Even if the basic premise of this site - that we are, within ourselves, the world; that we are, within ourselves, the space-time continuum - is accepted, it is clear that even this premise must be provisional. That is, it is only one conceptualization, one  interpretation, of humankind's situation. As is discussed here, this interpretation postulates that at some point in our development, each of us is in direct contact with things as they are. Human beings, we who call ourselves homo sapiens sapiens, have learned how to abstract from that contact - and this abstraction, for each individual, is what we know as reality.

This reality is not a fiction. It is the way we have engaged ourselves with existence.

The material on this site explores the implications of this phenomenon. While both of us (each through our own individual and specific experience) hold that from this premise there arises a consistent and paradigmatic world view sufficient for us, we realize that there are other voices offering their own interpretations, their own conceptualizations, congruent in many ways with the "new reality" we are proposing here.

With the advent of the World Wide Web and Internet, access to these other voices has become much easier than in the past.  Here are some links to "other voices, other rooms," where we've found a fair degree of  congruence.

Dan Moonhawk Alford, a linguist with linkages to Native American culture, has discussed the notion of linguistic relativity as described by both Edward Sapir and Richard Whorf, in a series of articles published on the 'net.   Perhaps the essay most pertinent to our discussion is his Manifesting Worldviews in Language, although all of his work makes compelling reading.  A link to this article can be found at http://www.sunflower.com/~dewatson/alford.htm

Home Page of Mark Pesce, author of  The Playful World: How Technology Transforms our Imagination.  Links to much of Pesce's writings: http://www.hyperreal.org/~mpesce/

"The Exceptional Human Experience Network, Inc. (EHEN) is an educational, research, and information resource organization studying all types of anomalous (out of the ordinary) experiences.    Because these experiences are primarily subjective, scientists tend to ignore them. They do not fit into today's scientific theory, and our culture typically does not have a way to understand and deal with them. People who have these types of experiences are often not believed, or are considered odd or strange."  http://www.ehe.org

A compelling account of the hazards which may be encountered on the journey toward self-knowledge can be found in  Joyce Collin-Smith's autobiographical memoir, Call No Man Master.  An on-line edition is at http://www.isleofavalon.co.uk/edu/archive/callnomm/cnm-00.html

Extraordinarily interesting channeled dialogue, emphasizing many points made here; however, its syntax is difficult:   http://www.chancenpool.at/Elias/

Other links may be added here from time to time.
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