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This is just a collection of "tidbits, notes and excerpts" from files I compiled many years ago. I figured I ought to put them up somewhere as bizarrely enough, the web is getting MORE sanitized of the seemingly worthwhile stuff, while getting ever more buried in ridiculous stuff. I'm not saying ANY of this is true, But, read all six files, and then ask yourself what you think again...

"We frankly find it curious that more attention and creditability
is being accorded purported victims of UFO experiences and spectral
visitations, than to persons who complain of systematic harassment
and experimentation by the U.S. Government, involving technologies
which the U.S. Government is only now grudgingly admitting to possess."


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The Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection is now a static archive (Feb 2008). Click here to see what's still online for reference.

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