Evolutionary Background: Science vs. Spirit
Evolution's Internal Blueprint
Chakras, Root-Races, and the Tree of Life
The Age of the Ego
The Age of the Imago
What Is To Be Done?


The spectrum of opinion about evolution must be at least a light-year wide, from those who don't even believe in it to those who would like to take it into their own hands. But there's actually little doubt about the basic premise, which has become an integral part of our worldview, for better or for worse. If evolution didn't exist, someone would have to invent it. And maybe that's exactly what God did, in the beginning.

So is it time for human beings to take up the tools of God and shape their own genome into something hopefully closer to the heart's desire? I think we first have to ask: which human beings? If they are the same gentlemen (and ladies) who preside over world civilization in its current state, I think the job would be better left to Dr. Frankenstein.

Nevertheless, the tools will soon exist; some of them already do; and some of them always have, a fact unknown to the current crop of would-be gods incarnate. In fact, there may be patterns of immenent transmutation totally invisible to the fine-honed eyes of science. So it behooves all thoughtful people to grapple with the matter starting now, to insure that the new breed of human being will be something at least a little bit closer to the image of God, and not made in the likeness of Frankenstein's monster.

Now we must ask: if there is a God, or at least come positive cosmic force or destiny that oversees developments in this universe and gives them meaning, how and why has it come to pass that a menagerie of Dr. Frankensteins is on the brink of expropriating the tools of God? And furthermore, why was Dr. Einstein and his colleagues allowed by providence to concoct the Bomb, and set the planet on the edge of nuclear extinction for the last fifty years? Are they right in their belief that it's all run by blind chance, and therefore they are answerable to no higher power than themselves, nor subject to any design save that of their own making?

I think not. To the extent that they deny the existence of an overriding purpose and divine potency, these puny humans, for all their brilliance, are mere pawns of a larger process. There are reasons for all the remarkable events that have unfolded here at the far end of this millennium; there is a pattern, vast in its scope and evolutionary in its progression. It has been here at the far end of this millennium; there is a pattern vast in its scope and evolutionary in its progression. It has been mapped out down through the ages by sources that maintained continuity through past cataclysms. The pattern shows that there is a high likelihood of another such catastrophe looming in the near future, and that it's intimately connected with the next step in human evolution.

In the pages listed below will be found a prophetic hypothesis about the nature of evolutionary change. It's new and original in many respects, but the general framework is grounded in the most ancient traditions of human understanding, and the special systems of knowledge associated with them. Based on this matrix, I formed a theory some ten years ago that the new evolutionary advance was already breaking forth in the world, and that it carried great danger as well as incredible new potential. I described the change as a mutation, involving a new sort of mental organ which I proposed could be named the IMAGO (pronounced i-MAY-go). This is the word that's used in entomology for the winged adult form of metamorphosing insects like butterflies, and in psychiatry for the image of the parent retained in the subconscious. My concept is that the new development is a change in the very nature of the self: how it's experienced and how it impacts the outside world; in short, that the Imago is the next step beyond the ego. People who have the Imago, and who develop the remarkable powers inherent in it, can be called IMAGIANS. This word has a significance of its own, in that it's similar to "magian", the traditional term for a practitioner of high magic.

Over the course of the following decade I promulgated my theory in self-published magazines and essays, and it has thereby become known to a very small circle of cutting-edge folk. My hope is that now the time is ripe for a larger slice of the population to wake up to the Imago and confront the astonishing truth about the events now unfolding in the world. For indeed, we are faced with nothing less than an evolutionary crisis.

Evolutionary Background: Science vs. Spirit
Does the Coin Have a Head or a Tail?

The theory of evolution as promulgated by mainstream science rests on hypothetical connections between physical objects, mostly fossils. The evidence is very compelling on the broadest scale, namely the observation that over the long millennia of geological time, life on Earth has changed, complexified, and often improved. We can see from the fossil record that there is some kind of organic development going on, and that it can be progressive, even if it also sometimes regresses, remains static for long stretches, or gets devastated by mass extinctions.

Where the materialist theory breaks down is in the vast gaps that exist in the fossil record - and this is exactly where the scientists (such as they are) begin to bend the evidence to fit the theory. When this happens, the hypothesis becomes less credible as a truly scientific theory, and takes on the characteristics of doctrine, or even dogma.

The early evolutionists were more open about it. Yes, there were interest in discovering truth, but they also had another heavy agenda, which was to disprove the doctrines of religion as they were taught by the Christian church in the 19th century. This is freely admitted in the writings of these men, notably in their discussions of the question of whether or not evolution could proceed by great leaps and sudden spurts. This notion was rejected, not on the basis of any evidence, but specifically TO CLOSE THE "LOOPHOLE' AGAINST DIVINE INTERVENTION. The founding fathers of evolutionary theory knew that their spiritual opponents would see the hand of God in any unexplained dysjunctures in the process of development; and so they instituted the principle of "gradualism", which holds that evolution always proceeds slowly and more or less uniformly over long periods of time. This doctrine - for that is certainly what it is - is now finally being challenged by qualified and creative professionals in the field, who are diligently uncovering the suppressed evidence for evolution by sudden leaps. The effort is predictably being resisted by the evolutionist establishment, with a vehemence reminiscent of churchly clerics defending their dogmatic beliefs against heretics.

This also reveals the underlying reason for the resistance of the scientific establishment in general to the wide-ranging efforts being made by many sincere people to unify scientific and spiritual paradigms. The best example involves quantum physics, which most insightful thinkers see as a breakthrough beyond the old narrow boundaries of rigid scientific materialism, and the harbinger of a new expanded worldview in which science and the spirit work hand in hand. Yet the very physicists whose theories are most often quoted in support of these assertions always explicitly deny that their discoveries have any such implications, and instead adhere RELIGIOUSLY to the scientific orthodoxy of materialist reductionism.

In the same way, Western biology and medicine originally ridiculed Chinese acupuncture, because the savants of established science could find no trace of the subtle network of meridians in the body which is the basis for acupuncture. But with the globalization of the culture, acupuncture made inroads into the Western countries, and finally the establishment was forced to accept it on the undeniable grounds that it works, and works well.

The acupuncture meridians are in turn an extension of the seven CHAKRAS, another concept which Western science denies because it crosses the line between spiritual and physiological. Exceptional Western individuals who were willing to cross this line began the work of correlating the ancient Eastern body of knowledge surrounding the chakras with Western material science. One finding shows that the chakras are connected with the hormones secreted by the various endocrine glands. However, there has been little or no follow-up on such research by mainstream scientists. This is a shame and an irony, because the chakras are one of the keys to evolution.

Evolution's Internal Blueprint

The limitations of the materialist-reductionist approach to science are evident in many areas. On my home page, I mentioned the suppression of evidence for sudden evolutionary leaps, the rejection of non-dualistic paradigms for quantum physics, and the failure to find the physical components of bodily organs which have been proven empirically to exist, namely the acupuncture meridians and the chakras. It stands to reason that the same basic limitation of approach and methodology will cause fundamental errors and omissions on the largest scale. So it is that examining external physical objects, like fossils, and making deductions and forming hypotheses about them, is not by itself sufficient to give the practitioners the slightest clue to the INTERNAL dynamic which drives evolution along certain paths according to a certain pattern.

The "family tree" of life on Earth as constructed by material science is a vast pastiche of genera, phyla, species, and subspecies, ranked and organized according to obvious resemblances of the creatures' anatomy, compounded with speculations about which may have evolved from which. The possibility of any sort of inherent, pre-existing dynamic which shapes the process and determines the direction of evolution is explicitly denied, for this would be construed as falling on the spiritual/metaphysical side of the dichotomy, and would contravene the dogma that there is nothing but blind chance behind the whole unfoldment. However, for those brave souls able to surmount the dualistic straightjacket of mainstream thought, it will be found that ancient metaphysical knowledge is indispensable in order to gain a true understanding of anything, and to break through the hopeless conundrums with which modern materialist science finds itself confronted.

There have been some recent efforts to trace the pattern of evolution to a sequential unfolding of the seven chakras, notably by Ken Wilber. However, the very first and founding contribution to this school of thought is still the most comprehensive and best, namely that of Helena P. Blavatsky, the imperatrix of the Theosophy movement. No sooner had Charles Darwin and hi colleagues launched the theory of evolution in dualistic-materialist terms, than Madame Blavatsky crafted a cosmic counterstroke and incorporated it into a well-rounded hypothesis of meta-physiological progression.

It was the genius of Madame Blavatsky - or, if you prefer, her contact with superhuman spiritual masters - that identified the common patterns of many traditional esoteric systems, and correlated them with current scientific thought. Thus Theosophy clarified that the seven major chakras are not just energy-centers within the individual human body, but also in the collective body of humanity itself. And just as the awakening, activation, and opening of each chakra produces a milestone in the spiritual development of the individual, so also does the evolution of the human species proceed according to the unfoldment of the chakras. Thus the development of the life-form that we now call human is destined to proceed through seven stages, as it collectively activates each chakra in turn. These seven evolutionary stages of the human organism are called ROOT-RACES in Theosophical terminology.

Chakras, Root-Races, and the Tree of Life

What is a "root-race"? As defined by Theosophy, it would seem to be closer to the biological concept of "species" rather than "race". This is evidenced by the fact that the whole of present-day humanity is considered to constitute the fifth root-race. Yet the concept is obviously not identical with the mainstream notion of "species", because the fourth root-race (from which the fifth evolved) was not "homo erectus" or "Neanderthal" or any other type of Paleolithic hominid, but rather THE ATLANTEANS.

In Theosophical doctrine, the term "Atlantis" does not merely designate a legendary lost continent, but a whole human type which went through a complete cycle of development, reaching a peak in a world civilization which eventually became too powerful for it own good, and destroyed itself. New discoveries and theories by non-mainstream researchers are tending to pin down evidence for a global catastrophe between eleven and thirteen thousand years ago, and this accords very well with the information put forth by Madame Blavatsky back in the 19th century.

On further pages I'll provide more details about the nature of the various root-races. For now, I wish to draw your attention to another pattern of occult correspondence, namely the relationship between the seven root-races, the seven chakras, and the ten spheres of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

An essential teaching of the Kabbalah is that the same patterns and forces that govern the operation of the universe are also operative within the human soul. Dualistic scientists would find it incomprehensible that a human anatomy chart would also be a map of the cosmos, yet this is precisely the case with the Tree of Life. Taken in conjunction with the chakras and root-races, as in our diagram to the left, the cosmic model becomes even more comprehensive, and remarkable. It reveals secrets and unravels mysteries that have stumped the best minds of material science. And most important of all, it will unveil the Imago and give us knowledge of our fate.

The first and most primitive root-race, the Polarean, is conceived by Theosophy to be an amorphous mass organism constituted of a type of matter which present-day science would not consider physical. It contains the potential of all the later stages, and is therefore truly human, just as a newborn baby is, even though its immediate capabilities are very simple and limited. And indeed, this root-race corresponds to the most rudimentary stage in the development of the human individual: the baby, in whom only the basic powers of the body have begun to function, regulated by the first chakra, at the base of the spine.

The childhood of collective humanity was embodied in the Hyperborean root-race, which activated the second chakra, concerned with sex and identity. It had still not coalesced into "hard" matter, and the people were hermaphrodites, or true androgynes: every individual was both male and female. The species as a whole realized its separation from the rest of the universe, and attained a collective awareness of self. This is the stage in which the modern-day child attains a conclusive sense of him or herself as a separate person, acknowledged in such traditional teachings as the Catholic Church's doctrine that the individual reaches the "age of reason" at about age seven. And modern psychology has recognized that this development hinges on an androgynous type of prepubescent sexuality.

The species reached puberty in the Lemurians, as the third root-race fully condensed into physical life by dividing itself into two sexes. Thus the modern adolescent polarizes as either male or female, and enters the tumultuous world of dualized existence in general. This whole range of development is controlled by the third chakra, located in the solar plexus - just below the navel - and is reflected in the first pair of dyadic spheres on the Tree of Life. The central attribute of this stage of development is WILL, just as it was identity for the second stage and bodily existence for the first. The person who successfully negotiates all the rites of passage of adolescence does so by developing the power of will, and thereby becomes an adult. This capacity was first developed collectively by the Lemurians, who thence evolved into the fourth root-race.

Atlantis was the young adulthood of the human race, in which the heart chakra became activated for the first time - just as young men and women today graduate from puppy love and juvenile affection into full-blown romantic experience and sexual love. But the more exalted aspects of the heart center are the key to the Atlantean transformation of humanity. The Third-stage dyad involves all the primal dualities of fight or flight, friend or foe, help or hurt, etc. As incarnate creatures, humans drew up sides in the battle for existence, and went at it with all the ferocity of primitives for whom survival is the absolute value. But in the fourth stage, this primal conflict was resolved as both poles of the "either-or" fused into a unity. A sense of collective compassion dawned, encompassing the entire species, and the power of this universal love enabled the Atlanteans to overcome their parochial divisions and build a global civilization.

According to some schools of Theosophical and occult thought, this unitive power of the heart chakra manifested in the individual as MEMORY, which was the special attribute developed and perfected by the Atlanteans. The assertion is that though the Lemurians had mighty powers of will unknown even to modern humans, the individuals had no memory at all, and it was the dawning of memory that led into Atlantis. By the same token, the Atlanteans had a superlative memory with nearly total eidetic recall, but lacked an essential attribute which we moderns take for granted: the individual ego.

The "Old World Order" of Atlantis was built on the heart-unity of a single gestalt organism. The superhuman memory and all other attributes of the individual were locked automatically into service of the whole. No deviation was possible, any more than an ant could strike off on its own from the anthill, or a bee from the hive. But inevitably, the evolutionary process moved on from this era of perfect, happy, static mass unity to the next stage.

Going up the Tree of Life, we see that the unity of the heart-sphere splits up into a new dyad on a higher level, designated "Mercy" and "Severity". This corresponds to the throat chakra, the activation of which spawned the fifth root-race, which is humanity as we know it today. The throat, of course, is the source of THE WORLD, and so it's not surprising that in the West the highest embodiment of this principle became known as "the Word made flesh", or the Logos. From this we designate our present stage of development as the LOGOIC root-race.

The doom of Atlantis was the development in a few individuals of the sense of a separate "I", with the implication that such seditionists felt free to take life and death, good and evil, mercy and severity, into their own hands. The numbers of this new type of human reached critical mass some time around 9500 BC, and Atlantis was sunk, either literally or figuratively. The small bands of people with rudimentary egos evolved into the fifth root-race. This process is the underlying reality behind legends of how survivors of the sinking of Atlantis founded the earliest civilizations of our present historical cycle.

The Age of the Ego

The seven-stage cycle of the cosmic process operates on many levels - there are cycles within cycles on ascending and descending scales to nearly infinity. So it is that each of the seven root-races are subdivided into seven lesser stages of development, called "sub-races" by Theosophy - and again, these are not identical with biological races as currently conceived. To avoid confusion and repetition, I'll refer to the seven sub-races simply as "stages", except where it's necessary to be more explicit.

The first stage of the Logoic root-race occurred in Atlantis: the birth of the collective body of people with egos, as described in the preceding section. After the destruction of the Atlantean civilization, the Logoic survivors created new cultures in their own image, thus coalescing the second stage, that of identity. Mainstream archeology and anthropology recognize certain relatively civilized cultures dating back as far as 10,000 years ago. This accords well with the time-frame noted in section 4, in which the fall of Atlantis took place approximately 11,500 years ago, following which the new root-race gradually adapted itself and began to rise.

These first Logoic civilizations centered around Catal Huyuk in Asia Minor, Mohenjo Daro in the Indus Valley, and several other places. Perhaps their most noteworthy feature was that they were matriarchal. This accords with the androgynous nature of the second stage. People will tend to be sexually depolarized in a female-dominated society, simply because it inverts the natural characteristic of the sexes: "raw" yang is assertive and active, while yin is yielding and passive. But if the leaders are women, obviously they exercise this power by means of their yang aspect, while the males would be encouraged to be less aggressive and more "yin". Some feminist-oriented theorists claim that the wide-ranging matriarchal civilization of this stage was an era of peace and cooperation.

If so, it was shattered when Logoic humanity moved into the dualistic dynamic of the third stage. This was the age of male-dominated warrior civilizations, including Aryan India, Iliadic Greece, the Old Testament Hebrews, and early imperial China. The WORD itself, the essential tool of this root-race, also went through a great evolutionary change in this stage, when it became not only spoken but also written.

The Logos as the collective spirit of humanity activated its heart chakra (and thereby entered the fourth stage) in a wave of new religions which swept across the world between 600 BC and 600 AD, initiated by Lao Tzu, Buddha, Christ, and Mohammed. This introduced a new and higher method for the unification of a social body, based on a spiritual entity rather than just the primal bonds of blood and soil. In practice, however, each of the high religions coalesced around a different racial-national grouping, giving rise to the great "holy wars" of this era.

The fifth stage began specifically in Europe, when this particular Logos-group sundered its religious unity into a new dualism which opposed spirit to matter, humanity to nature, the individual to society, and ultimately everyone to everyone else. This is the modern world, which began in the Renaissance, gained momentum in the Reformation, picked up steam in the Industrial Revolution, and presently threatens to utterly atomize everything into infinity in the high-tech Babylon of "Electrotopia".


The way the world is today may truly look beautiful to a certain star-crossed section of the populace. We note, for example, that there are people with a religious devotion to technology; there are people who believe that the groupings with which they identify are benefited by the dehumanized style of postmodern life and its unnatural hierarchies of power, and then of course there are the people at the very top of those hierarchies, who actually do derive great benefit from the situation, at least in a material sense.

Most of the rest of the people in the highly technologized countries tend to have at least a vague awareness that something is terribly wrong with the world. Some individuals form sharper opinions about it, and some even mount crusades to try to fix it. But nobody ever gets even remotely close to the bottom-line gut-basic causes of the problem. The reasons for their impotence are clear: they can't attack the real underbelly of the beast because they're living inside of it.

People can't effectively oppose the system because: (1) their physical survival depends on the continued existence of the technostructure; (2) they enjoy a sliding scale of relative creature comfort; and most importantly, (3) the nature of technological society has physically, mentally, and spiritually undermined the human gene pool, the human intellect, and the human spirit.

In order for the brain of the growing child to properly develop and complete all the complex interconnections between its component parts, it's necessary for him (or her) to be exposed to certain basic patterns of interaction with his parents and other adults and children, to have certain minimum experience of the natural world, and to acquire certain imprints at stage-specific intervals. These basic patterns gradually started breaking down because of the artificialities introduced into daily life by the Industrial Revolution, with the result that by the end of World War II the entire population of the developed world was subtley but seriously brain-damaged.

The breakdown kicked into high gear after that, because exposure to television totally short-circuits the neural connections at the various stages of childhood when they should be forming. So ever since the baby boom, there has been propagated a series of generations incapable of certain higher brain functions, and equally debilitated in its connections to the emotional and primal parts of the brain. And the breakdown is escalating, as each sub-generation of "humatons" inspires the creation of ever more titillating and mindless technological amusements, which in turn inflict an even greater quantum of brain damage on the next wave of kids, and so on until we get hit by the inevitable blow-out.

As horrendous as it is, this development is a logical outcome of the final, declining phases of our cycle. We are at the very tail end of the fifth stage of the fifth root-race, a situation that heralds the biggest blow-out and greatest leap of them all, as we shall see in our next section. Meanwhile, we note that what passes for "normal" in high-tech society is actually a form of collective psychopathology. The ego has reached the end of its tether and become diseased; social perceptions are no longer grounded in the natural world, primal relationships, or the sublimities of high religion, but in media-generated mass fantasies, some of which are extremely bizarre, to say the least. The collective consciousness, the Logos itself, has literally lost its footing in the real world, and is subject to strange mental splits, fits, and hallucinations. We could accurately diagnose the whole complex as a severe case of chronic LOGOPHRENIA.

The Age of the Imago

A key mystery of existence revealed by our diagram in section 4 is the ABYSS, a vast gulf of nothingness between the lower seven and upper three spheres of the Tree of Life, and thereby between the fifth and sixth stages of every evolutionary cycle. In order to pass from a mode of being centered in the throat chakra to one centered in the third eye, it's necessary for an individual or a species to leap across the Abyss.

The Theosophical theory is that this can happen only once in the development of a life-form, or species. Therefore, in every one of the four preceding root-races of humanity, development stopped cold a the fifth stage, when it encountered the Abyss. Each time, the progressive elements of the fifth sub-race diverged from the mainstream and gave rise to the next root-race; meanwhile, the sixth and seventh sub-races of the old cycle were degenerate, and went nowhere except straight down the tubes.

Now, however, we have reached the crux-point, the cosmically-destined window of opportunity: the fifth stage of the fifth root-race, when at long last it's possible - and in fact imperative - for the human species as a whole to CROSS THE ABYSS.

In Section 1, I introduced the IMAGO as a descriptive term for the next step in evolution. Now we are in a position to answer the question: just exactly what is the Imago?

The Imago is a new modality of human consciousness, and potentially a new biological human species, centered in the third eye, just as the present form of humanity is centered in the throat chakra, which we experience as the ego.

Beyond the ego is the Imago, but to get from the one to the other it's necessary to cross the Abyss. What does this mean for you and I and everyone at this moment of our collective existence? And what will it mean for our children, and humanity, and the planet?

In traditional religions and occult systems, there are many abilities associated with the third eye. They include a range of psychic powers, like telepathy and telepathic empathy, out-of-body travel, and perception of disincarnate or supra-physical entities. In more advanced stages of development, the individual is said to be able to manipulate the space-time continuum in certain ways to produce effects similar to popular notions of traveling in time and visiting parallel worlds, and altering our own world by these extra-dimensional machinations.

As remarkable as such powers are, or might be, they are only side effects of the basic transformation undergone by a person who crosses the Abyss, which is traditionally called Self-realization or God-realization. However, there are no precedents in traditional lore for a situation involving an entire root-race of Self-realized people. So we are confronted with an unknown, and to a great extent we can't know what the final fruit of the transformation will be like. We can, however, get some ideas; and most importantly of all, we can work out how to get from here to there.

What Is To Be Done?

Unlike past evolutionary milestones, the leap to the next root-race will not happen unless humans take conscious charge of the process. This is because it involves crossing the Abyss, meaning that the next task of advancement is specifically for us to take control of our own evolution.

Today there are two main camps in which this idea is taken seriously, either of which is on the right track. First, there are the people who take scientific methods uncritically, and tout the Human Genome Project and bioengineering. This mechanical-materialist approach by itself can never succeed. No matter how much scientists learn about the physical components of the human being, it will tell them nothing about how to activate the third eye — obviously, for they don't even acknowledge the existence of the third eye.

People in the other camp do recognize the validity of the psycho-spiritual component, but they have an uncritical view of the nature and direction of postmodern life. They also have an inflated view of themselves, and their liberal-humanist-"New Age" belief system. They naively believe that if only a "critical mass" of people could get "enlightened" enough to adopt their perspective, then the whole mass of humanity would magically transcend to a higher state of being.

Hopefully there are individuals in both camps who can see beyond the limitations of their fellows.

As explained in Section 7, the "natural" tendency is for a root-race, or any entity, to simply continue along by the force of inertia into the sixth and seventh stages of its cycle; these will inevitably be degenerate if the Abyss has not been crossed. If nothing else happens to alter the pattern, the entity will die at the end of the seventh stage. This is precisely how species become extinct.

There is nothing in the present social/political/spiritual landscape of the world to indicate an imminent crossing of the Abyss. Rather, every indication shows that the entire global culture is galloping headlong INTO the Abyss: accelerating degeneration, blowout, and eventual doom.

Does this mean the situation is hopeless? Not at all; but it means that any would-be Imagians who set out to navigate humanity across the Abyss must do so with absolutely no illusions about the nature of the current situation. The entire vector of events must be stopped in its tracks and reversed.

In seeking ways to do this, the first question to ask is: WHO can do it? Contrary to postmodern political fantasies, reality is not a democracy. Traditional religious doctrines, esoteric systems like Theosophy, and scientific evolutionary theory are all in complete agreement that advances occur as the result of the actions of a select few, who utilize special qualities not possessed by the average person (or individual of whatever species) to bring about change on a scale that ultimately affects everyone. No one votes on it, for obvious reasons; in fact, the mass of the people vote against it every time they turn on the TV, buy a new consumer product, and pay their taxes. So the advance occurs only when and if the Elect (if we may call them that) decide that it's time, and then go out and do it.

The best candidates for a true Elect (and there are plenty of false Elects currently manipulating events on a large scale, and succeeding only in speeding the planet ever more swiftly toward the Abyss) are those who have already had some activation of the third eye, or even a full opening. Advanced individuals of this nature have always existed, ever since the birth of our fifth root-race, and there are more of them alive now than ever, for a variety of reasons. Historically, one of the paths open to such high souls has been to form a collective grouping of less advanced people, and function toward them as a teacher, guide, or leader. To establish the sixth root-race, however, a different path is called for.

As mentioned in Section 7, the quintessence of the opening of the third eye is Self-realization; and the basis of the Imagian root-race will be a COLLECTIVE of Self-realized people.

It will be very difficult to form such collectives, since Self-realized people are notoriously individualistic, idiosyncratic, and self-willed; obviously, if you know for a fact that you are God, you will tend to be like this. But it IS possible.

Even in a situation where a number of potential Imagians have entered into some kind of cooperative relationship, there looms the next grave danger, which is Sphere 3 on the Tree of Life, labeled "Understanding" in our diagram (see Section 4). This cosmic Understanding is hard won, being the very first thing the soul encounters when it crosses the Abyss. It is not ecstatic or glorious; in fact, it is very painful. Some individuals have been known to come back from this experience and conclude that they had visited Hell. It's only when the other half of the third eye dualism is activated, viz. Sphere 2, that the soul attains Wisdom and is able to put the experience into balanced perspective.

Meanwhile, if the unbalanced Imago centered in Sphere 3 gets loose in the world, it is guaranteed to cause great mischief. This in fact is what's behind a lot of the most diabolical aspects of the present degenerate civilization. It is literally another variety of collective insanity, even more insidious and destructive that Logophrenia, because it's centered in a higher sphere and is therefore more powerful.

If somehow a collective of people moves heaven and earth and comes together on the basis of a balance of the third eye dualism, this would be what we could rightfully consider a seed-grouping of Imagians. It has the potential to grow, and reproduce its kind. But this presents it with the next layer of superhuman difficulties and challenges.

A group of discerning adults can be in the "Empire" and not of it, can use the tools of Electrotopia with a proper critical distance. However, when it's time to bring children into the scene, there is simply nothing else to be done except to separate drastically, as totally as possible, from the brain-damaging and soul-killing corruptions of postmodern life. The most hopeful sign I see for the future of the species is that many people are already doing this. There is a whole spectrum of degree of separation, and a fascinating pantheon of belief-systems. And indeed, it doesn't really matter whether these people feel that they're fleeing Babylon, Ragnarok, the Kali Yuga, the Federal Government, or the New World Order; as long as they're far enough outside of it that their children can grow up with their brains untainted by the horror.

If there is a television set in the picture, the whole purpose is defeated and the children are doomed to become humatons. If there are no television sets, but the children still have contact with other children who watch television and can taunt them about what they are missing, they are still doomed, for they will seek out this great forbidden pleasure at the first opportunity. The only hope is total isolation from the television culture until at least the age of reason, which we have noted to be approximately seven years old.

Every piece of postmodern media is a two-edged sword; as presently implemented, they are all destroying the species; if humanity transcended and became Imagians, they could all vastly enhance this NEW species, which would use them properly. But to get from here to there, it's necessary to protect children from the debilitating effects. Those who believe in Electrotopia think that they are doing their children a favor by exposing them to computers at an early age, so that they can "compete" in the New World Empire. It seems marvelous that the kids adapt so rapidly, and the computer becomes like an extension of their nervous system; surely this is increasing their intelligence. But of course what it's really doing is turning them into humatons.

Just as with TV, children should not be exposed to computers until after they have reached the age of reason - when they can exercise some critical discrimination, and certain stages of brain growth have taken place.

There is a notion so common that it's become a cliche, namely that the brain utilizes only 10 percent of its potential. What's behind this idea? Does neurological science agree with it? The answer is no, for when the good doctors conduct "CAT" and "PET" scans on subjects, all the regions of the brain seem to light up on cue. However, as usual, the modern mechanics of the mind see only part of the picture. Other equally compelling physical evidence indicates that all the operations necessary for a high degree of functioning in postmodern life can in fact be handled by only about 10 percent of the neocortex. (There is no real argument about the fact that the two more primal parts of the brain, the limbic and "reptilian" systems, have been operating at full capacity for a long time).

The crux of the matter is not USE of the brain and its powers but DEVELOPMENT of them. This can be compared with use vs. development of the muscles of the body: we all use the muscles every day, but only a few DEVELOP the muscles, like athletes and body-builders; and the difference in functioning is phenomenal and qualitative. In the same way, if 90 percent of the neocortex is undeveloped, and if people dedicated themselves to rectifying this in a systematic and collective way, it would hardly be an exaggeration to say that the resultant grouping would be superhuman by today's standards.

The kicker is that this development has to start at conception, and proceed through every phase of birth and childhood. The normal protocols of Electrotopia are not designed to do this, but to accomplish just the opposite: from the womb through the hospital birth through the daycare center through the school, natural processes are violated at every turn, and the children are mangled and mutilated in subtle but devastating ways. This society does not want them to grow up to be superpeople; it wants them to grow up to be neurotic, tech-dependent humatons who will find their slot in the great machine, and serve it faithfully.

Some people who are aware of the enigma of the undeveloped cortex believe it evolved for use in a future stage of unfoldment which we have not been astute enough to activate yet. However, a moment's reflection on the actual mechanics of natural selection will show the error in this notion. New organs don't evolve in advance of their function, but by means of it. New growth takes place only in those areas that get the full force of maximum use and hence development; this is what is selected for, in the generations in which the new organs evolve. Postmodern humans have the option to become athletes with fully-developed muscles only because they are descended from primal people who had no choice in the matter: every single one of them who survived to pass on their genes did so because they developed their physical abilities to the fullest. In the same way, the fact that our huge and underdeveloped neocortex exists in its present form means that it MUST have been in full, developed usage AT SOME TIME IN THE PAST.

There's little reason to doubt that the Lemurian root-race was what the anthropologists call Cro Magnon, and no reason to quibble about it. The point is that these anatomically modern "stone age" people were not as primitive as present-day science believes, and were actually superior to us in may ways.

This also throws a new light on how to go about developing the neocortex - or Redeveloping it. As mentioned, the primitive parts of the brain, which we share with the lower animals, seems to have remained in status quo through all the later epochs of evolution. However, there may have been higher brain functions associated with primal activity, which have atrophied as human life has become less primal. New research and insights into surviving tribal cultures over the past few decades lead us to informed speculations that hunter-gatherers, neoliths, etc., may have had a functional attunement with nature involving many powers and abilities now considered to be "psychic", and perhaps downright miraculous. Surely this order of phenomena is a good candidate for what used to happen in the neocortex, and doesn't any longer.

Realizing that the artificialities of ultra-civilized life have caused us to lose something vital, many people have sought the remedy by "going back to nature" to varying degrees. But it's unlikely that very many of them went back far enough to live livelihood by being predators themselves. Yet this is clearly the essence of the primal experience, and probably the only thing powerful enough to kick the cortex into full throttle.

Even some of the best minds on the side of true evolution still buy into the dualistic rationale that it's necessary to have a societal structure that will take care of our physical safety, so that we can forget about it and devote ourselves to the subtleties of higher mind. In actual historical fact, the societies that progressed the furthest and avoided collapse the longest were those ruled by a warrior elite. The eternal primal reality is that SOMEBODY always has to man the barricades with the weapons of physical force to assure the safety of the society; and the best, healthiest arrangement is when the weapons are in the hands of higher mind itself, rather than subordinates and hirelings.

The inevitable collapse of Electrotopia is already well under way; the process is invisible only to those deluded souls who are so enmeshed in the inner cogs of the mechanism that they can't see past the circuit board. When people do consider such matters most of them think in terms of planet-smashing all-or-nothing scenarios: the apocalypse, nuclear winter, or even the impact of a comet. Of course there's always a real chance that any of these things might happen; but the most likely scenario will not be a bang but a long, drawn-out whimper. It may be like the fall of Rome, which was so gradual that they didn't even know it was happening until it was all over. This time, however, it will be on a global scale, and the barbarians will be armed with modern hardware. If you thought the Balkan debacle was a last when you watched it on CNN, don't miss the Balkanization of the U.S.A. - coming to you live and in person in the real world!

These events will all happen according to the unfoldment of the phases of the meta-cycle, as previously described. The larger providential purpose will be to set the stage for the crossing of the Abyss, and to provide the conditions necessary for the development of the Imagian root-race.

The optimum may be for the consciously-evolving humans to build a new-primal society in this ideal setting of a world where the all-powerful central authority has vanished. It may be possible to secure plenty of the amenities of civilization, including computers and other tech, if these things can be physically defended in combat against enemies who are liable to strike at any moment. Thus the development of the neocortex will proceed at a ready pace.

But however long it may take, when the sixth root-race is fully consolidated, it will be guaranteed totally victory in whatever conflict remains on the planet. This is because the fully-developed Imagians will possess meta-normal powers far in advance of anything even conceivable by the members of the old Logoic species. We'll have more to say about this in later pages.

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