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Notes from Palyne:

I'd like to thank the people who helped me think through much of this when I was going through it, such as Bill Heidrick and Peny North. Thanks to some of the people who provided accounts, questions and comments that ended up in the book, such as Sylvia Dawn (in "Letters"), Barb Finney (the account of her mother in rural Texas) and Bill Heidrick (his comments on UFOs vs. historical 'entities'). I'd like to thank the original arch-skeptic John Ratcliff, who had the brains to truly study the subject with an open but critical mind, and come to some dramatically different conclusions. I was so nervous about admitting this stuff that I sent all my early accounts directly to him as a sort of "offense as defense" tactic, and he had the maturity to avoid stomping on me. It's partly thanks to his critical but intelligent responses that I decided my experiences were worth putting into context. I have to thank George O'Keefe and Lynn Bedri, who suffered through many of the letters and emails filled with this stuff, and are the reason most of it ever got recorded in the first place. Lastly, I have to thank the people who supported me getting it all written down and encouraged me to that end, such as Lynne Morgenthaler, Richard Bach, Dave Caplan, John Dilbeck and Lumir Janku.

Bewilderness was prepared as a "casual case-study" for a friend (Lynn) who at the time was working as a hypnotherapist. Journals and letters from early 1993 to November 1995 were compiled, compared, integrated, and excerpted. The gathering of the materials and narration took place from May 1995 until November or December 1995. I put Bewilderness on the WWW around mid-1996, mostly because I was too lazy to print the whole thing. The events in Bewilderness took place in southern California until the point of late March 1995, and then a few in Florida, Oregon and Washington (state). I continue to occasionally "edit" the narrative part of it (the excerpts are unchanged of course) now and then.

I was born September 14, 1965 at 7:29pm in Ojai, California, USA. I have a daughter, Rykah, born July 13, 1996. Ry and I currently live (Spring 2008) in Northeast Oklahoma in a small house with too many cats. There is not much to say about me personally that seems all that interesting to me. I'm a pretty normal person, despite the odd experiences recounted in the case-study, nearly all of which have vanished from my life. I still get interesting dreams, and psychic stuff, now and then, but nothing remotely on the level of the stuff in this book. I may someday put together a Book II, as I have other experiences I find interesting, but they are not along the powerful alien lines of this period of time.

I get lots of letters from the public about this account. I am always glad to hear feedback, thoughts, and responses. Feel welcome to send email, here's a contact form: PJ's Contact Form

For people who'd like to know a little more about me, my personal home page is: palyne.com.

Regards to all.
Palyne "PJ" Gaenir

Bewilderness is copyright © 1993 to present to Palyne "PJ" Gaenir (palyne.com). See bewilderness.com.