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Section: Dames Trashes Remote Viewers

Ed Dames had put out a number of public press releases over time detailing an ever more glorious history for himself every time. Finally at the request of both intelligence Viewers and the public (like myself), Joe McMoneagle wrote a very brief statement addressing just a few of the points Ed had brought up. Joe really didn't want to get involved, so he was pretty brief.

However, this is one of the things which was later said to have caused Ed Dames, in turn, to post that simply hideous, long and insulting letter about Joe and Lyn (10/14/96, see menu) on his own web page — so he said that was his reason anyway, he couldn't have had another one — Joe because he'd written this, Lyn because he'd allowed it to be put on his page.

Compare this factual note in response to wild claims (by someone recognized as the longest term military Viewer, one of the top lab subjects for Viewing, and one of the best RVrs of all time) to the tone and maturity of the letter written by Dames in response.

Note that this post (and the commentaries) is the one which caused Lyn Buchanan to get a threatening letter from a lawyer on Dames' behalf, insisting he take this off his web site. Despite that it is (a) merely facts, and (b) only stated in response to Dames's overly lying to the public about these things, and (c) because Dames, who claimed privately he knew the media stuff about him was totally false and promised he would issue retractions, refused to do so, demonstrating that the info came from him all along and he had no intention of being honest about it.

---------- Forwarded Message ----------

----------------- A Response to Ed Dames's Statements on Remote Viewing by Joe McMoneagle

The following comments are in direct response to the "Press releases" by Ed Dames.

I, Joseph W. McMoneagle, hold the distinction of being the only Remote Viewer associated with the "Project" from its formalization under INSCOM as GRILLFLAME (mid-1978) throughout and until its termination as Project STARGATE (in 1995). Because of this unique position, I have the interesting perspective of knowing what is true and what isn't with regard to claims now being made by many individuals about this project.

My viewer number alone verifies this singular qualification with any and all persons who might have had some access formal or otherwise throughout its history -- RV #001 / 372. I have also maintained contact with most of the other viewer personnel who have been productive or who were of some material worth throughout this extended period of time.

For the past seventeen years, the facts as they may relate to the "Project" at whatever phase or name has been used are as follows:

1. There were seven (7) commanders of the unit from 1977-1995. None of them were named Dames.

2. Dames was a "monitor/interviewer" of remote viewers, not a remote viewer.

3. Dames assignment to the unit was post 1984. He may not therefore lay claim to any knowledge preceding that time period - classified or otherwise.

4. Dames had no connection with the research portion of the project at any time, and knows nothing about it.

5. There was never a war between the Military or Civilian Intelligence Agencies regarding Psychic anything.

6. As regards accuracies - these can be viewed from many perspectives;

a. Percentage of information given compared to information considered correct.
b. Percentage of information correct over a given period of time for any given viewer as viewed historically.
c. Percentage of accuracy proven through controlled laboratory experimentation — as in a specified test of accuracy.
d. Accuracy comparisons of remote viewing to other collection systems. (Some were better, some were worse)

Regarding such accuracies: Dames' is in no position to substantiate any of them, as he has not participated in any of these studies.

7. There was only a single "aspect" to the operational unit — that was remote viewing.

8. As with all collection systems, the material was never used as a stand alone material or system. It was always cross checked and verified against other systems.

9. Dames was not the "operations and training officer" for the unit in 1983, as he wasn't then a member of the unit.

10. Dames left the unit with a normal rotation to a new assignment in 1987, and had no further contact.

11. It goes without saying that he knows nothing of the activities of the unit following his reassignment.


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