Refs/links for the (often independently-coined) term BEWILDERNESS:

John Moore (british anarchist and activist) in short pamphlet Anarchy and Ecstacy: Visions of Halcyon Days. "Bewilderness" is used as a term for a state of mystic rapture.
"Bewilderness... it's just another day" internet-published case study by Palyne Gaenir, term for: Something that seems to be both "a place" and "a state of mind."
Tommy Sheridan and Nick Brill, musicians, album Circle River, song (rock) titled BeWilderness.
"Bill" Bailey (English entertainer), tour titled Bewilderness (title might have been used earlier for show)
Band name "The Bewilderness" (Alt/Punk/Rock, New Jersey, New Brunswick, USA) (Sean Korman, Josh Scary, Nick Fury) (there might be earlier name use)
Film, Greek documentary, "Lost in the Bewilderness"
Marc McKee, book (poetry collection?) Black Lawrence Press

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It's Just Another Day.

An autobiographical case study by Palyne "PJ" Gaenir

Title and text Copyright © 1993-present by P. Gaenir. All rights reserved.

Welcome to "bewilderness" --
a word I made up to describe something
that seems to be both
"a place" and "a state of mind."

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Author's Introduction
Prologue (Cover Letter to Lynn)
Chapter 1I remember a time when reality seemed predictable...
Chapter 2Real life, dream life, and that new third thing -- what do I call that?
Chapter 3Insanity would probably ruin my business reputation.
Chapter 4The aliens arrive. Is that what they are?
Chapter 5My cosmic identity crisis.
Chapter 6The earth moves. My demons? My Angel. And the calling.
Chapter 7Waking up. Admitting it. Jumping tracks.
Chapter 8Polarity, star geometry, a new language, and the moon.
Chapter 9Head-spinning-ly, reality crashing-ly real.
Chapter 10More scary stuff. Magick. Someone else's memories. More visions.
Chapter 11Recalling a 'UFO' encounter with Gina when I was 8 years old.
Chapter 12Who's in control? A validation of sorts. Prophecy. My bad attitude.
Chapter 13Am I a bad guy? Sex/merging. My one "medical" memory. Meeting my Aspects.
Chapter 14More "stuff" -- does this come in any logical sequence?
Chapter 15Isis. More letters. And I'm still a bad guy.
Chapter 16The world's "new cycle." Meeting an Aspect in the flesh... so to speak.
Chapter 17Reading an abduction book (finally). The tall thin man. The soldier in the graveyard.
Chapter 18The cat-eyed guys, and Entities vs. Aliens.
Chapter 19Who needs drugs? The astral college. Mind control? and more.
Chapter 20aLetters I: Q&A re: Aliens/Entities.
Chapter 20bLetters II: Problems and Dilemmas... even with others with 'experiences'.
Chapter 21aPersonal Opinions (and rants) about all this.
Chapter 21bMy Theory on how this works: "The Rainbow of Soul"
Chapter 21cConclusions.
About the Author - (palyne at gmail dot com)

Bewilderness is copyright © 1993 to present to Palyne "PJ" Gaenir ( See