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Section: Online Censorship: Recreating the Past?

I forwarded some public Psi-Tech BBS posts to a few intel remote viewers who had been referenced or quoted in them. This response is from Paul H. Smith.

While I'm not interested in getting into any kind of e-mail brawl over remote viewing--there are far too many more important things to be doing--it has come to my attention that there are some things being attributed to me that are at the very least being misinterpreted, and which I feel need to be set straight.

First, it has been alleged that during the recent Art Bell radio program on which I appeared with Joe McMoneagle and Lyn Buchanan I said that a) Joe does not "practise the same protocols"; and b) that he was not in "the same unit."

I presume by "the same protocols" is meant controlled (or coordinate) remote viewing. This would be a correct statement. Joe practices a highly adapted version of what we in the Ft. Meade RV unit called "ERV," for "extended remote viewing." I am perfectly happy that Joe practices this, as he has had immense success with this technique and has contributed greatly both to the national defense while on active duty and to the development of the understanding of psi during his years with research organizations.

I'm not quite sure what not being in "the same unit" means. Joe was with the Ft. Meade RV unit from its inception on into 1984, through a number of administrative name changes. Despite name changes the unit remained the same. At the time of Joe's retirement, it was known as the US Army Intelligence and Security Command's CENTER LANE Program--which was the same name by which it was known when Ed Dames was assigned part-time-for-training in 1984. But perhaps the confusion arises from the fact that when Ed was ultimately officially assigned full-time to the unit early in 1986, its name had yet again been changed to SUN STREAK, upon its official transfer to DIA.

There are a couple of more errors which were not attributed to me, but perhaps should be cleared up so as to avoid confusion in the future. First, Ed Dames was not sent by DIA for training by Ingo Swann. While he (along with myself and two others) was trained by Swann in CRV stages I thru III during 1984, it was the US Army that paid the bill, not DIA. DIA did not become a player with the Ft. Meade unit until 1986, when it assumed responsibility for the program.

After more than a decade since the events in question, Lyn Buchanan himself is the best source on who trained him. Lyn's answer that "everybody" trained him, is really quite accurate. Skip Atwater, Tom "Nance", and Bill Ray gave Lyn the basic CRV lectures. The rest of us participated in monitoring Lyn's practice sessions. At the time Lyn began CRV training neither Ed nor any of the rest of us but one had completed OUR CRV training, and as I mentioned, Ed wasn't even yet assigned full-time--he had no official duties at the RV unit until 1986. In any case, Lyn most certainly did complete CRV training, and worked as a successful viewer on many operational collection projects up to his retirement in 1992.

I'm sure these errors were inadvertant, and I hope that this clarification can help calm some of the troubled waters lapping around the fringes of the remote viewing community.


Paul H. Smith

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