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The Firedocs Remote Viewing FAQ
Over 50,000 emails have found their way into my PC over the last three years. Here's the answer to a number of the most common things I've found myself explaining. (This file will grow as I get more time.) If you have a question I never responded to, or that isn't addressed here, send it to me via email.

The Firedocs Remote Viewing Overview
Here is something of an overview on RV as a subject at large, and my own way of addressing some common issues in the field. Covers some common questions as well.

PJ's Guide to RV Field Semantics
If you're reading about RV on the internet, or listening to the radio, there are a lot of general terms thrown about that may not be clear to you. Or, that may mean one thing to one group of people (like scientists) and another to someone else (like someone selling training). Or that may sound damn impressive but frankly, are so simple it's funny. Here's a reference to some common phrases and terms that are interpreted differently by different people, and what they mean.

Controlled Remote Viewing Q&A
I have to alter this index to properly pull in all the files -- I'll have this back up in a day or two. -- PJ
Lyn Buchanan's old email Q&A, which is also available on
his web site. Very useful in a number of ways, especially to those new to RV.

Remote Viewing: The Scientist's FAQ
This is not yet complete and has not been approved by the participants for online posting yet. ...Soon, I hope!
Q's from PJ and A's from Dr. Edwin May, Joseph McMoneagle, Dr. Harold Puthoff, Dr. Dean Radin, and Russell Targ.


The Coordinate Remote Viewing Manual from the former U.S. Army intelligence unit that utilized psi
Includes cover letters and a terminology glossary. Talk about a copyright conundrum! This document was written in 1986 by Paul H. Smith [Major, ret.]; it was a work for hire for the DIA, his employer. The copyright was credited on the document to Ingo Swann, who says he had nothing to do with it and in his opinion doesn't hold the copyright; Swann was contracted to SRI (a think tank / lab) to develop the methods described, which makes the methods a work for hire and so the manual possibly the property of SRI. Since the manual was never formally classified--and the government cannot copyright, they can only classify or not--it became, at the time, a document in the public domain. And so, this manual has been used in CRV training since that time, both in the DIA unit and in the public sector, and is used as TRV training as well.

P>S>I and CRV Terminology
[I still have to reformat this for the current web site] An online version of the 'terminology' part of Buchanan's CRV reference manual. Long ago, Ingo Swann had asked that others training in his methods not use his fairly unique terms, and Buchanan obliged by replacing them with some of his own. Nowdays that is probably not a big deal; he teaches both versions; but for reference, here is Buchanan's version.

RV-related How-To's

Viewer Profiling: How-To.
Any serious viewer keeps records of all practice sessions. Type of data, quantity of data, accuracy of data, these things and more are tracked (usually via database) and correlated with Viewer development. Instructors will task toward weakness to help development. Taskers will task toward strengths to create a higher performance team of Viewers for a project. The only way for you to really know what data you tend to get--or not get, and how much of it, and how accurate/inaccurate it is, is to do your homework--do the paperwork--maintain a Viewer Profile. Numbers on accuracy mean nothing without a well kept profile. It's a time-consuming, bean-counting chore for sure! But the keeping of a Viewer Profile is part of how "serious Viewers" and "hobby psychics" can be told apart.

Remote Viewing Session Profile Sheet
Here is a standard modern (minimized from the original military version) "Session Profile" sheet. Be sure to read the "Viewer Profiling" article for how-to and other info. You should be able to print this out for use with your own sessions or in creating your own profile database.

Remote Viewing Protocol: Some Common Pitfalls
Finishing this up.... posting soon!
The same mistakes seem to get made over and over in this field. Here are a few basics of "working within protocol" that anybody with a desire to do this right can adapt to their environment.


Remote Viewing Vocabulary Exercises
[I still have to reformat this for the current web site] Three small exercises to improve your RV communication skills. Courtesy of Leonard Buchanan. (More cool exercises are coming, as soon as I get Buchanan's permission to post them. -- PJ)

Introduction to ERV (Extended Remote Viewing)
An overview of RV in general, and ERV, by former RV intelligence man Gene "Kincaid." (An alias used in the book 'Remote Viewers' by Jim Schnabel.)

ERV Theory and Email Lessons
A somewhat more humorous and cosmic approach to theory, and a few 'email lessons' on his personal preliminaries to actual ERV working, again by the infamous Gene "Kincaid."

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