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Section: Online Censorship: Recreating the Past?

Psi-Tech's public response to Ingo Swann's public statement.

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Conference: The Uninformed or Disinformed....
From: Joni (
Topic: Malicious and Ignorant attempt..... (1/1)
Date: Friday, April 11, 1997 07:54 PM

On Wednesday, April 09, 1997, 03:33 PM, kay grissom wrote:

"I don't do Chat Rooms or media [except in cases where it's required, as in the book promotion on the Omni site last year], but if I did, it wouldn't be anyone's business except mine whether it was a bad idea or not.

For the record, I have never had a protege. In the past I treated all the trainees equally alike, gave them equal time & consideration and equal delivery regarding both CRV theory and practical exercises. I have never sought to establish a personality cult, and will NEVER want one. All should be well advised to leave me alone and not to come in my direction. After all, I leave everyone else alone."

Ingo Swann

This was not written by Ingo and is nothing more than a milicious attempt to discredit Major Dames. If you and others choose to perpetuate this disinformation campaign, mounted by a ignornant and jealous few, please do it elsewhere.

Joni Dourif PSI TECH, VP

"Mind is the final frontier"


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