I asked Ingo Swann for copyright permission to post this document. -- PJ

The Coordinate Remote Viewing Manual

To which Ingo replied:

I did not write it.

PJ: But the copyright is credited to you.

I can't help that.

PJ: Paul Smith says he's the main author, but the methods are yours.

I have seen it, I don't remember exactly what's in it. It's been re-edited a few times by various people to suit their needs. I believe it was a group-written document... [it wasn't written by just one person].

PJ: I don't have any way to know if the info in the manual is accurate....?

{pause...} I wasn't asked to participate in [the writing of] it.

I found out it existed sometime after.

PJ: Your methods have become a very big deal, high priced, even cults have grown up around them or versions of them.

Just because I once played a role in the research, does not mean this role can be extended to cover everything that has happened in the field since then.

PJ: I could take the copyright cover off if you think it's misleading.

If you do that people will say you're editing it.

PJ: You don't mind if I put it on the web?

I don't care. You can say -- please say this first, then I don't care what is said after that -- I did not write it.

I have never, ever written a document like that.


That's what Ingo said about it, in a phone call Sunday, 24 May 1998, 4:15pm Eastern Time.

I sent this to him and told him if I'd misheard or misunderstood anything to let me know and I'd change it. That was over a week ago and I haven't heard from him, so I'm assuming it's fine. -- PJ 04 July 98


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