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Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection began online in 1995 and was the first non-military, non-science "layman" website for the subject online. It made RV history of sorts with the VWR archives (half a dozen former STAR GATE players participated, psychics and others), the first-ever public posting of the CRV Manual, detailed transcripts of the crazier field elements (I thought history couldn't be ignored or lied about if I documented it. I was wrong, heh!) and a variety of other content, from Remote Viewing field humor, other discussion archives, FAQs and more. Half of it (mostly the science side) I took down in '98 when I left the field for years. In 2002-2005 I posted just a few things, not many; mostly ignored it. It's 2008 and I'm leaving a few things I consider important to Remote Viewing and viewer history online here in a static archive. For a few links to current 'live' sites, see the middle column below. Happy viewing. Thanks for the journey everyone. -- PJ Gaenir

Remote Viewing: Firedocs Blog

I opened a semi-personal blog adjunct to the Firedocs RV site (the most popular on the home domain; there are several) around Feb 2006. When I closed another blog (Dojo Blueblog) I moved my posts here for archival. As a result, some content ended up pre-dating its opening date.

It's Feb of 2008 and I've archived this Firedocs RV blog content over at the Red Cairo blog, as that's a personal blog that I won't be closing. Some of the posts here were temporal or trivial things. I've archived 72 posts that I thought had content worth bothering with (for my personal collection. Whether it's worth bothering with to anybody else is another story!).

In order to keep the entire collection in one place, I posted all the archives in early March 2008. So you can reach the collection of posts that used to be on this blog, over there at one address: Or:

In date order, here's a linked TOC of all the blog content that I moved from this site to the Red Cairo site.

  1. Dino's Extinction
  2. My Liver Does RV
  3. CIA's StarGate Files
  4. Reality and Time
  5. I Miss Alex
  6. Dynamics vs. Objects
  7. Truth
  8. Fly
  9. Constructing Faith
  10. Go View
  11. Weather Map of Terror
  12. Oklahoma Suicide Bomber
  13. Destiny
  14. The Red Door is Dor
  15. Seeing Spots
  16. When God Leaves His Callback Number
  17. Oliphant (via Dor)
  18. NSA and the Big RV Closet
  19. The Tasker-Bear
  20. Tasker Issues (#1,912)
  21. The Point of Control
  22. LASIK!
  23. Sea Monster: Giant Squid
  24. Vallee has a website!
  25. Medium
  26. It's Never Too Late for Another Heaven's Gate
  27. Talk About Gray Hair
  28. Bail the Boat Again (Time Off RV)
  29. When the Whole World is a Nail
  30. A little poem about RV hell.
  31. Astral Politics
  32. Breaking News!
  33. "Love" definitely has nothing to do with it
  34. New Techs and The Same Old Story
  35. The Dark Screen and the Devil I Know
  36. Remote Viewing and the Future
  37. TinWiki and Remote Viewing Research
  38. Sessions & Misc.
  39. RV Follies (Displacement or Missed Targets)
  40. Degrees of Psi & Creativity
  41. Stalking the Target
  42. A Sneak Peek at Ed & Stephan
  43. Entangled Hands
  44. The Absense of Alice
  45. Talk about informal education
  46. Basic Edu and RV Lite
  47. Ack!--uracy and Viewer Development
  48. It's Our Little Secret
  49. The Personalized Universe
  50. Personalization and Fear of Psi
  51. Active Boredom and In-Session Repression
  52. Thought
  53. Yahoo Skeptic's Dictionary Remote Viewing Rant
  54. Remote Viewing as a Way-Station
  55. White Flags and the Remote Viewing Blues
  56. Multi-lingual Mind: Interpreting Symbols
  57. This Is Your Brain On RV
  58. Targets as Sensei
  59. Data Ethics
  60. Presentation Sessions
  61. The Amazing Mystery of the Invisible Majority
  62. The Five and Dive
  63. What is The Matrix? A Primer.
  64. The Big RV Closet
  65. Breathing
  66. I AM a "Universal Translator"
  67. Ganymede
  68. Wide Awake in Dreamland
  69. A Primer on AOL
  70. Planets and Remote Viewing
  71. Novelty
  72. Wonder Land

Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection

I was introduced to Remote Viewing on Halloween of 1995. As of Nov 1 I was having intense email discussion with a former 'star gate' member, and in Dec, tired of emailing summaries to so many folks, I put a little basic info on a web page. We didn't have "domains" back then. My involvement online and offline grew. The site moved to my (ancient) webwork (Paradigm Design) home (, later given to Dr. Charles Tart.) Finally it got its own domain. It's a "collection" domain--the home links to other websites I host free.

In July 1998 I posted an allegedly 'secret manual' (not secret anymore...), took about half the site offline, and left the field for four years. In Spring of 2002 I returned to 'online RV'. Updated a few things. Occasionally wrote something. Mostly ignored it. Later efforts (with others) began in Oct-'02, the TKR Project, its forum, and Dojo Psi's Free Remote Viewing site. It's Feb 2008 and I'm leaving online RV again (don't know for how long, likely years), and taking a lot of stuff offline. In part to simplify and clarify things; a virtual version of doing feng shui on your closets.

There is some valuable history (and mega-hours I invested) here. Remote Viewing's history has enough revision without me wiping out what little "un-edited history" actually remains. So here's what I'm leaving archived for historical and reference reasons. Some of it, I consider more harm than help to any legitimate understanding of Remote Viewing. This includes some stuff written by me way back. Oh well. History just is what it is.

* I'm including a few links here to things I've since moved elsewhere.

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The Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection is now a static archive (most as of July 1998, a few things as of Feb 2008).

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