PJ's Ending Notes:

This has nothing to do with the manual really.

However, for those concerned about such issues of propriety, be aware that Psi-Tech Corp. (c/o VP Jonina Dourif) has threatened to sue me over the posting of this CRV Manual.

Since Mr. Dames and Ms. Dourif are well known 'behind the scenes' in the RV field for being highly litigious, many of us decided long ago that our response to such things would be to publicly post such correspondence on the WWW, so the public would be aware of it.

It is my personal contention that the reason Psi-Tech has taken offense at the posting of this manual is less related to the document than it is to the document providing evidence that Psi-Tech has been less than honest in their dealings with the public.

For instance, it proves that a great deal of public slander and discrediting of other legitimate remote viewers (competition) which has been done by Ed Dames, based on his supposedly unique and superior methods, has zero basis in reality. It proves that his "TRV" methods are in fact not unique and are boldly plagiarized from Ingo Swann, renamed and sold as his own invention. It proves that these methods have been advertised and sold to the public under less than completely honest pretenses (and there's a whole subject itself on that point).

The posting of this manual could, as a result, be detrimental to the public image of Psi-Tech. However, since a history of shockingly malicious public and private behavior by the two principals of the firm, and many other events which normally harm businesses have not apparently impeded Psi-Tech's success, I trust that this manual will not either.

If you would like to view the correspondence relating to this claim of copyright infringement, you can find it here:

For the record, the CRV manual was created in and dated 1986. It was written by Paul H. Smith [Major, ret.], based on the methods of Mr. Ingo Swann. It was a work for hire: by SRI-I (who paid Swann for proprietary methods development) and the DIA (who paid Smith to write the manual). Either the document was classified (provoking the question of why Mr. Dames was disseminating it publicly six years before the project was declassified), and that would make it government property, or it was unclassified, which puts it squarely in the public domain. (The U.S. Gov't cannot copyright; they can only classify. Copyrights, unlike trademarks, are not upheld on first-filed basis, but on the circumstance and date of original creation.)

If there is anybody else who would like to sue me because they believe they have a right to "own" the manual despite it being a public document years prior to their claim--and I realize that a number of people have utilized this manual for years so there might be someone--please contact me at, or send your information to the same address provided in the linked correspondence. Thank you.

PJ Gaenir

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