Chapter 21c: Conclusions

OK, so it's not the belief system I started out with. So what?

Perhaps I should be more awe-struck. Or at least less flippant. But I'm not. 

There are other "identities" than what most people are familiar with. A few are able to be physical-in-our-reality, but mostly of them aren't. Mostly they operate somewhere "in between" that we can't even describe yet--alternate dimensions, alternate realities, who knows. 

We are 'equal to them in density while there' in terms of mass-physicality, which doesn't mean that it needs to be comparable with whatever goes on with us 'here,' of course. This causes no end of confusion, since our society isn't ready for the idea that anything besides our reality even exists--let alone that we might not be the center of that existence, either. 

It is like Galileo all over again, only this time the religion is Scientism. 

The separation between 'them' and 'us' is not yet clear. To some degree I refer to most things as "archetypes." But my use of the term does not preclude the ability for them to operate in a tangible-equality sense with me. In other words, it's just a word--they can be as distant as a dream, or as solid as your neighborhood bully.

They can be abusive, or act like we're inferior. They can also be joyous, sensual, and invoking great love and loyalty. 

The experiences can be scary or wonderful, dull or fascinating, and defy any one category or explanation. 

I am personally far more interested in learning about myself, and the "fuller spectrum" of myself--which includes all this and more--than I am in learning about anything or anyone else. I would say that the more one learns about themselves, the more one encounters other perceptions and identities—because we exist in a much fuller sense than we realize. 

Focusing on the sights along the way, rather than the Self, may be little more than an unfortunate distraction. Like an experience vaguely "faery" that I recounted in this study, becoming involved with the interesting games found "there" may only trap one at that "level," making moving above that -- or 'evolving' above that -- more difficult. 

As for the confused and often bizarre modern interpretations of "aliens," I say: Let the historians worry about history. Let the psychiatrists worry about insanity. Let the government worry about the military. It just doesn't matter to me. Either way, I still have to get up in the morning and make a living, right? 

It's just another day.


End of Book I. Last date: November 1, 1995.

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