Chapter 20-a : Letters I - Aliens and Entities, Discussion

Researchers from many angles provided me a range of questions that helped me "center myself" in whatever it was I believed. Which, of course, promptly demonstrated that I wasn't even sure what I believed. How can one be absolutely certain about anything, when one has almost no tangible proof, nothing measurable, and no conclusions whatsoever to provide certainty?

Do the aliens remember from one experience to another?

If you mean, do they recognize me from the last time, well, depends on who I'm talking to and why I'm there. I'm often fully aware when around certain of them that I'm there with them a good deal of the time, and yet only clearly remember about one night every 40 or so. In many cases, to be honest, I'm simply not lucid enough, or autonomous enough from their wishes, to be aware of that sort of thing. It really depends on the entity.

Do they show intelligent, purposeful behavior? All of them?

Intelligent? Yes, it seems to be willfully directed by somebody. Some of them even discuss philosophy, math, multi-dimensional understanding, and of course give constant lectures and lessons on subjects that don't even have words but would definitely be considered advanced. As for "all of them..." well, maybe not. Too many of them I meet in such a different context that they're difficult to assess. The "sweet" ones that I meet, which may be what some call Greys, seem fairly simple mentally, but being telepathic to varying degrees, I'd say they're at least one up on us in some categories. Other entities seem beyond brilliant, like IQ's of 800 or something like that.

But if you mean, do for instance the Greys play chess with me, well no, they don't. Again, different looking entities appear to be as different from each other as they are from us, at least in my experience. And much of what we assign to concepts like "intelligent" are based on our own culture and may not apply to them in the way we think. (Any entity with a couple brain cells might suspect that us killing off our own planet is a sign we are not intelligent.)

We appear, in contrast, to be inordinately obtuse; our lack of ability (at least until somewhat trained) to process information and communication with them, combined with our tendency to be scared by what we don't understand and try to bash it, makes us (in my own opinion) act like cattle in a bad mood. So if we get treated as such -- with technology (or something) that tends to keep us, in some experiences, sort of a cross between hypnotized and anesthetized, I can hardly blame them.

In any case, I would have to say that we are not the same at all, but we are at least equal when it comes to 'intelligence,' or if anything, they're some steps up.

Are they influenced by the 'Zeitgeist', by our beliefs and expectations?

I think, due to the type of communicating, that they are aware of such to some degree. I think, due to the type of psychology we have, that we tend to perceive them as affected by the above. But they may be aware and not care; they may use what we believe as tools for communication with us, like how you might use analogies to football or business with different people.

However, whether or not they for instance will, or will not, insert implants or show us visuals of doom or whatever, may not be affected by our beliefs. I am more likely to think that (a) how we interpret any given thing (or whether we even remember it) is affected by our beliefs; and (b) what/who we encounter in the first place may be affected by our beliefs (i.e., in some metaphysical manner of "tuning into" a certain frequency or vibration to meet them).

Are they bent on fooling us?

Gods, who knows?! That's one of the big questions. I don't have any fear that certain of them are trying to fool me, or anybody in particular. I do have concerns that much of my experience, thoughts, et al didn't necessarily originate in my own brain, but other abductees of similar background feel just the opposite, so this may be my own paranoia of sorts. (I'm not upset about it, I just consider it now and then.)

But as always, it goes back to "who" we are talking about. The lizards gave me some stupid story about being underground in Egypt. The others never did. Some talk about my personal psyche; some give lectures on what I suppose is a type of physics; and some, frankly, are simply "there" -- I'm not important enough even to talk with, they're busy. One entity talks about one thing, in one manner, and others something different. Honestly, there is a whole universe of conceptual exploration, and I don't think any of this can be pulled into one category or explanation. Please understand that anything I ever say on this subject is "general," and should never be considered as applying to every entity in every place from every frame of reference.

Do they try to comply with our desires or our fears?

Can you be more specific? They do tend to know our fears, and in some cases help us around them, usually by going through them the hard way (which sucks at the time, but seems to help in the long run). Sometimes they use fear to "break" us, psychologically. I think the sleep deprivation symptoms are related to that. It's like being in a cult, very similar; you're sleep deprived until you're not sure of anything, and then you're confronted with your biggest terrors, and pushed until your perception of reality finally breaks and you allow them in. In some cases they seem to know my desires, and may present themselves or some communication in a manner that ties into that.

Apart from the prevalent mythology, in the experience of abductees, what do the aliens really seem to want? Invade our world in the small measure they can?

You talk as if they just kicked in the door, came over 'here' and grabbed us and are having their way with us. Oh. Wait, I guess that's mostly true, ha! Hmmmn. What I'm having a hard time saying is, I have no sense they are "invasive," despite that. I find them to appear as natural to wherever we are as I am (if not more), and in some cases, they really do appear to have been around longer than we have.

I know I am changing. The changes in me personally, in the last three years, are mind boggling. The entities are definitely involved in this, heavily. Now, I don't ever assume that any entity or species does anything for any reason than because they want to. And I don't ever assume that anybody wants to do anything purely for altruistic reasons. So it's a given with me that they have "their own reasons" for interacting with us, with me. It could be any number of things, and I could speculate but it would be just that -- speculation, based on what seems logical to me, which may have little or no application to the facts.

Try to influence us for ill-defined purposes?

Ill defined how, and by whose standards? Do you mean "Not clearly defined from a human perspective?" They are, and they do, influence us. The extent of it, and my own participation in it, and how/where/end result, is still in question, but they DO, that's not in question. As to their purposes, I've never talked with whatever their version of the Board of Directors or Generals are (I don't think), and while my contacts with various entities have given me some ideas here and there, most of them are pretty generalized, e.g. along the lines of "evolving you, because we can and we need you to evolve." But you know, the guys leading me around are probably proletarians -- I seriously doubt that whoever makes the decisions for their species is meeting with me, or would tell me the story if they were.

I don't believe anybody has the "whole story," nor do I assume that all entities are working with me for the same goals.

Do they act like angels? Or demons?

Well, my line that separates angels and demons is pretty thin, and can change colors and direction at any given moment, so this question doesn't have much relevance to me. In recorded history, Angels tend to be pretty scary, tend to show up in visions that are pretty scary, and on the whole are not usually recorded as some sweet guy in a white suit. What many people would initially consider "demons" and terrifying would well match what history has recorded as angels. The word "daemon" last I heard was from the Greek, and it meant "messenger" or some such thing -- no good or bad attached at all. I don't think any of the religious stuff is as cut & dried as any given church would have one think. It's entirely possible they are entities which at some point have been described as one or both; but there are many entities we're talking about, so it's not easy to categorize them. If they have technology we don't and they were "inherently" evil, they could just wipe us out, right? They haven't done that. I think that's worth considering, and wondering why.

Do they enjoy sexual intercourse with us?

Um. Sensual and intimate are the key words here. There is a tremendous amount of intimacy and sensuality involved in much of this. I don't credit this to any dark desire on their part. Understand that the very difference in communication and "being" (as a verb) makes this different with them. There is an... empathic merging that is difficult to avoid, which is as I said "intimate and sensual," but this doesn't necessarily mean it's fully physical (though it can be, but I think usually only with humans). And mind you, it doesn't mean it has anything to do with gender. It may be sexual for us, because on this plane, sex is how we merge. That doesn't mean that sex as we know it -- most especially the "morals" we assign to the subject -- are the same for them.

Gender and details are irrelevant at that level. I have had "sensually merging experiences" which here on the physical level we would interpret as sexual, with concepts. Things that were not even regular identities, let alone any recognizable form. Talk about a touchy subject -- here we are still arguing about homosexuality on earth, because it seems "different." I assure you it seems so normal I don't even think about it, since I learned to merge with things that weren't even human. I enjoy merging, I'll be honest about that.

Archetype work actually introduced me to that, so by the time this subject cropped up in my life, none of it really phased me. Possibly as a result of this sort of study, practice and experience, my sexuality has pretty much shifted from heterosexual to what is best described as "omnisexual," hahaha! But I think humanity's whole take on sexuality is so messed up that I try to avoid this topic.

Are they kind of soulmates of another dimension?

Unknown. Not sure I believe in soulmates. I think I do believe in "groupsouls" to a degree though, not because I want to, but because it keeps demonstrating itself.

Have they ever talked about their spiritual ideas?

Sorry -- I don't know if what we work on together is their spiritual ideas, or what they want to be mine, or what I need to learn so that someday I can learn theirs, or completely unrelated. I strongly suspect that what we call spiritual, they'd call physics.

Spirits are usually talkative... Swedenborg was always talking with them. Mr. Monroe received what he called ROTE's, huge gulps of information.

Well if you go knock on somebody's door and are standing there expecting conversation, they'll probably say something to you.

How are their worlds, their planes of being? Their housing? Do they live in a purely imaginal, astral world? In a quasi-physical habitat?

Every entity is different. Every entity is as defined (by us) by our perception as anything. Every place is different. Most places seem physical when there, because we're in an equal state, but may not be really; such a thing may be totally irrelevant. Would a ghost need a house? If you can't feel anything and objects aren't solid, why would you? But maybe some are only not-solid compared to us, and seem so to each other -- so, in fact, they are physical, there, they're just not physical compared to here. But of course, some of these entities are absolutely physical, and so have much in common with us.

Half of your questions cannot be answered well because they are simply "not applicable" to the subject at hand. I don't mean that in an unfriendly manner -- I mean, it's not even just apples and oranges, it's like "Walnuts" vs. "Justice." Not applicable. Some seem to have buildings, or it may be the internals of ships for all I know, of sorts. I've never been in housing, but I've been in rooms, in places physical seeming enough, and similar enough to our own framework, that I'm led to assume such a thing might exist.

Are their ships for real or only appearances?

At least one ship I encountered fully physically is definitely for real, no doubt. A few other times I've seen them and yet "known" them -- meaning I was wide awake, and yet, since I had a sense of knowing I'm not certain that my perception was not in some altered stated. Another ship I encountered in astral I fully believed to be real when there, and remembered having been there many times (though usually not lucid). I am not 100% certain this is both not-real and not-fake though, that in other words it's "real" and yet may have been "deliberately constructed" for the very purpose of putting us in a certain setting, like a Hollywood set; things may be easier to fabricate in other planes for all I know.

It appears that in some cases with some entities, ships are involved. I encounter them in dreams more often. One ship (different species) I encountered in astral didn't even look much like a ship from the outside, though it was big on the inside, and I don't really know one way or the other if it was purely imaginative, solely in astral, or physically existent yet found via astral (which is what I assumed at the time). Many other entities I've met have never been associated with any craft of any kind.

Can our minds be read by them?

Communication is in a measure of what we would call mental, so yes, to some degree. If you mean, do they read surface thoughts, maybe, but that requires similar conceptual frameworks. In my opinion, the fragile ones react more strongly to emotions, an empathic sort of state. The big bugs just know, regardless of what state you're in -- they're pretty advanced, and so far are the best at communicating that I've encountered, I mean in terms of using actual words + concepts, and understanding my conceptual realm.

The light guys seem to react to the overall "tone" of thought, as if your thoughts created a chord they could hear and decipher, as if the multi-tone relationships are the same in a way as that geometric language is in mathematical precision. Certain other beings are geometrically precise, or speak in numbers. The blondes, I haven't noted them doing such a thing; a few times I've heard them thinking communication, but not at me, I picked it up via the tall bug things that seem to be around the blondes and fragiles; other times one of the "aspects of me" thinks at me... but he's a different "level" of blonde, different group, he may be slightly different, slightly more psi.

The blondes speak, and some of them perfect English, at that -- giving me the impression they have actually grown up with, or regularly communicate with, humans as we know them. The cat-eyes I never remember a damn thing about except that they're telepathic, I've never heard them speak. Some of the "mythical" type critters don't speak at all, and I don't know that we communicate at all. Usually they just unnerve me. Again, it varies.

In most cases, the entities "link" with my mind, and their communication is translated through me. The effect can be something like words, sometimes very specific words. But the majority of the time it's simply a fast communication that later gets interpreted in words. It's usually a conceptual thought ball, a lot of related thoughts at once, that we translate linearly if we can. (Usually if I translate it in the same manner as they gave it to me, I can't consciously pull it up, because it isn't translatable linearly into language).

It reaches your brain all at once for awhile, and sometimes it can literally take days (or longer) for it all to unroll enough that then you can look back over the course of it and say "this is what happened" or "this is what was communicated."

Please note though, that's communication. There is a state of "knowing" that is absolute and immediate, but that's a personal perception thing -- not the communication of the entities, though it's possible the entities can invoke that state of perception in us.

It's possible that some entities are better at this sort of communication than others, or that some humans are better at interpreting it.

Can abductions be resisted or called for?

Yes, and yes. With a lot of "depends" and caveats. Resisted requires measures I'm not sure I'm willing to take (there are people who work from this angle, and they seem like raving lunatics... they don't sleep during night hours, surround their rooms with electrical cables and all sorts of other weird stuff). Called for: well, you can tune yourself to communicate with them, which can likely invoke it. However, if you call for it, you can hardly call it an abduction. And I don't know that I could predict it, like call them to come pick me up in 30 minutes. And I don't know that I could call for a physical (vs. "astral") meeting.

How strong can bonding be?

What kind of bonding? Human-other? You mean, on the paranoid angle, strong enough for a person to sell out humanity in exchange for their love and teaching? Maybe. Strong enough to miss them when they're gone? Definitely. Strong enough to fall in love with them? Some of them that are more human than others, yeah. One of the big issues with entities and many aliens is that they (and you, in that state) are highly telepathic, and it creates a "feeling of family," a deep intimacy unlike anything we know of in this realm. That tends to influence many people to identify more with other creatures with this ability than with their own species without it.

Do they induce paranormal, spiritual or mystical experiences?

I'd say they are those experiences. The continuum of consciousness appears to develop across the board, at least in me. I doubt the entities are causing the other things in me; I doubt the other things are causing the entities; I'm more inclined to think they are a simultaneous development. As a result, I've come to the place where I don't separate them much, at least in importance: Egyptian gods, mythical beasts, aliens in craft, various abduction type experiences, not to mention the variety of astral realities, alternate realities, and such -- to me, it's all one tree. (I'm just trying to figure out which one's the forbidden fruit, haha!)

A dialogue with the aliens, an interchange of experiences with them can purposely be undertaken or achieved?

Well, yes and no... I've shared thoughts and emotions with them, and they with me. But if you mean, have I gotten the lotto numbers, or for that matter even a logical answer, not even close. (Well they try, but it seldom works. Certain entities give me, as answers, numbers, and I don't know how to interpret them.)

They are so conceptually different that most of this doesn't apply. Understand that to put something across to them clearly is itself enough of a project that I'm not wasting my time on anything but very serious concerns to me; even then, the info has to be translated into a form that will work for both me and them.

Most people forget that language isn't about words, it's about concepts, and that requires a tremendous amount of cultural norms. It's noticeable even in languages as we know them, so imagine how much more difficult it is with entities whose entire 'reality' may be dramatically different. The "language" of emotion, thought forms, and intense focus by them tends to induce a certain framework of experience, type of communication, and state of mind, of which normal conversation has little if any part (and seldom from my end).

Can the appearance of the entities be changed? It is reported that in the afterlife (?) one can choose at will the physical looks and even the clothing? Can aliens do the same?

Some people think these entities are all the same thing, who change based on what's in our head. Except at a very deep metaphysical level (in which the same would apply to all things, including humans and rocks), I don't really hold that view. I don't disagree, I just don't have reason to agree. I think, again, it depends on the entity and depends on "where" you are in your perception. (His realm? Your living room? In between? Are you physical? Astral? Dreaming? All these things may matter.)

Some of the more commonly known entities are, in my opinion, quite physical, merely living "somewhere else." Somewhere close; I've seriously wondered if the greys/bugs/blondes group are responsible for the anomalies on the Moon and such. In those cases, I don't think they can do much changing. I think they can affect our mind, whether it's some kind of technology or mental technique I'm not sure, but I don't think they physically change, though we may think they do. I try to keep in mind that just because they have technology beyond ours doesn't mean they're gods. I don't assume they can do everything.

Do the aliens have the capability of meeting our dead? Are they perhaps our dead?

Interesting idea. I don't have any reason to believe they would be "our dead." I do have reason to believe that our consciousness would be linked, and that if we encounter "our dead" it may be in a framework similar to that of the entities, which may make us assume they're related. This may also indicate an ability of the two groups to communicate with each other. I think we have the ability to communicate too, we just don't know it, or use it.

Can human beings be possessed by aliens?

Ask a walk in. Ha. No really -- can they? It's something I've pondered myself. I'm more likely to think we may be the same thing. I don't mean we're imagining them, I mean it's not impossible that they are "other aspects of our consciousness" or something. One thing -- viewed from different places -- can seem to be totally different things. That's why I think "where" the meeting takes place is important, because I feel that both manifestation and perception may be as affected by that as anything else. I do think, absolutely, that they are able to affect me mentally. Whether or not they can or will do so while I'm "wide awake in the normal world" is another story. Whether or not I would know or remember, I'm unsure.

Do they induce in us states of MPD?

Multiple personality disorder? I don't know. The majority of literature I've read on that subject has, as all personalities, humans. I've always been more inclined to say that serious abuse of children at a young age can simply either affect their ability to focus in reality (as they escape, dissociation), or cause them (as an adaptation development) to "open up" their perception or consciousness, in particular to anything which might be protective, such as psi or future data, or personalities which may be floating around, so to speak -- as a survival instinct. In other words, I've never been sure if it's an extreme state of getting in touch with one's "components," or outright possession, if that exists.

I've read numerous accounts of people who've changed eye color, vision ability, moved in and out of blood diseases, knew or didn't know certain languages, and other details that make the MPD field one of the most incredible anomalies of current times that we can physically study. But few MPD cases (if any) that I've read about involve "aliens." Usually those types are in the schizophrenic field, a whole 'nuther banana.

Ancient authors on spiritual disciplines were well aware of the fact that demons and devils could impersonate anybody. Same with aliens.

Most 'ancient authors' I've encountered managed to drag every aspect of experience into one pool and label it "angel" or "demon," in which case, of course they were said to "impersonate anybody." It's a great way to invalidate anything, most especially anything that contradicts the beliefs of the author and/or establishment. (Besides, everybody's a demon in history except Those Who Lived To Write The Books.)

I fail to see why aliens are an assumption tied to this. I don't buy anything I've heard or read on this level, for the sole fact that humanity has been under the controlling influence of "experts" and "religious leaders" et al for so long that I think all interpretations should be thrown out the window and we should start again, from a perspective of relying on experience to find what's what, instead of superstition (including modern science on this particular subject, which I consider a limiting belief system verging on severe superstition) and others "telling us so."

I'll not class something as good or bad for any reason beyond my own experience (and even that I question). I refuse to be further hindered by the assumptions and limits of my society, let alone the Church, let alone "history" which in many respects is merely a written testimony of the slavish control those two have imposed upon men's minds and lives.

Lastly, I think assuming that Aliens are Demons and/or are just the same is, in fact, a big assumption. That they seem to have much in common with what some people have called demons -- or gods for that matter! -- goes without saying of course. However, I feel that entire mindset is limiting, invokes a paradigm which has already done way too much damage to people in ANY realm, and I simply refuse to be part of it.

I often say openly that I suspect they're "astral entities" just like those who've been playing with people for eons. I did not mean to infer that they all are. Only that I experience a wide range of contact, and often feel this is so. But not all. And that does not invalidate them, or make them less real, and it doesn't invalidate any other species by inference.

I am forced by experience to take them literally. Living in another 'plane' or 'frequency' is to me not much different than someone living in another country. I don't have any inherent prejudices or assumptions about them. What few I held were obliterated early on in this process, and revealed to be more a matter of my cultural superstitions and personal psychological weaknesses, and not necessarily anything to do with their inherent "Is-ness," whatever that may be. Eventually when I got rid of most of the garbage and assumptions I began to feel I was getting a clearer sense of things. Until then I was nothing but confused and scared. I'm still not fully clear on things, and still a bit confused and scared, but I feel better than I did early on.

I guess you can tell that invoking the D-word ticked me off? As you can guess, it's not the first time I've had this subject tossed in my lap. It's a real dilemma, because on one hand I'm trying to tell people look, it's often astral, don't take it SO seriously and be sure to recognize your own creative aspects in this... and on the other I'm saying no, they're separate and autonomous and physical and... don't turn your back. I contradict myself regularly. Our words and our culture make it an either/or thing, and what I'm trying to express is right in the middle, on the borderline of being both and neither, so pardon me if I sound contradictory; it's not ambivalence (though a little is) so much as a lack of ability to express it properly.

As long as we keep control, the phenomenon is just amusing or interesting. But if we lose control, that is, if things start happening with a kind of volition of their own, they can be very unsettling and fearsome. In that case, better get prepared for battle.

I don't think we're consciously in control. I think things do happen with a volition of their own -- they are autonomous identities. Unsettling and fearsome doesn't make them bad -- that describes our reaction, not their inherent selves. As for battle, I just keep in mind that things bear out their true nature eventually. As we get closer to the perception of these so-called 'aliens,' we may understand them more, which of course may make us feel better -- or much worse!

I tend to believe that we'll all use this doorway of creativity, as you so insightfully pointed out it is. Some choose of them masters; others choose demons; others choose elementals; to others, as a friend says, "they's just folks." I don't think they will change, but our perception of them -- which in some ways amounts to the same thing for us -- will.

Aliens may be impersonating anything and anybody, for dark, convoluted purposes or just for fun. They may be impersonating other abductees, MIBs, the military, researchers, everyone.

Well... nothing's impossible. They could be.

There are two areas to address here: astral and physical.

In the physical we're so used to being obtuse outside of what we see and hear that we think disguising oneself is an easy game we play all the time. I mean the people we vote into political office ought to be a good example of how limited our perception tends to be, and how we take everything at face value, and frankly, ignore the obvious to the point where one is forced to wonder about the average intelligence of our species.

But on other levels of communication, the distinctive recognition of any given thing (let alone entity) is unmistakable. Once I've met an entity, I have always recognized it, even when I couldn't see it, even when it looked different. In the "astral," the energy of a given identity is pretty much an Absolute, regardless of its shape.

Now if they're in the physical, then it simply doesn't make any difference whether they're changing shape or whether they're really the thing they'd pretend to be -- the result is the same, and they'd have to be taken as seriously as if it were the same. I mean, MIBS telling someone to shut up or else vs. Aliens pretending to be MIBS telling someone to shut up or else doesn't seem like much difference to me! Either way, if they're at the front door in a cheap suit with a gun in a shoulder harness and a bad attitude, I'm not going to sit around philosophizing about how they're really aliens who can fool me. If they're standing at my door, they've fooled me already, and I'd be willing to bet their tactics of shutting a person up would fool me too. The end result is all that matters, in that case.

But as for impersonation: I have encountered entities who are absolutely human looking (some merely look human; others are human), and I doubt the other entities could physically fool us while in our physical. In their "place," where perception is a bit different, maybe; I doubt they could morph right here. But that's my own paradigm: objectively I believe it possible. I think I don't like the idea of them being able to do so. I may be biased. Anyway, so that pretty much limits the possible suspects for such a thing to humans, similar humanoids with alterations, and hybrids with a high percentage of human.

In this imaginal or archetypal or psychic world the truth and the lies are not so far apart. It is like in the Internet or in any network. I can assume any personality I want.

Two subjects here. First, I'm not sure what you mean by imaginal, I'm not familiar with that word, and I don't consider it merely an archetypal world, except at a deep level where everything is; it's important to me that in discussion, the literal physical-ness of these critters not be forgotten in abstract theory. I began in archetype work, so obviously I link the subjects, but I would say our interpretation of 'archetype' is surely limited. It may be heavily interactive with our imagination, and may be part of humanity's archetypes, and may even be composed, to a great degree, of humanity itself. But this doesn't make me consider it non-autonomous (or non-physical at times).

As for personal appearance or presentation, I don't know. I've given this a lot of thought. I've come to the tentative conclusions that a) there do appear to be certain "species" that are recognized by many people, unrelated, even certain specific identities that are; b) they do appear to share a personality profile, and sometimes communications, that makes the similar accounts of them believable; c) it is not impossible that when in "realms other than what we know as 3D physical," the entities are malleable and for whatever reason have "taken that form;" and d) It is not impossible that the form they take is based on what we want or expect.

However, given A and B, I would be forced to assume that when one encounters Joe Doon in a given form, one can logically make an assumption about the behavior/personality of that form, and of the conditions of the environment that form is found in. Regardless of why he's in that form, or how he got there, if a certain form indicates a certain behavior, it doesn't make any difference whether they change forms or not. If they're as predictable (or more so) than we are when recognized in a certain form, then the form can be taken at face value. In other words, a grey is a grey. Who cares what he was 10 minutes before: if he's a grey when you see him, you can bet he'll act like one.

I can support the idea that some of them in certain conditions have the ability to change form (or to make one believe they have, same result); but I cannot support the idea that everything we see is merely one creative group of entities shape changing. Nope. Not in the physical as well as the astral, I just don't buy that. My experience just flat out doesn't tell me that. I did consider it and ponder it at length early on, but I was brought back to believing my initial conclusion, which is that they really are separate, although that word loses some definition as you travel inward.

they are not as good at distinguishing between thoughts and reality as we are.

I don't think there's a big difference -- I'd be inclined to say that we're just not as good at interpreting how merged they are. The separation of thought vs. reality is, in my opinion, our blindness condition. Besides, "reality" changes -- what you consider reality means little when viewing things from their perspective.

Apart from the psychological harm they may inflict on individuals (especially on people who have not had previous psychic experiences), aliens do not seem to be dangerous.

Thus far, I'd have to agree. Except I'd take exception with the psychic part; they may usually be on "psychic" realms, but not always. Showing up in one's living room makes them seem a bit more dangerous than "floating about in the ether," trust me.

They may not invade Papua-New Guinea or the USA, they are in no position to promote NWO, they won't make deals with the military.

I have nothing to indicate to me those things are impossible. I'm not paranoid, but I wouldn't put it past them if they had the inclination.

In my opinion they are beings of a nearby plane, who can briefly visit ours, as we can briefly visit theirs. These visits require the assumption of some denser substance on their part; we, on the contrary, can only visit them if we assume a lighter substance, like the 'astral' bodies detached in OBEs. All this seems inoffensive enough, because neither they nor we can stay long in each other's place.

Well first off, by that theory hybrids might have long term abilities in both. But some of these folks are human, or close enough to it, and could indeed live here. And technology may enable the visits either direction to be long term. I think there may be more to it though. I feel the difference between being in one "plane" or another is less about mere 'substance' and more about perception -- which may determine substance, but is the first requirement.

But perception can be trained to be open to a density-level (or as I say, a frequency band) other than the one that a person is physically standing in. Otherwise we wouldn't see ghosts unless people became ghosts, or unless ghosts became physical. While both may be possible, I'm tempted to say that a person's perception altered enough to allow them to see something not in this "plane," or not fully, anyway; that's why only some people see them. Were the ghost physical, everyone would see them; were the person ghostly, the people they were with wouldn't see them. I know entities/ghosts are relegated to the "far out" category by most people, but that's just superstition and nonsense. They're familiar enough to a large enough group of people, throughout history, that it shouldn't be such a big question anymore.

Anyway, one of the problems is that getting this perception tuned to the frequency aligned with where they're vibrating invariably makes us vibrate there (another way of getting what we focus on), which means it's pretty difficult to have a conversation with an astral entity while you're driving down the road. Not impossible mind you, but when it's done that way (when our 'attention' is fully in the physical for the most part) it's a different level of contact.

The direct contact changes me. The first response is usually feeling like throwing up. It has serious effects on the body, not to mention the mind. I'm not sure if this is the vibration that accompanies it, or the entities themselves. I don't know if the vibration is them, or technology. But as for learning to focus into them, it is possible. I really believe that one could be trained to deal with it. I sometimes think that's what they're doing with us.

Are there other dimensions in which they can be a nuisance or dangerous?

I think they can be here. The potential effects of anything from their encounters to hybrids, though, should there be such a thing, is worth keeping in mind, as is their apparent ability to, shall we say, provide us ideas and thoughts we may think are our own. I don't fear them or even suspect them of negatives, but I would hesitate, out of common sense, to simply assume they were harmless. And even if they were, if I kill myself because thanks to them I thought I was crazy, that's still indirect harm, yes? And we can't forget our history, either; some groups of entities, and I remain uncertain which ones, appear to exist, and have demonstrated a merciless lack of goodwill. Every time I get going on the Higher Evolution aspect of this subject, I try to keep that little detail in mind.


I think you have a good point about this new field of 'abduction' actually opening up a tremendous creative spout in humanity overall and allowing us to see and experience a number of things through it. We've definitely been repressed in many areas, and regardless of the paradigm that the creativity is flowing through, at least it has an outlet.

Of course, there have always been people with the capacity to see, but they had to negate their visions or classify them into the dual categories of angel or demons. And, up to the eighteenth century, it was very 'dangerous'.

I'm not 100% certain that it's not today. I mean, nobody I know has ever died (except once in a dream), or even been "grievously" injured. When I saw that movie "Fire in the Sky" I was upset for a month just by the idea of a corpse... because thus far, while there'd been some weird stuff, scary stuff and even painful stuff, there has never been physical death. (There have, however, been "mushy bodies" -- my own -- a form of transport in that soft thin blue gel, like not fully physical. Like how water is mass but you can put your hand through it... but thicker. Perhaps that was misinterpreted in the movie, who knows.)

There have been many times I've felt I barely escaped with my life, and/or sanity, however. I don't know how much of that is merely my fear or perception, but I don't want to test it out to be sure. I'm wary.

I get the impression from some of your writing that you've categorized these folks neatly into the astral realm. While I myself have said that more than once, and so obviously agree at least in some cases, still I think it's important that people do not get misled by this classification: They have the ability to become 100% physical, and they do!

They appear to be autonomous, don't let that get forgotten. I have a very positive outlook toward all this, but I feel it would be unfair of me to carry my emotional interpretation into any kind of logical assumption. I have experienced that they are astral and they are physical; they are benevolent and they are ruthless; they are autonomous and they are influenced by us. I'm optimistic enough to work with them openly, to allow myself to be influenced by them, for the sake of learning. But I'm pessimistic enough that I wouldn't give over my kids to them, and I don't trust them, because I don't fully understand them. I feel we may merely be pawns. That I may learn from this experience makes it ok for me. That doesn't mean I want to give over my own people to that status.

While our conceptual framework may be very different, we'd be fools to ignore our own experience with things. What happens to property, land, personal rights, and even life, when one sentient species "here" considers another inferior? Well, they consider us inferior, so think about it. (Only the blondes are arrogant about it. The bugs and lizards do too, but they respond differently. They're not insecure, they don't need to be jerks.) This alone, this attitude, makes me nervous and distrustful.

The sweet fragile ones don't act like that. They seem much more equal to humans, even if more wonderfully empathic than we are. I trust the intentions of the fragile ones; I've never had the feeling they wanted to hurt me, and in fact they seem distressed if the subject comes up. The tall bug things seem so intelligent they're actually a little bit above that sort of thing. They'd do what was necessary, but they wouldn't hurt anybody for fun. The blondes might, just out of that infamous human arrogance and disregard for other life that we see in our own species. They're human, if of a somewhat different makeup, so that may be why we have much in common.

I don't know where the line is that divides these things, or explains these things. But the data I have right now, from all angles, tells me that I should avoid making decisions until I have more data. I'm the first to dislike the polarity of the good/evil scenario, and am pretty Thelemic about that all in all. But that does not rule out the option of many different species all with their own intents and purposes, some of which may not be liked by us.

I think we're still in the midst of the good-evil war we've been using since Day 1, what with Greys supposedly being drones doing nasty genetic stuff, yet then people are talking about spiritual awakening and bonding with them, and on one hand the 'aliens' are so superior, on another, just the bad guys; on one, just normal folks from another dimension, just different, and on another the Fallen Angels from this one....

Each individual has the right to make up their own mind, of course, and emotionally I have only positive associations with my learning, but I'm also easiest to influence on the emotional level from their end. I've seen it happen enough with me to not fully trust that aspect of me, or at least, to not ignore my intellectual component which isn't as influenceable, and which basically says that I don't have enough data to reach any conclusion about their intent.

As for the general opening of personal abilities and experience and creativity, though, you're right: they're all linked with me, and I think our culture with its dead gods is in need of an outlet. This one will work just as well as any other I suppose.

What is the strongest case that can be made for the hallucination hypothesis?

Individual beliefs, perceptions, expectations, and fears strongly influence many abduction and/or "other" experiences. As the most extreme example, I was once convinced I met a certain group of entities -- immediately after having heard about them. I think the effect of one's psychology can't be overlooked if we ever want to figure this out. I may be schizo, ok, or maybe the mind is involved, but more along the lines of "tuning us" to a specific frequency?

Few people seem to be either brave enough or logical enough to put all evidence they have forth, because everybody's afraid of being invalidated or crazy. I, however, decided early into all this that I am crazy, and am ok with it as long as it doesn't screw up my ability to make a living. I've seen people's encounter stories change rapidly, like within minutes, based on their own expectations and/or those of their "abduction group." I don't think they're lying; I think like an abstract dream, any personal bias at all warps recall. I think it's extremely difficult for objective psychological researchers to get much of a 'true story' out of things, at least in the interpretive aspect of it. So I've gone out of my way to provide myself a framework where I have no need to prove anything, to experience one thing over another. It's all equally interesting.

On the other hand, I've met entities, and seen environment detail, that years later I then heard about the same critters and the details elsewhere -- tremendously validating to me, as I hadn't heard about them before I experienced it. (And, having been in deliberate denial of this subject my whole life, I've missed stories "everybody knows" and so regularly come up with things that I think are novel that are boring to everybody else. But I didn't know about it before it happened to me.)

Any halfway rational 'contactee' (I hate all the terms for this stuff) admits that their own psychology plays a part in all this. Problem is, it's so common for people not going through it to write the experiences off as "merely dreams" or imagination, that there's a near-paranoia about that opinion with folks going through it. So the sensitivity to people indicating it's being created by one's own psychology is overwrought. (Understandably.)

And of course, there's that little matter that most people are somewhat oblivious to their real psychology, and so even if it were entirely self-created they might not recognize they had anything to do with it. Getting people to take responsibility for themselves even on the physical realm is difficult, and there the cause-effect is so much more obvious!

What evidence argues against such a hypothesis?

(a) Similar 'encounters' all over the world, throughout time, even down to tiny details, with people who have not been influenced by each other.

(b) An occasional lack of anything interesting in the experiences and/or 'aliens.' "Just folks," in some cases; not like it's a big "experience where they took my Eggs" or something, but like you just happened to be hanging around a place that just happens to be different from this one. More like a place, an alternate reality of sorts, then a you-specific-focus. This combined with the constant repetition eventually leads me to conclude that it hardly matters; if they're as regular as my boss is, they're part of my reality.

Even "teaching," although it's often one on one (in my case it's often like a projector screen with a narrator, though it varies), often has a "classroom" tone, where it's not, again, that I'm the center of attention, or even that I'm noticed -- I just happen to be there.

(c) A personality profile of certain 'aliens' that doesn't seem to match what we would expect from planetary or even cultural archetypes. For example, the angelic blonde guys are, usually, a pain in the ass. They're a bit more developed it seems, but in other ways not; they're easily violent and tend to pound you if you get out of line. At least that's my experience with them, and I didn't expect that. While this could be stretched and said to relate to something like the 'Aryanism' of the Nazi party, generally I think most people, at least in the mostly-white countries, have a positive emotional association with something beautiful and blue eyed. The fact that note (a) applies here is worth considering as well.

(d) Physical results. Implants, in particular. I was even seriously injured by a misplaced implant (in my knee); then it was pretty difficult to pretend it wasn't "real" and all my "What a groovy metaphysical experience" reassurance went out the window. Moreover, since they eventually came back and fixed me, and were fully physical and yet completely invisible, my body is absolutely convinced they're real. My eyes couldn't see them, but there are a lot of perceptions besides visual that are just as relevant to reality. I don't necessarily see wind or temperature either, but that doesn't make them my imagination.

(e) Results seem to override beliefs. For example, since I was convinced for a long time they were 'entities' and I had no UFO type stigma attached to the experience, I liked them. I figured they were some kind of evolved master or whatever on some other plane and were coming to educate me. Gosh, how considerate. (Belief in Evolved Masters was a new belief too, but was easier for me than aliens.)

And yet, a few times when I forced myself to stay awake long enough (I would just fall into a stupor; I had to train myself to fight it) that them coming could be heard by my body and not just sensed in my mind, my entire body reacted with stark terror, with life-or-death survival instincts, with immobilizing fear. And yet, even during this, my conscious mind was thinking, "What's wrong? This is a good thing! Why should I be scared?!" I knew that my body (or my subconscious) was scared -- not the rest of me. My emotions and mind weren't scared, my body was, although that doesn't seem to make sense objectively.

I did not have this the first few times I met them, which led me to believe that there is something in those experiences that developed the emotion. (As time went on, specifically after I was thoroughly implanted, any need to show up physically pretty much went away. Now they just drag me out of my body astrally -- usually... or I "bi-locate"... I'm still confused, to be honest.)

All electromagnetic spectrum phenomena (energy) has a wave-like character which is discernable given the right kind of experiment is carried out. ... They do not interact with matter such as your body to any appreciable extent...

Well, you are quoting science as it is known and previously published. So you're correct, by definition. But I feel that we're talking about something not fully understood yet, and anyway, I feel that science saying "this doesn't really affect your body..." is laughable, since in my own opinion, science is completely oblivious to anything but the overtly biological, and in my experience there is much more. Besides, even in the 'overtly biological' category, science can't figure out what does, or does not, cause cancer et al, and the studies demonstrating that things do, or do not, conveniently tend to match the interests of the research funding party. I don't think science even has this reality down very well yet, so I'm not inclined to trust the field's "opinion" over my own personal experience when it comes to things they have not studied, and don't even have the tools for doing so.

all of these aspects indicate that individuals experienced a significant change in consciousness.

That's one way of putting it. I suspect many of the difficulties and confusions and amnesias are more a matter of attempting to translate something non-translatable than anything else. (Some of the amnesias, though, seem to be deliberately induced by the folks one 'encounters' which is another topic.)

The observation that the incidence of reported abuse among a sample of abductees is twice the suggested incidence in the normal population also suggests susceptibility to disassociation. Similarities with lucid dreaming, the near-death-experience and temporal lobe epileptic aura experiences are also apparent.

Sounds right to me. Perhaps abuse in childhood simply provokes certain developments, including a need to be able to communicate on levels other than purely physical, if for nothing else than self defense. Sort of a necessary measure of human adaptability, if you will. If I can "sense" a mood in somebody, or something about to happen, I'm that much more safe. I believe extensive lucid dreaming and other such things are also more common, perhaps for the same reasons. By this perspective it would actually be logical to assume that people with abuse in their history would be more inclined to these experiences. That doesn't make the experiences less valid, it merely makes some people more inclined to encounter them, by their very nature.

It's also possible that instead of psychology explaining the 'alien abduction' symptom, perhaps the symptom explains the psychology. In other words, encountering 'aliens' as a child may have made certain aspects of my consciousness more easily accessed.

The fact is that we are grounded in a certain 'reality' and view of it. Sanity is a relative term based on society. 1000 Years ago a disbelief in God and Witches would have been insanely dissasociative; today a belief in them is questioned. Used to be you could discuss ghosts with a straight face; nowadays you're a 'loon. I keep in mind Zenon paradoxes, I think someone once called them, where the experts in math can "prove" that it's impossible to catch a ball, for an arrow to reach its target, and other such things. Those ought to be a clue that our expert opinions and valid mathematical theories often mean little to the operational parameters of reality.

Sanity is based on perception. If I perceive that the sky is blue and the room is empty, and you think it's green and there are flowers falling from the ceiling, I think you're insane. But if everyone agrees with you, it's me who's nuts. Some doctor would test to find the part of my brain that blocks out flowers I suppose. However, given the levels of consciousness that for instance hallucinogenic drugs can example (I don't consider that an invalid experience; and many chemicals can be found in our own brain, so it's not really artificial), I see no reason to conclude that there is only one possible "perception" available that deserves the "real" label.

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