didn't come through the authorities, which as explained, is required for the AWP.

How on earth the CIA got into this, which Lyn has never mentioned to me, I have no idea.

[later note: Buchanan has comment on this, see his additions.]


Lyn hasn't done full time (if any) outside computer work in a long time; since around 1995 I suspect (he left the military in 1992), since that's when the RV stuff was declassified. He contracted, through his self-owned small business, to government agencies for his intelligence-related computer programs (as opposed to being "an employee") after his retirement from the Army, not that this makes any difference. He had to: the RV program was not declassified until late 1995. The only RV training he did was for people who already knew of the project's existence. (Including a number of people Dames himself referred to Lyn for training, this back before Ed had revised history to indicate Lyn wasn't good at this. Lyn says he has gotten calls from a couple of them asking why Dames would currently say such horrible things about him, when he himself sent them to Lyn for training years ago with great admiration.) The students were limited to FBI/CIA/NSA and others "in the know." And not that Lyn's being an expert programmer is any insult to his RV skills, mind you. How could that be relevant? Yet Mr. Dames manages to make it sound like it is somehow offensive or insulting.

Lyn has no reason to need any other form of work and wouldn't have time for it anyway. He doesn't even have time for the RV work he's already got. I know—I have seen a lot of his email, and he has more student inquiries than he has time to think about, let alone teach. Ed himself has said publicly that the first reason Psi-Tech doesn't train more people is because "of the price" of training. In other words, Ed would probably like to make more money, and probably would, if many of his potential students weren't at Lyn's door instead. (Follow the money...)


No, he didn't. This is a false quote. I have the book. Joe simply does not mention doing RV for the army because it was classified when he wrote the book, and unlike Dames has demonstrated, Joe at least takes security oaths seriously. Joe omitted this when he could have made more money selling the book with that slant, and when he had a fabulous and prestigious history in that regard (current authors on the RV topic, such as Jim Schnabel, have sold books filled with Joe's accomplishments). That Joe is now insulted by Dames (not only for not mentioning it, but has whole quotes fabricated) for this loyalty to his uniform is really disgusting.

Joe's book was re-released in April 1997 with added chapters on the military unit and current media about RV. Information about it can be found here.


He never said that. How Ed could have the chutzpah to deliberate MAKE UP something and then call it a deliberate "quote" is beyond me. This is so easily provable. Anybody could buy the book and look.


Joe never worked for Ed Dames. Joe worked the collection (intelligence) side of things as well as the research side. Ed, doing Ops, is one of the people who got targets from agencies for the collection Viewers to do. Ed has before pretended this qualifies as people (all the others in the unit) "working for HIM." (It's a little like the secretary thinking that because she hands the mail to the company employees, they all work for her.) But this can't be the issue anyway—Ed and Joe were not even in the unit at the same time.

Joe left the military unit to work on the science side in 1984 and Dames did not even enter the unit until 1986. This detail is left out, as part of a somewhat chronic and effectively confusing presentation of different dates all over the place which removes any clear trail for the public of Mr. Dames's own very brief involvement with the unit. So despite what he infers, if we assume he is telling the truth and just presenting it creatively, then what he is really saying here is that in a prior unit he was in, that unit itself, or somebody in it (who may or may not have been Ed), may have utilized data from the RV unit, which Joe, as one of the founding members of the government's program and the Army's involvement, worked in and may have been the Viewer for. However, in this case, even assuming it is true, they would have been nowhere near each other—and it would have even less to do with "Joe working for Ed" than the first explanation. So, there are two inferences neatly captured in this one: that Ed was Joe's commander at some point, which was not true, and that Ed was involved in the RV program in 1980, which is also untrue.

Suffice to say that when you look at facts in detail it becomes clear that even granting Mr. Dames an extraordinary benefit of the doubt concerning intentions and debatable issues, the majority of what he presents is, at best, an attempt to mislead.


I don't know about Buchanan, but I bet Dames doesn't even know what levels McMoneagle was cleared for. In fact, I'm tempted to think that Ed is way off base on this comment, though he might believe it. Not that it's too important, but it's worth noting that security clearances are individualized and often apply only to certain projects. If one of those people were involved in projects for which Dames didn't have clearance, he wouldn't even know about the project let alone know about their clearance for it. So in effect, he wouldn't even have known during his own less than three years in the unit—let alone before or after his time involved. All soldiers, let alone officers, should know enough about the basics of selected classification to make such a comment illogical. Despite his claims to the contrary, Ed is not omniscient.


Joe is trained in at least a dozen forms of RV collection, including Swann's methods. The fact that he didn't learn it from Ingo personally doesn't mean he doesn't know it—a lot of people know them and have taught them. It's just that Joe is so good with his own methods, he doesn't feel the need to use anybody else's. Ed insists that Joe "was never trained" as a leverage for insult, because training with Ingo Swann is Ed's sole source of credibility in the RV field. That he only did beginning training with him, and that despite this training he still didn't qualify to be a Viewer in the unit—Ingo himself is said to have disqualified him, but that is not something Ingo will comment publicly about either way—is a minor point he leaves out when discussing this in public. As for Joe, many of the early and best Viewers did not use Swann methods, and that includes many in the RV Army unit itself. Even in the unit there were other methodologies besides Ingo's that Viewers used. (Joe and Ingo, by the way, are friends. I have not spoken with Ingo, only with Joe, but he says he respects Ingo a great deal. They just have different ways of doing things, and that's fine.)

So first, Joe is indeed trained in the methods (big deal). Second, Ed would have no way of knowing if Joe was or not—he doesn't even know Joe that well, and has not been involved in the many years of work Joe has done in the lab, or in the quantity of intelligence RV work Joe has done when Ed was nowhere near the project (long before and long after Ed's brief time—and even during). Lastly, even if Joe were not trained, it would have absolutely no meaning to this subject. All that is important are his remote viewing skills, which are demonstrably—proven!—some of the very best in the world. Since Ed cannot dispute this fact (known to everybody in the industry), he is forced to come up with something else he can use as 'insult', provided to the public who may not know better. Mr. Dames's comments about Joe and training are pretty flimsy in the face of Joe's demonstrated credentials. And his ignoring Joe's experience and ability, which Ed is well aware of, for the sake of providing insult, again begs the question of his personal motivations for the deliberate attempts to discredit others.


That's almost funny. Joe is such an excellent RVr he's a phenom. Considering this comes from someone who didn't even make it to being a Viewer, about somebody who in Joe's case has sessions that are near blueprint and photo quality, and so on—Dames is way out of his league here. He doesn't even deserve to talk to Joe considering his behavior over the last few years—let alone claim to be an equal—let alone insult him. It is beyond mere chutzpah and is not even sane.

For the sake of making my point though, I'm glad that Ed has chosen to insult Joe publicly. It simply demolishes any and all credibility Dames might have with anybody who knows even a little bit about this subject. Ed has no evidence of his personal remote viewing skills for the government, if any (and there are apparently none). Joe, on the other hand, is probably the best documented remote viewer in history.


Oh, brother. David called Lyn and asked him to put up a notice of reward for his lost manuscript on his web page. Lyn agreed because the loss of a manuscript and reward is an RV type project, about an RV person, regardless of any other consideration. He has nothing to do with David's book, except that he agreed to post David's lost manuscript reward on his web site. David occasionally does volunteer work for the AWP.

As far as the web page is concerned, Buchanan even has web page links—even formerly to Dames, until he flipped out—for people whom he is not associated with RV-wise at all, and doesn't even agree with, as he believes he should try to be objective on the web page and leave his personal feelings out of it... as he feels the page is about remote viewing at large. This despite that it's his time and money that have always sponsored it. This kind of respect for the RV field at large, and attempt at objectivity, is a marked contrast to persons using media-hype to be 'the only hero'.

As a last note, Morehouse's original book was co-written by Dames. (Dames commented back in 1993 that it would address 'the Martians' and so on.) It was later rewritten by journalist Jim Marrs, but never published. So Morehouse wrote yet another book, which is the one known today.


Morehouse was not charged with rape. That is deliberately false, and records show this. Mr. Dames knows this, he is just trying to make David look even worse. Concerning sex, Morehouse was charged with sleeping with a married woman and other misc. offenses such as sodomy with the said woman. In his book PSYCHIC WARRIOR he says he was being hassled, partly because he was co-authoring a book with Dames which would reveal that RV was being used by the military. Why Dames was not hassled if this was the case, as he was co-authoring it and received his portion of the advance, is not known. However it has been more than clear that Ed is apparently not interfering with any official agendas. (Which so far have been to deliberately mislead the public by either (a) presenting RV as something which is anywhere from wishful thinking, not very effective, or outright fraud; or (b) presenting RV as something weird and bizarre that nobody with any sense would want to take seriously.) I don't believe it was ever argued at any point that the woman was unwilling to be David's lover, only that she was the wife of a soldier under his command, whom he apparently commanded to various away trips while enjoying their affair. Note1: David never had the opportunity to defend himself from any of these claims; the trial was one side presented, and then he left the military. So it can hardly be said these things were all proven. Note2: Dames's moral indignation only appeared when he and David's friendship (and business relationship) ended. They were the best of friends, co-founders of the business and even roommates.


Morehouse has already received $300,000 for the PSYCHIC WARRIOR movie rights, not to mention the book sales and media. (Oliver Stone himself bid for the movie rights and barely lost). David's also ready to publish another book on his military specialty, non-lethal weaponry. David isn't desperate. Judging from Psi-Tech's moves and press releases though, I think Dames might be. (Offers to sell vitamin juices, for example, have been distributed via email. Also, offers for remote viewing "reports" that are 1992 projects, released by the funding party for free way back then, have been rewritten, repackaged, redated as 1996, the "TRV" added, and then sold to the public via the Psi-Tech web site.)

[later note: Morehouse's second book, on non-lethal weapons, was released in January 1997.]

On a personal note, you kind of have to put all this together to see the motivations behind Dames' hostility. Here he is, the guy who has been trying to make himself the glorious hero of RV all along (although objectively he has very few demonstrable credentials). He's been knocking himself out for years, speaking at conferences, on the radio, on TV, selling himself. And he got away with it, because it was classified, and all the soldiers except him took this seriously. So he had no competition for six long years, he had nobody speaking out separately or contradicting anything he wanted to just flat out make up and claim. He could take credit for things others did, he could say he was the best, he was in charge, he was [check one], and nobody could breathe a word to refute it, because they were private operatives, and they weren't allowed to talk about it. So his former buddy, roommate, and co-founder of his business departed and Ed, angry, insisted that Morehouse remove anything about him he'd written in their book. So David did. And before Ed sees it coming, Morehouse has sold his new book, sold screenplay rights to bigwigs, has a tour upcoming, and is a media hero. Worse, David is selling lots of copies of a book about RV, and has a movie coming out about RV, in which Ed is not even mentioned. He's totally unimportant. As if that isn't bad enough, the guy whom Dames has been going well out of his way to ruin because he's the only real competition for training dollars and credibility with the public—Lyn Buchanan—is mentioned in the book as a really great guy! It's like a bad dream for poor Ed...


1 - I don't think it's fair to say Lyn has made "claims." He's not a "claims" kind of guy—Ed's the dramatic one. What Lyn has done is answer questions presented by the public honestly. Had Ed not made wildly untrue statements in major media that caused people to ask Lyn these questions, this never would have come up. If anything, Buchanan has said far less than he could legitimately say about Ed, about history, and about this situation with Dames's extensive slander of him.

2 - Referring to the 'same thing,' this is directed at Dames's accusations (both in this rebutted document and others) that in effect, Buchanan was a janitor because he was an enlisted man, or that he cannot be considered legitimate as a remote viewer since his title was something else (as mentioned above, as was everybody's). Considering the small size of the unit, the fact that it was plainclothes intelligence, the fact that half the members were civilian intelligence, the fact that in the unit's history there were only a few enlisted men in the originally-planned officers-only billet, and the fact that every member of the unit I have spoken with considers this whole "rank and order makes for grudge work" assumption ridiculous, I am unable to take Mr. Dames's word for almost anything at this point.

3 - As for the rooms and schedules and such, if Ed was an Ops officer, this well might be his job. He has revised the meaning of Operations and Training, as if nobody outside the military would know the real meaning of such a common term. It usually means one handles the operations of the business, so that the people doing R&D and other specialized areas can do their jobs. Paul Smith has in fact made comment about Ed's role in scheduling Viewers and rooms, that's a side note in his brief write-up concerning military records, mentioned above. Mr. Dames apparently feels it is some kind of an insult to have had this duty, as if it is not glorious enough, but that's his own issue. This is a common ops duty and like any other duty, is nothing to be ashamed of. (The ego and insecurity involved in Mr. Dames's comments is as clear when discussing his own history as it is when discussing that of others.)

If one listens to Mr. Dames, one could get the idea that despite that the unit existed for a decade before he showed up (and nearly a decade after), all the Remote Viewers were sitting either motionless or lost until he came along and from the moment he left. It really is kind of humorous; it is a little baffling, though, that anybody else would believe it, no matter how unfamiliar with the military or RV they might be.

Regarding Buchanan, he was already a Viewer before Ed even arrived in the unit. He was trained by others, and this has been confirmed by other public members of the unit. I even have a transcript from 1992 in which Dames brags about Buchanan becoming Psi-Tech's RV instructor (Lyn had not agreed at that time, but they were discussing it), referring to him as a "superb instructor." In 1997 when I put this on my personal web site, Psi-Tech initially claimed the transcript was fabricated and he'd never said that. Later, they took a copy of the transcript from my site and put it up on their own web site — with various selected comments such as that carefully deleted. When questioned by the public (who did not fail to notice this), Psi-Tech (c/o Joni Dourif) finally reversed position and announced that ok, the transcript was legitimate and those comments had been included originally, however, that the facts had changed since then, so they had deleted the comments from the transcript to "avoid confusion and questions."

This is one small example, of hundreds, of deliberate and seriously unethical "editing", censorship, historical revisions and other related behavior. In any case, it was never answered at any time why, if Buchanan had indeed been incompetent in the military, Dames would make such a point of bragging about him and recruiting him 3-4 years after Ed had left the unit itself. This does appear to make Buchanan's history, as written by Dames, not only fabricated, but done so only recently. Apparently Mr. Dames's insecurity has reached beyond the bounds of a personal problem and is now becoming many other people's problem as well. Especially Buchanan's.

Regarding his work in the unit, where Ed worked often as a monitor or analyst, or gave out practice targets, he is mostly known for sneaking in targets of aliens, doom, etc. Sometimes this was fun; sometimes it was unprofessional. These practice targets were referred to as ongoing "training" targets for the Viewers, to keep them Viewing even when there were no formal projects. He called his playing with legitimate practice targets, which could not be databased with feedback and so in effect harmed the Viewers' profiles, "providing advanced training for the Viewers." Eventually many of them complained, and he was commanded not to do so. He did so anyway. Eventually he was forbidden even from providing the Viewers targets he'd originated himself. This is such a childish thing, and makes one wonder how a soldier who can't stick to facts, be serious and follow orders could claim such military brilliance. This sort of thing may be related to why Ed didn't receive any write up from his commander upon leaving the unit (and may be behind Smith's comment about some of Ed's more "unusual" work during his time in the unit.)


This is presented in a way that makes it sound as if there was only one, and it was Mr. Dames. There were a number of operations officers, and there was a senior operations officer as well—which was not Mr. Dames. There were also quite a number of people who provided RV training, which was often handled by different people doing different parts of it. Training ranged from simple lectures about theory for new unit members, to detailed instruction about methodologies, to working as a "monitor" for the remote viewers either in training or in established Viewers' daily practice, which is what Mr. Dames did a lot of. Most of the persons in the unit, including the remote viewers themselves, worked at least occasionally as monitors for other remote viewers. Many of the unit members, including Buchanan, also worked as RV instructors (to one degree or another). It was a small unit, everybody had a number of duties and worked together as a team.

It is not in error that Ed proclaims his title. It is simply misleading, in that he presents it in the context of somehow being unique and superior within the unit. I do not believe that other unit members would have felt any personal need to point out Ed's limited role concerning Viewing or his brief tenure, had Mr. Dames not both exaggerated his own history and insulted others for theirs.

Now, to address one of the things that has been presented in public by Mr. Dames: Buchanan has never denied Ed's title. Psi-Tech keeps stating things in public that basically explain that Lyn has said it isn't so, and look here's my records to prove it, so he is clearly lying. But in fact, Buchanan has never said that, and I have done a great deal of research in this field, I feel sure I would have seen it if he had. It is a fabrication on Ed's part to say that Lyn has made that statement. Lyn told me Ed's title long ago. It was never in question. Why should it be? He was an ops officer, one of many — big deal. Everybody there had a title for some aspect of the unit; in addition to whatever aspect of the physical unit they were responsible for, they did monitoring, remote viewing, etc. There were other operations officers, and one or two in particular who actually did a good deal of what Ed claims to have done. The argument has never been the title. The argument has been that Ed's job with that title was responsible for Ops and related ops training—it is all one title—not responsible for being "in charge of" the unit, nor for "further innovating the training of Advanced Remote Viewing." Nobody from the unit except Mr. Dames seems to remember this about his role.

The deliberate emphasis on something Buchanan never said, which is used to make it look like he's lying about it and Dames is "just defending himself" with these repeated, extensive slanderous documents and comments about Buchanan, is false. This is not the first time this method has been used by Psi-Tech to attack others. They create a supposed action on other people's part, and then make a big splashy show of the response or refute to this. It's an opportunity for new media at any time. The other party never even has to say anything at all.


This keeps coming up. For the record, Buchanan provided the same documents Dames did, to a journalist Dames was trying to convince of this same kind of stuff, who requested Lyn's records as well. (I know this, because the journalist contacted me personally as well.) This was in early 1996. Buchanan offered to send a few records to myself or anybody requesting them. It is important to point out that Mr. Dames and Mrs. Dourif know Lyn provided these documents, and know that Buchanan responded to Dames's own repeated accusations by offering this to everybody and even putting a couple of his records on his own CRV Home page. Yet despite having been told this repeatedly (including by me), Mr. Dames and Mrs. Dourif as Psi-Tech ignore this fact, and/or pretend they don't know this, one can only guess because it allows them to continue their insult without this fact getting in the way. As for Buchanan's records (he only posted a couple), he says he did not post them to prove he was glorious or any such thing; he posted them to demonstrate that most records are overly impressive and, excepting comments related to rank, the unit records are much the same.


1 - Everybody there had "jobs" in addition to whatever they were doing remote-viewing wise. There was no title that said, "You are a remote viewer." Ed didn't have it, Lyn didn't have it, nobody had it. Lyn's job title(s), whatever it may have been, is no more or less important than any other average title. This is another deliberate distraction from the noteworthy fact that Lyn was a Remote Viewer in the unit and Ed was not.

2 - When Buchanan joined the unit, he took over the detail Viewer profiles (database records). He was a computer guy at the time he was recruited by General Stubblebine into the RV unit and is known for his programs for intelligence data. However, the fact that he also did the DB profiling of all the Viewers, the projects, is in no way an insult to him—it's a compliment. As a result of that work, he saw all the data about all the targets and about the detail RV sessions, no matter how classified and no matter who the Viewer was, and he was expected to have a full understanding of things to properly record all relevant facts.

Dames has in fact taken something which is a very respectable aspect of Lyn's work in the RV unit and made it sound menial and insulting. Again, this only plays on the ignorance of the public, people who aren't Viewers. Those who are, know that doing that kind of work only gave him greater access to information, and greater understanding of RV itself and each Viewer.

Lyn was part of a team that made a number of innovations in a number of categories. Lyn's own innovations in that particular area are credited on the records of all the soldiers in the unit at the time he made them (accomplishments were considered a group effort). Yet Dames presents his own record that includes this as a bragging sort of example of why he is qualified and Lyn is not. This deliberately ignores that not only was it Lyn's work that got at least one particular commendation for Ed's own records which he displays (to a select few), but that Lyn is also credited with accomplishments Ed is presenting as if they are sole claims to glory. And in fact, Ed is now insulting Lyn for having had that duty at all, despite its value to the unit, its direct relevant to RV and intelligence, and its useful adjunct regarding context and understanding to Lyn's other RV duties, particularly concerning RV instruction. The sheer audacity of Mr. Dames's behavior is truly breathtaking.


Geez, who knows. I'm sure if Ed had his way, all lower ranking members ate dirt for the furtherance of his glory. But all the guys I've talked to from the unit say it was a tiny plain clothes unit. All officer billets; no big deal in that situation about who is what rank when you're working closely together. More like a regular job. It was plain clothes officer intelligence, not boot camp. As some have mentioned, they didn't salute even Generals, it was very casual (and Ed was only a Captain while in the unit anyway.. and equal or lesser in rank to others there). Ed again tries to use a former greater rank alone to somehow insult Lyn. This ought to be seen for what it's worth.

As a last note, other than a wish the unit had been better managed especially near the end, Buchanan has always made it sound like an experience he enjoyed. I have never seen or heard him say anything anywhere about "unpleasant memories of the unit." I have only seen him say, in recent times, that Ed's revisionist history of who did what (and how Glorious Ed Dames Was and how Unimportant Everyone Else Was) is not correct. What Lyn is unhappy about is not his own experience in the unit, but Ed's current public version of the unit and its personnel and its work.

(Later note: Buchanan had some comments about this in his response.)


Where to begin. Let's see:

1 - Intelligence officers collect information that is requested by different agencies and personnel all the time without knowing the source of the request. The Ops clerk who transfers the orders from the agencies out to the personnel probably knows, but that hardly makes him glorious, nor does it make the intelligence agents peons.

2 - Of course Remote Viewers were blind to the target. That's part of RV—not knowing the target details is part of keeping personal influence out of the resultant data. That's a basic of the RV protocol, which Dames is using to play on the ignorance of non-Viewers (the public). Ed, doing ops as one of the go-betweens for taskers and Viewers, would logically know the source of the targets, at least the ones he worked with (which given his role and others with the same one at the same time, was probably many but not all of them). Big deal. It means he was doing his job and they were doing theirs, period.

3 - Another play on the ignorance of non-Viewers: Buchanan's work as profiler (DB Manager) meant that in fact, he saw all the data from all sessions from all Viewers regardless of its classification. The information Ed is claiming he was the only one to know, Buchanan in fact likely did know, he had to, to do that aspect of his job. If knowing information about the RV projects is a sign of being important, Buchanan's probably got as much right to claim that as Ed would. Ed in effect contradicted himself on this issue in a couple of ways, though nobody who wasn't familiar with Viewing teams might realize this.

4 - Joe was a little different than many Viewers and for a time, he was the only Viewer in the unit. So he had his hands on everything.


When he allowed? Again, he is making claim at least indirectly to having been "in charge" of the unit, for which he has zero proof—and a unit full of guys who say it was never so. Besides, that's quite an insult. There is no reason to assume Buchanan would have been part of the unit for nearly nine years, retiring on his own decision, were he not competent. Had he not been, he likely would have been transferred out of the unit at the first regular opportunity. (...As Ed was, please note.)


"The" Operations Officer is slightly misleading; that should be plural. Also: Dames was not chief of operations, somebody else had that job. He was one of many Ops guys. Next: Viewers are deliberately kept blind. If Ed had succeeded in being a Remote Viewer, if he had been one for the unit, someone else would have been doing his job (someone had to), and he wouldn't have known the details either. It wasn't about rank, it was about Remote Viewing.


1 - His "permanent" transfer to the unit lasted just over two years. Out of the 17 years the unit was in operation.

2 - Whether Buchanan "whined" is unknown. But he told me personally once that he was ticked off at that time; he DID want to learn from Ingo personally (though he was already working as a Viewer, he thought the training with the originator of the methods would be great—especially since it was said to be those methods he was instructing people in).

3 - Note that Ed deliberately makes it sound like Lyn hadn't been trained at all. He could hardly have been a Viewer if he had not already been trained—before Ed even arrived in the unit.

4 - Ed carefully words that above paragraph to make it sound like HE was the "new commander," as if he replaced the "previous" commander, without actually having said so. Subtle—very slick. Don't buy it. Ed was not in charge of the unit.


1 - To repeat (endlessly), Lyn joined the unit in 1983, Dames in 1986, and Lyn was a Viewer before Ed even arrived. Hence, Ed did not train him. Nobody seems to think Ed trained Lyn, or was even there to train Lyn, except Ed. Both Paul Smith and Joe McMoneagle have commented publicly on this subject as well. Here's the history I've found:

It is truly amazing the lengths Psi-Tech goes to for insult toward Buchanan. By now it should be clear that Mr. Dames is simply, as one ranking individual from the RV unit once told me via email, "a singularly gifted prefabricator, the only talent which he ever displayed."

2 - If Dames had felt so sorry for Lyn, it would make no sense to brag about him and try to recruit him years after that. This makes it even more obvious that Ed's current claims to others' incompetence is a recent creation on Ed's part, and not the way it was at the time.

Note: Because Dames revealed the names of classified intelligence operatives in public—including Lyn—and because Dames took credit for an RV job Lyn had done and only told him about, as something Psi-Tech suppsedly did, and because Dames did these things at UFO type conferences, often in the same paragraph as mentioning foreign terrorists (who, mind you, believe very much in RV, which means the operatives' lives or families could be in danger from being known—one in particular even accused the USA of using psychics to make him sick), Buchanan had additional reason to refuse the Psi-Tech 'Director of Training' job. (His first reason was that he simply wanted to work for himself on retirement, not for Ed.) Lyn's refusal to work for Ed, and worse, his decision eventually to begin training on his own as a competitor, is something Ed has clearly resented, to the point where it is now a personal vendetta completely out of control.

As for proven contradictions: completely contradicting himself is not new. Even in the area of "RV Prophecy," Mr. Dames has made plenty of comments and predictions which he has reversed over the years. He simply assumes that nobody remembers these and goes on like it never happened. If somebody remembers, even groups of people, even with documentation, he simply says they are all lying, and all reference to these facts are hastily deleted from the Psi-Tech web site communications areas (and people daring to post them are banned from future entry).

I am personally getting cynical and less than objective about all this. My own conclusion is that Mr. Dames really cannot be blamed for contradicting himself, omitting things, presenting them differently, or other story inconsistencies. It's a simple case of "the curse of chronic confabulation"... nobody has that good a memory.


1 - That Buchanan functioned as an intelligence agent (a linguist who speaks five or more languages flawlessly and is a programmer in a number of computer languages as well) around the world prior to his RV unit transfer is nicely ignored;

2 - That Buchanan was a remote viewer prior to Ed's entrance into the unit, and long afterward, and was an instructor as well, is also carefully ignored; it has to be, since that admittance would completely invalidate this (as well as nearly all the others) insult.

3 - As for discipline, I can only tell you Lyn is disciplined as an instructor and convinced that details and practice are critical to the process. As for protocols—that means controls—Lyn insists on most of them in training and all that are possible in practice, and Ed doesn't (judging by what is said himself... and by his students, who are literally, so far in conversation, clueless that half the protocol even exists, or that there is information other than from Mr. Dames that is publicly available or worth being educated about).

From an RV point of View, it is apparently Mr. Dames who has dispensed with some critical controls, who made up "his own (TRV) version" of the original methodologies—in other words, Dames revised (somewhat) the original structure, at least, that is what he says very clearly. (In fact he is quoted as saying his TRV is "not a version [of CRV]" and "is unlike anything else.") However, here he accuses Buchanan—one of the few people who actually does teach CRV structure, ironically enough—of doing just that. If not sticking to the original structure and protocol makes one less competent, then Ed has just made Lyn's own case for teaching CRV.

If Ed has credibility, he says it's because he does just what the Army did. But if you pay him, it's because he says he has a special methodology that nobody else does, different than what the Army did. When other people who really were and are remote viewers, or who teach the original methods are mentioned, Ed says in no uncertain terms that Psi-Tech is the only end ("sole repository") of all the information from the military and the only reliable source. Yet this is hardly logical, given (a) all the other people who've done it successfully in the military and lab, and (b) the fact that Mr. Dames, for all his bravado and volume, didn't.


1 - Dames did not train Buchanan. That issue was addressed before Ed ever arrived in the unit. I'm tired of repeating this, but half the assertations in Dames's slander are based on this assumption of Ed training Lyn, which appears to be completely fabricated.

2 - Training is about training, anyway. Part of training is learning to get your own psychology and ego out of the way. It is this way for everybody. Even if Ed had trained Lyn in this instance, what someone goes through in training is irrelevant. It's different for everyone, and there is something to be dealt with in the case of everyone, especially at the level the unit's Viewers were working (and some of the targets). It is what one does as a remote viewer that matters.

3 - Ed's own ego problems, assumptions about the target, need to be right and know the answer, are said to be the very reason why he never made it to being a viewer with the unit. Again, Ed takes something that is his very own history and problem and projects it onto others, in this case Lyn.

4 - If any of this is in doubt, you might note that it is Mr. Dames doing Me-the-Hero work in the media, he's got his dark shades and long hair and Beverly Hills and Hawaii addresses, selling product to a PO Box, exaggerating his own history to the point of comical, and insulting others quite extravagantly and personally. Buchanan seems to be the mostly quiet semi-retired guy who goes his own way. His down-to-earth personality is a marked contrast to that of Mr. Dames, and if anything, presents such a lesser proportion of "ego" that is almost incomparable. This appears to be another example of specific "projection" of Mr. Dames's own traits upon Buchanan.

Now, personally: I have watched this unfold as I've been studying this field. This is what I've seen:

I think I'm making my point. Anybody who has heard both of these fellows can't be in doubt of who is trustworthy and who is not.


On a personal note, I must relate that Lyn Buchanan is one of the most down to earth humans I have ever met. Soft spoken, surprisingly kind and warm hearted for a long term intelligence guy (who are not known for altruism), he works from home, adores his wife, goes to church, takes care of his elderly mother, and lives his life like a normal person. Founded a non-profit RV group to help find missing kids. Teaches RV when these other obligations allow him time. A former school teacher, he keeps a web page about RV for the public, as an education source on his favorite subject. Not long ago he finally added more detailed information about his own training course, so he wouldn't have the expense and time of mailing it out. Still, the page is about RV overall, not just him, and you can find your way to pretty much all legitimate online RV information from his page.

In other words, Lyn is as nice a guy as they come, and he's just not vindictive enough (and doesn't have time) to fight back against the level of hostility Ed Dames regularly creates, and uses to hurt and humiliate others only to make himself look good by comparison. The energy Dames has put toward this endless campaign is truly impressive. Were it channeled toward some positive goal, he could probably do amazing things.

As a result, many people who know and admire Lyn Buchanan, such as myself, feel obliged to defend him with facts... and let him spend what time he has training people in RV, finding missing kids, and having a decent life, rather than catfighting with Ed Dames and his coworker-girlfriend.


Now, this is something interesting. On the rare occasion when Mr. Dames is nailed on this slanderous public behavior without a doorway out for escape, he claims or infers that he is totally innocent, and some other individual must have has said all these terrible things. In his name. In very public places sponsored by his company, of which he is the President. Said by people he is intimately close to. And advertised for a long time. Yet he "never noticed." Even after being pointed to these things, they continue, and still he takes no action toward changing it, and still later insists he knows nothing of it. In April of 1997 I spoke with one of Mr. Dames's students about the October 14 1996 document written by Ed Dames (the one this rebuttal addresses). He was concerned about what did seem like slanderous behavior from Mr. Dames. He set out to talk with Ed about it and get some kind of answer. Later, he sent me an email recounting his new belief that, based on Mr. Dames's response to him, Dames had (many months after its first of many postings) never even seen this rebutted letter, didn't know anything about it, and was in the student's words, "very concerned." As a coincidence, this is the same presentation Mr. Dames made when confronted (way back at the beginning of this soap opera) about a public statement / press release in his name that was markedly inaccurate.

Based on the letter I am disputing being on his company media, two web sites in about seven places, with his signature, repeatedly posted by his Vice President (who is also a live-in romantic partner, so it's not as if they are too separate to keep track of the other) in other highly public media (such as internet BBS's) up until July 1997 (when I am proofreading this article), and even brought up more than once to him in private conversation (where he did make it clear he was aware of it), I believe Dames was being... let's just say, misleading with his student. Clearly the idea that he "is not involved" in the promotion of the various slanderous things signed by him is false. Especially since he has also personally said these things, himself, in live international media (such as Art Bell's radio show).

His student however felt that he really knew Ed, and that he just couldn't imagine him capable of such behavior; that he was such a nice guy, he just had to be unaware of it going on in his name. Ed can convince anybody of anything. I guess.


How interesting! Here are some options:

1 - Being the monitor he is (scandalous "leading" verging on outright humorous near-charades—publicly televised examples of him working attest to this) he led any number of Viewers (including Lyn) into something ridiculous and then blamed the Viewers for being wrong for unavoidably following what he was sure was the answer. A number of Viewers from the unit say that Ed 'led them' into all kinds of stuff, especially when working on his own targets. There is an infamous account in at least one book referred to as The Great Christmas Attack, where the entire unit of remote viewers "set Ed up" as a practical joke, by describing Santa and his reindeer in basic RV terms, which Ed as monitor was certain was a foreign enemy invasion. Jim Schnabel's book Remote Viewers mentions this story.

2 - Or, Mr. Dames deliberately stole classified information created in the black ops unit many, many years ago, and took it home hoping to someday have it handy in case he needed it to intimidate or blackmail someone. Actually, if his statement is true, this would have to be the case, since all project records (not to be confused with personnel records) from the unit are still classified. Hmmmn.

3 - Or, he's lying.

Seeing as how he's not an expert, as I think we've established in all the prior text, he is not the person whom I would trust to determine what has affected an RV session's accuracy anyway—especially one that he monitored. But if he would like to advertise these things, if he has them—like he has and does other classified information, such as endangering the lives of private American operatives and their families by announcing their names publicly—I suppose he can.


I have no idea about this. I do know that all Viewers have targets they are good at, bad at, mediocre at—and mostly for psychological reasons, sometimes for unknown reasons. Some targets people can't go near and others they're brilliant at. This applies to even the best Viewers, and it can be obvious things (e.g., violence) or somewhat obscure things (e.g., waterfalls). Lyn wouldn't be the first Viewer, even military, to have his own set of psychology concerning targets—everybody does, it's a matter of having enough experience in your profile (database) to be able to see what patterns apply to you as an individual Viewer. But I am tempted to think, considering how twisted this entire letter has been, that Ed took something at least partly real but either greatly exaggerated it, twisted it, omitted parts of it, or overlaid it onto something else, just to be rather insulting.

[Later note: Buchanan responded to this, see his additions.]


Well he wasn't replaced by them if he stayed on with them, obviously. None of the intel guys I've met seem to have much liked the DIA's foray into the world of the cosmic. Not that the Viewers in the unit are responsible for the decision of management to include non-Viewers in the unit. Lyn, who was truly fascinated with and dedicated to RV, stayed with the unit because that's what he wanted to do. Alas, prior to anybody changing the way things were run, the way they were run caused the program to be closed down. (Buchanan left in '92; the program closed in '95, with only one remote viewer on board at that time.) Lyn is not responsible for the military's executive and management decisions. As a remote viewer and soldier, he is only responsible for those duties.

It is a consistent insult Mr. Dames has provided, this assumption that anybody in the unit after he himself left had by default to be incompetent. Lyn is not the only qualified remote viewer to be included in this sweeping assumption. It is illogical to blame any remote viewer for what somebody else in a group with them does or did; what does that have to do with their own performance? (And not, mind you, that all other forms of psi methodology necessarily have been proven less valid or unworkable—ESP under controls, called RV, has proven valid; but the science lab has no data attesting to any methodology, even Swann's, proving more valid than other methods on its own merits.)


I'll vouch for that. I like the way Ed puts it, though, as if Lyn was not personally involved in remote viewing, but only managed to learn enough to sound like an expert with. This is surprisingly similar to Ed's own position—again we have a mirror of what Ed's personal insecurities are, projected onto Lyn.


Once again, a nice mirror-imaging accusation. Lyn teaches controlled remote viewing, based on Swann's methods. Because Lyn is a teacher by nature, he also educates students about other people's methods, and other things that were tried over the years both in military and lab which he knows of, which succeeded or failed, and so forth. His interest in the subject at large and his work in tracking Viewer profiles during the program, added to his own Viewer experience and instructor experience, has (a) given him quite a background of information, and (b) given him the understanding that there is no magic clover that is going to make someone a great remote viewer; he believes that all things related to RV are worth knowing about if you're studying the subject, and that the subject as a whole is larger than anybody's one method, no matter how good it is. (But he still, as the fundamental, teaches the Swann/CRV methods. It is Ed who claims to have "invented new TRV methods," rather than the practiced and demonstrated CRV from the military unit.)


This is another case where Mr. Dames really hurts himself, because the answer to this is right in front of everybody—facts are on the web pages of both Lyn and Ed. Lyn is the only instructor who insists on a long course, which takes months or longer, on a great deal of personal work and demonstrated ability prior to continuing forward, et al., something which takes him a lot of time and continued work (and makes him drastically less money as a result). Dames is the guy (!) who gives 9-day seminars to make people Instant Experts. Check the web pages of both of them. Good grief, this is so easily disproven.

[later note - as of 1/97 these facts changed. As of the original date of this response (10/96), Buchanan had a course which took 3-12 months to complete, and had a student backlog of up to 5 years. As of 1/97, Buchanan tossed out his backlog and agreed to take students in small groups. He took off his months of in-between time split-course restriction and said that in some cases, if the person(s) were qualified, he would continue training after a shorter time (still usually months). He still requires a minimum of two years after training is completed before a student can publicly call themselves Viewers-for-hire or instructors. The moment Lyn agreed, as Ed has done, to take small groups, and put an announcement on his CRV Home Page to that effect, Mr. Dames in response announced publicly that you could not possibly teach more than two people at a time and have them able to remote view decently, because it was so highly personal (the claim Buchanan had always made, but decided was workable with some personal time mixed with group time). Buchanan was insulted on the Psi-Tech web site for daring to (finally) do what Dames had done for a long time. Mr. Dames followed up this announcement about the impossibility of Lyn's small group training with another announcement, mass marketing "TRV" video tapes that in two hours on a VCR would teach anybody to be an expert.]

I should also note, and this is important actually as it relates to this, that Mr. Dames continues the "messing with legitimate targets" behavior on his own students, just as he did on the remote viewers he supported in the unit. One of Dames's star pupils, a neurosurgeon whom Dames put on the initial Psi-Tech videotapes (one assumes to help acquire credibility based on the man's credentials), had dinner with myself and others in June 1997. He seemed fond of Dames, and had no idea that he was providing information others in remote viewing might find... "controversial" by talking about his experience. He provided for review his Psi-Tech training manual, a bound copy of many of his training sessions, and spent about a half hour talking about his training and introduction to remote viewing.

One of the thing which caused me grave concern was that some of the early "training" targets were in fact things with no legitimate feedback. The Santilli alien, the comet Hale-Bopp, etc. This not only means no training takes place on those targets except perhaps in the structure, but also disqualifies the exercise as 'remote viewing' (in the literal sense of the term) altogether. (Although the non-blind monitor condition of methods training pretty much does anyway, I admit. Still, at least valid feedback brings it back into the "useful" category.) Monitor suggestions early in the session, such as "half a million kilometers away you should see something..." (for the comet) made the monitor role unusually leading, even for training purposes. (The doctor mentioned that Dames had asked him "what's inside it?" (meaning the comet; meaning the "alien-made pathogen-in-a-can" Dames claims 'accompanied' the comet past Earth), which is also quite a leading question.)

The doctor, earnest and more than a little ambivalent and confused, explained how his wife (an attorney, also on the videotapes) got "the plant pathogen" (which Dames has claimed in major media was sent by aliens to kill all plant life and 85% of human life on planet Earth beginning in 1997) as a target. It was a target Ed had made up in his head; she was the first one to give him that information; his "research team" of Viewers doesn't exist. He took his interpretation of a student's information, on an out-of-protocol target, from a monitor-non-blind session, and went into the media and told millions of people that "his experts" had found we were all going to die. The student was upset by the session and by his conclusions, needless to say. And of course, this did not make either of the students feel more comfortable, since if they were going to believe in either remote viewing or their personal ability to perform it, they now had to believe that the world was coming to an imminent end and nearly everybody was going to die. Since most students are highly suggestible (there is no way to sit there "open to intuitive data" without being in effect "suggestible" or at least mildly hypnotized), and since nearly all students have a deep need to validate their own experiences and potential, this really makes them vulnerable to this sort of belief-system infringement.

Also during training, the doctor was given a "personal" target of his "optimum path trajectory" as well (another no-feedback target). He sensed two individuals involved in the target. The data and experience fascinated and moved him deeply, and was an important personal experience to him. In response to this personal target, Mrs. Dourif joined them immediately thereafter, and Mr. Dames gave her the target of the "other individual" in the doctor's session. She quickly concluded that the target was an alien from another planet. Now, the doctor and his wife not only have to believe in the end of the world if they're going to believe in remote viewing, but if they're going to accept this moving personal experience he had, they also have to accept that aliens from another planet are likely involved in his future.

If they discredit these ideas, perhaps based on a healthy unwillingness to get caught up in this sort of thing, they will by the nature of the process be invalidating their own skill, experience and belief in remote viewing. A cognitive dissonance is created by this form of training targets.

To say that this is a form of hypnotic indoctrination of Ed/Joni's own belief systems would be an understatement. Students are highly suggestible during this process and it is beyond merely unethical to deliberately force their belief systems into alignment with the bizarre religious/superstitious ideas of the guru, under the advertisement and auspices of teaching them remote viewing—a logical, scientifically-based process for which none of those targets even begin to qualify as a legitimate part. Buchanan, like any legitimate instructor, provides targets which are real, have feedback, and fit the remote viewing model for students in training. So, Dames's claim that Buchanan's training is "an experience" is in fact a nice projection of what he himself has made an otherwise logical, rational, no-nonsense training structure into.


One other note of relevance. Although Psi-Tech has claimed at length that "TRV," Ed's "invention," is "not a derivative" of CRV, is not similar to CRV, and in fact is, quote, "unlike anything else," as a truly bewildering demonstration of this (?), their training manual as of January 1997—at least seven months after making these claims—is about a 15th-generation photocopy of the old CRV manual that Paul Smith put together for the military unit. It even says Coordinate Remote Viewing in large letters on the cover! Psi-Tech did not even make the effort to word-process the thing decently, or make it modern, or put their own cover on it, or make any attempt at all to even pretend they were teaching "TRV" — even though they were at length, in public, insisting that other Viewers using CRV did not have their new, unique methods, and so were inferior, et al. ($4500 per person for a 9-day seminar doesn't pay enough for a temporary secretary, maybe?) (This pretty much puts them in a tough position for continuing the slightest insult to Paul Smith, now that it's clear they are in fact using the manual he personally created. I suspect they'll back quickly off him after this.) After I announced this at length in June 1997, for the first time since Psi-Tech hit the media in late May of 1996, Jonina Dourif referred to "The CRV/TRV protocols." Quite specifically contradicting what both Ed and she had both been saying for so long.... now that the non-existence of the gloriously "unique" TRV methods had been found out.

As a side note, this whole methodology issue has another one lurking in the background. Dames is apparently teaching CRV (badly) and calling it TRV, and claiming that it is his invention and 'unlike anything else.' He is advertising his training and services based on this 'unique' method. CRV however is at the least copyrighted to Ingo Swann. Now, if Psi-Tech distributes videos of "TRV" as "their" method, and they are using Swann's methods and taking the credit for them, then a secondary issue comes up regarding Swann's own right to recognition for this (and legal ownership of this). If Psi-Tech assumes ownership and credit for this methodology so publicly, and Swann does not say otherwise, he will be legally unable in the future to defend his own initiation and ownership of the methods at al. Yet once again, Mr. Dames is backing Mr. Swann into a corner where if he does not say anything, he and remote viewing end up with damaged or unacknowledged reputations or image; yet if he does, then he has gotten into the public mud of the politics of this subject which he has only begged to be left out of. Either way, the long and short of Dames's activities and behavior only mean that Ingo Swann — and remote viewing — lose no matter what.


Controlled Remote Viewing is a term that Ingo Swann came up with; any argument with it should be taken up with him. It placed importance on controls. The naming was not intended to be glorious, or to be a sales tool, such as to claim it was scientific or technical (all good RV is that)—it was simply a reference to a structure which took the original scientific controls (the 'protocol' is a set of controls defined in the scientific lab for this ESP work) seriously. Swann's methods existed long prior to Psi-Tech's existence, quite obviously, since Ed didn't found Psi-Tech until after leaving the unit, and Swann was teaching soldiers these methods before Ed came to the unit. Buchanan's own use of and instruction of those methods certainly predated Psi-Tech by many years. Or is Mr. Dames inferring that if any of the remote viewers from the unit in the 80's do remote viewing today, that because he founded Psi-Tech in 1989-90 they are merely "copying him?"

Perhaps Ed is referring to the fact that Buchanan's public business (P>S>I, formed in 1992 when he retired from the RV Army unit) did not "officially" include RV training until late 1995. This is because the program was classified until then. When it was declassified, Lyn began offering it to the public, and switched from doing mostly intelligence-related programming work back to RV instruction full time.

Ed should be court martialed for his many offenses against classified information, the unit, and its private personnel. Certainly Lyn and Joe and others should not be reviled for waiting to go public until they were legally allowed to do so.


Many people, including Ed and including Lyn, owe most involvement they have with RV to the methods of Swann. Lyn recognizes this, and gives Ingo credit for having originated this, and for being due for recognition and respect. Ed Dames, except in rare cases where he or his VP are bragging about knowing Ingo, never mentions Ingo at all, but goes on at length about what an expert he and his "new" version of RV methodologies are, and how he has "improved" on Ingo's methods. He also continues to make statements that not only contradict all known facts about RV, but even the specific words of Swann himself.

Lyn is the only person who has given credit to people who deserve it, such as Ingo and Joe, without needing to put his ego in the way of recognizing others. It is not an insult or unfair claim that Lyn makes it clear his methods are from Ingo; it is a compliment that Ed has never bothered to give.

Ingo Swann finally made an incredibly brief public statement in 1997 which Psi-Tech promptly claimed was fabricated (not only that, but claimed it was fabricated by a group of people including Buchanan, McMoneagle and myself), and in the words of the Psi-Tech VP the public statement was merely "a malicious attempt to discredit Major Dames." The internet headers from Swann's own email and webmaster email (confirming it was valid) to two separate individuals are now posted on two web sites. For knowing Swann so well, they don't seem very aware of his activities, even regarding them. Further, Swann's sole request in the statement was that he be left alone. Yet shortly thereafter, Psi-Tech was digging up letters he'd written in 1992, when he supported the firm publicly (as did many others back then), and presenting them internet-wide as demonstration of Swann's current support and admiration.

It seems clear to me personally that Mr. Dames and Mrs. Dourif as Psi-Tech will not even respect Ingo's simple request to be left out of the malicious personal politics they create, or the frightening mass-media prophecies which they present. One is forced to question their real sense of respect for Swann. From the outside, he appears to be nothing more to them than a name used for propping up a fast-fading corporate and personal image.

Ending notes:

This is what it boils down to: Ed Dames has parted ways with a number of Viewers over the years, most under less than cordial circumstance. He has parted ways with former employees, company directors, vendors and consultants as well. He has parted ways with a number of his own students. Not to mention his former fellow soldiers. This can be traced to the same personality profile that causes him to write—and publicly advertise at length—letters like the one this document is forced to address and defend from.

Mr. Dames is a good speaker, charismatic, obviously intelligent, and he seems very impressive to a public eager to learn anything about "secret government psychics." The reality however is that people who become involved with him eventually either buy into a malicious paranoid hatred of the world, or desert him with far less than fond memories. Meanwhile, the public is unaware of this, and apparently too oblivious to see the signs of it in things like the letters he posts and comments he makes—and the future he Views.

Psi-Tech posts on their web page that former students and their "nascent" RV skills should not be considered experts. Since they no longer agree with Mr. Dames or Psi-Tech, they have suddenly become Un-Experts. Anyone who becomes competition for student monies or media glory immediately becomes an Un-Expert. All the people Mr. Dames formerly thought brilliant and even used, either in person or in name, to help build Psi-Tech in the first place, if they are no longer associates of his self-glorying history, they become—retroactively—incompetent.

It seems clear that Mr. Dames and Mrs. Dourif, both personally as a romantic team and professionally as a business team, will go to any lengths to make it appear this way, and both have demonstrated a complete lack of hesitation to lie flagrantly if necessary to support their new history, no matter how vicious, unfair, or humiliating it may be to others. This letter I am responding to is an excellent example. In fact, this letter is such a compilation of slanderous falsehoods that if Buchanan and McMoneagle in particular had the time/money/anger to claim it, Dames could be sued so badly his finances would be inverted for life. It is nothing short of malicious and (despite his claims of "defense as justification") unprovoked assault, and it stoops to new levels of below-the-belt creativity.


In defense of Mr. Dames, I should relate that most people in the remote viewing field I have spoken with suspect he is just not psychologically stable enough to realize his behavior. He seems to say something creatively, and then within minutes honestly believes it's true. This provides an air of earnest sincerity in his conversation that is difficult to reconcile with the gigantic proportions of fabrications he presents. As for personal intent, it is difficult to believe anybody could be as flat out nasty as Mr. Dames and/or Mrs. Dourif have behaved the last year. When you meet Mr. Dames in any other context, he seems like a very nice fellow. It is such a contradiction to his behavior in many private and public venues that you have to wonder how many personalities he has. His behavior and commentary shows signs of paranoid-schizo tendencies (highly intelligent, highly creative, lies pathologically, is obsessive particularly with 'secret' things, shows many areas of paranoia, both personally and from the impending future, has a very obvious messiah complex, etc.]). Although it is difficult for me to be wholly objective after this much time uncovering deliberate errors in Mr. Dames's comments about remote viewing and remote viewers, I am forced to agree with others, who instead of blaming Mr. Dames as some sort of "evil bad guy," instead think that perhaps he just tried to psychically tune into one too many aliens and, not unusual for work in psychic areas when done without proper feedback and controls, has become.... less than balanced.

As for my loss of objectivity, I don't see this as a fault, but rather, the result of the conclusions any good researcher or journalist would come to after a great deal of study in a given field.

As for the sudden appearance of the October 1996 document, after many months of quiet on the Dames-sponsored personal politics front:

Late on October 13 1996 I had sent out an announcement to my RV email group (which I know Dames/Dourif see copies of) that Buchanan, McMoneagle and the AWP were going to be featured on a TV show in a short time. In less than 24 hours, and truly out of the blue, Mr. Dames had the letter covered here posted on his web page, quite vilely insulting Buchanan, McMoneagle, and even the AWP. What an amazing coincidence. I believe Mr. Dames was trying to do some character assassination quickly, "just in case" the other remote viewers might have either said anything bad about him, or gotten some of "his" glory. ....This is so paranoid.

I suggest that anybody wading through this entire rebuttal go back and read Mr. Dames's original document now. Bear in mind that Mr. Dames and/or Psi-Tech's VP Mrs. Dourif have gone out of their way to not only post the letter on an incredibly high volume web page (in many places to be sure it was seen), but all over the internet in other public and RV-related places, repeatedly for months (and still; in mid-July 1997 the Webmaster of the Art Bell BBS had to delete the posted document yet again as another attempt at using Art Bell-related media as opportunity for slander).

I feel Mr. Dames's letter itself says far more about Dames than it does about McMoneagle or Buchanan. It is clearly a more accurate and more incriminating statement about his ethics, motivations, and integrity than what any other individuals could possibly have said about him.

PJ Gaenir

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