Humor: Conference Suggestions

This is a tongue-in-cheek humor post made to the Ten Thousand Roads ('TKR') Message Board Complex ('Boards') by Gene Smith in August 2003. He was only kidding around, but I thought it such a funny 'roast' of many in the field (even me alas!) I asked if I could post it here in the humor section. Please note this is HUMOR: it is not entirely serious, though it may be satirical.

The opening invocation will be led by Aaron Donahue.

Paul Smith's introductory comments will center on this years conference theme, namely the legitimate use of R.V. in the current political climate. His talk titled "The maligned Clinton administration, can R.V. be used to restore the legacy" is expected to set an unprecedented tone for this years function.

This years I.R.V.A. Humanitarian of the Year Award for Compassion will be presented by Dick Algire to Jonina Dourif with special introduction by Gerald O'Donnel.

F.M. Bonsall will be presenting a workshop on the secure storage of sensitive documents.

Dr. Courtney Brown will give a special presentation covering photographic analysis and its use as an adjunct to RV.

Ed Dames will be showcasing his expertise in leading a workshop titled "The proven case for analysis". Immediately following this there will be a gathering of "The friends of Ed", at the far end of the Pompey Room hallway just inside the door marked "Utilities".

The Reverend Edward A. Moch D.D. will be giving a talk regarding higher education and credentials.

Glenn Wheaton, President of The HRVG will be giving a two-day talk for trainers titled "Mastering deutilization of bombastic verbosity entrainment models in digitally supported public forums".

A groundbreaking private remote desert ceremony has been arranged by Paul Smith and other I.R.V.A. officers to present Cassandra Frost with a first ever reward for her work in investigative journalism.

This years Saturday evening banquet will begin promptly at 8:00 pm with a slide show presentation by Pru Calabrese on tasking followed by a served dinner featuring a chicken entree with choice of side dish.

The conference has contracted with PJ Gaenir to publish on her Firedocs site a written overview of this year's activity for those unable to attend. As compensation is on a per word basis, the IRVA, in the interest of fiscal responsibility and survival, is hereby making a formal pleading for your generous financial support.

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