RV Editorials

Remote Viewing seems like a big deal on the internet, but is actually a tiny niche interest in the world at large. In the fishbowl of "layman's RV" as I call it, many issues come up over time - relating to various areas of RV, from the doing-it, to the politics of the people and groups and events within the field. On occasion I decide to be opinionated formally here, mostly so I can reference others to it rather than saying it more than once in areas where such things might be discussed. If you have an editorial about RV you think is written well, send it to me (use the Contact form), and I'll consider adding it to this collection. -- PJ

October 2002 - RV Drama Queens - PJ Gaenir

March 2003 - They're Not Just "Targets" - PJ Gaenir

March 2003: Retro-Tasking - PJ Gaenir

August 2003: Online RV-Land: The Perils of RV Discussion - PJ Gaenir

September 2003: Target Pools - PJ Gaenir

August 2004. Reviewing the Reviewers: Media: Fortean Times magazine

Reviewing the Reviewers: Why Review RV Media?

May 2005: Target Definition and Session Intent - PJ Gaenir

The Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection is now a static archive (Feb 2008). Click here to see what's still online for reference.

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