from the
Journal of Parapsychology


By Russell Targ

Bay Research Institute
1010 Harriet Street
Palo Alto CA 94301

This is the first publication of a carefully conducted series of remote-viewing trials carried out at SRI International in 1979. In this formal experiment, we incorporated all the revisions in methodology suggested by critics of our earlier published experiments. We worked with six inexperienced volunteer subjects, each of whom attempted to describe six randomly selected distant locations visited by the experimenters. Four of these subjects achieved independent statistical significance in their six trials, evaluated by rank ordering of the six transcripts. The one-tailed probability of finding four percipients significant at p < 0.05 out of the six in this experiment is p < 8 x 10-5. This corresponds to a z score of 3.76 standard deviations from chance expectation, one-tailed. When we divide this by the square root of the number of trials (36) we obtain an effect size of 0.63. This effect size is comparable to that of prior studies from our laboratory.


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