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Rumors had been heard that Ingo Swann, notorious for avoiding press and public, would show up in a Psi-Tech chat room with Ed Dames, who had trained in early-phase CRV with him way back in the early 80's, and Ed had later claimed (such as on "The Real X-Files" TV show) to have been Swann's protege. Surprised that the reclusive Ingo would be interested in online appearances (and wondering, if so, why I hadn't thought of asking him myself), I sent his friends some notes about the upcoming talk. Apparently he was less than pleased at having his name included. He responded:


"I don't do Chat Rooms or media [except in cases where it's required, as in the book promotion on the Omni site last year], but if I did, it wouldn't be anyone's business except mine whether it was a bad idea or not.

"For the record, I have never had a protege. In the past I treated all the trainees equally alike, gave them equal time & consideration and equal delivery regarding both CRV theory and practical exercises. I have never sought to establish a personality cult, and will NEVER want one. All should be well advised to leave me alone and not to come in my direction. After all, I leave everyone else alone."

...and that was that.


Here's an email from Tom Burgin, who fronts mail for biomind (Ingo Swann), webmasters Ingo's site, and is Ingo's friend. This is in response to Joni Dourif (Psi-Tech VP)'s claim that the public statement from Ingo Swann (above) was fake (in her exact words, "a malicious attempt to discredit Major Dames," "ignorant," and other such accusations). You may also find a separate confirmation at the web site of a British fellow who does FOIA research on Remote Viewing at:

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It was most certainly written by Ingo. I have the fax in hand, and did when I keyed in the content into email form. And pursuant to its issue, I heard Ingo over the phone discuss the addition of the item in brackets.

You may feel free to redistribute this as you see fit.


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