Nothing hyped here.
Just way more remote viewing info
than you'll have time to read.

Former Intro Pages for Firedocs

Remote Viewing - the brief no-B.S. intro

Some People See Strange Things...

Lost in Space-Time, and other common complaints.

Ten Thousand Roads

[Bleedingly Raw Prose]

How I Got Here

Graphic Splash Page (1997)

For the moment I have given up on intro pages :-) -- PJ 2002

How it Began...

October 31, 1995: An online buddy David Pursglove and I are talking about TK.

"If you can bend a fork tine, you could stop a man's heart," I say pointedly. "This psi topic has some serious military and ethical considerations."

"Oh, you mean like Remote Viewing? SPEAKING of military and psi," he says, "I just met this guy at a private conference I attended who was part of..."

And that's how it all began.

-- PJ

The Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection is now a static archive (Feb 2008). Click here to see what's still online for reference.

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