I wrote an FAQ about five years ago on RV. It was true to what I knew then. But I held a great number of assumptions that affected my entire RV worldview. Since that date, I've worked through many of those assumptions. This is my 7/4/02 version of what is 'real'. -- PJ

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A note up front from PJ

What is remote viewing?

What are the different "types" of remote viewing?

What is 'ARV' or 'Associative Remote Viewing'?

What determines how good a person is at remote viewing?

How do I make a target pool? How do I find targets?

Where can I find a group to practice/talk with that are helpful, not a cult, and won't charge money?


I want to be a remote viewer. What kind of training do I need?

Can you learn to "remote view" without training?

What does psi-methods for-RV training cover and entail?

What happens AFTER training?

Where I can learn the remote viewing protocols?

I heard one guy say remote viewing can't be trained. But there's all these other guys selling training for it. What gives?

I just finished training. What now? How do I find jobs? Any suggestions?

What makes a good target for remote viewing?


I have out of body experiences sometimes. Is that remote viewing?

How is remote viewing different from regular "psychic" stuff?

I've been remote viewing all my life. How can people say you have to know something special for it?


A little about the U.S. government's STAR GATE project

The STAR GATE scientific research of RV

The STAR GATE military intelligence application of RV


My friend says he has an almost 100% accuracy rate. Other people say that's impossible or he's lying. But he seems sincere.


Could you find my best friend who disappeared last year?

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