Humor (etc.)

The Remote Viewing field is a little like reality: the more you pay attention to it, the more hilarious it gets. Sometimes the humor is cynical or grim, sometimes it's just silly. This page links to content without a home anywhere else on the Firedocs RV site: humor, poetry, cartoons...

The RV Oasis Remote Viewing Haiku Contest.
(Some really good stuff here.)

Selections from Rich Krankoski's "RV Roast".
(Stolen from its safe home in obscurity.)

Quotable Quotes from the RV Field.
("Do what we do, not what we say."
--Wait a minute, that's bad advice...)

Breaking News! April 1, 2006.
...and the IRVA conference is coming up again...

New Meanings for old RV Terms.
(As irreverent as it gets.)

A Field Guide to RV Gurus: Why did the chicken cross the road?
(But this near-sacrilege is a close second.)

RV Awards and Presentations: The Categories Are...

Suggestions for the 2003 IRVA Conference.
(Well it was darn funny at the time.)

What is The Matrix? A Primer.


Quips & Taglines: Misc. Psychic Funnies

From 'the old days' when I was into CRV, circa 95-98: The Top Ten Things I Learned About CRV

Offsite Links -- Other Misc. Stuff:

How to Debunk Anything by Dan Drasin. Both hilarious and painfully true.

Fallacies of Distraction. If you want to argue and you haven't got a case, try this. Or, take any RV debate online and consider it in this light.

On Wayback: RV SciFaikus